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Food Storage Meals & Recipes

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Recipes: No Egg or Yeast Breads & Biscuits - by Robert Wayne Atkins, P.E. Copyright © 1976,2007 by Robert Wayne Atkins, P.E. All Rights Reserved. Yeast causes the bread to rise and become light. Eggs add protein, color, and bulk to the bread. Eggs also increase the shelf life of the bread. Therefore, most bread recipes require both yeast and eggs. The following recipes don't require yeast or eggs. Pancakes (No Eggs) Mix all ingredients together well, and then fry the pancakes on medium heat in a skillet, turning once. Flour Tortillas (14 six-inch Tortillas) Preparation: Sift flour and salt together. Salt-Rising Bread (Recipe One) Dehydrated Broth. If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed.

Dehydrated Broth

Thanks for visiting! Broth is the foundation of the GAPS diet. One of the pillars of all healthy diets worldwide according to Dr Kate Shanahan and it is featured prominently in Nourishing Traditions. It seems to be part of the diets of all people with good health from all cultures. Freeze-Dried Dinner Idea: Creamy Potato Quiche. Image by She Paused 4 Thought I just had a bowl of Augason Farm’s Creamy Potato Soup, and it’s delicious.

Freeze-Dried Dinner Idea: Creamy Potato Quiche

It’s also versatile, as you’ll see in this recipe for quiche. When buying “emergency food”, knowing how to put all the ingredients together to make delicious meals is just as important as stocking up. Ingredients: 1 cup Augason Farms Creamy Potato Soup Mix – dry 3 tablespoons Augason Farms Dried Whole Eggs 2 tablespoons Augason Farms Bacon Flavored Bits Vegetarian Meat Substitute.

A Quick Dinner With Freeze-Dried Foods. Image by romanlily I’ve been using freeze-dried and dehydrated foods in my everyday cooking for several years.

A Quick Dinner With Freeze-Dried Foods

Buying these foods isn’t the tricky part, but knowing how to use them is. I asked Augason Farms to share a few of their recipes, specifically foods that can be made quickly on busy school nights. I wanted you to see how these ingredients can be used and how economical they are per serving. I’ll be featuring a different recipe from Augason Farms each Monday through the month of September. Smooth Tomato Soup 5 cups water. Food Storage Cooking: Homemade Pound Cake. Image by 3liz4 When one things of food storage/survival food cooking, Pound Cake doesn’t exactly come to mind!

Food Storage Cooking: Homemade Pound Cake

However, a sweet treat is welcome at any time and if it’s also a comfort food, then having the ingredients on hand is important. Here is a recipe from the kitchens of Augason Farms for Pound Cake, showing how you can use food storage ingredients in your everyday cooking. Pound Cake Ingredients 1 1/2 cups Augason Farms Butter Powder mixed with 1 cup water 1 package (8 oz) cream cheese 3 cups Augason Farms White Granulated Sugar 1 tablespoon vanilla extract 1 teaspoon almond extract 3 cups cake flour 6 eggs Directions.

Simple Food Storage Meals for Tight Times: Stock up on three months worth, fast! When a summertime monsoon storm is on the way, I quickly track down my kids, bring them indoors, and prepare to hunker down.

Simple Food Storage Meals for Tight Times: Stock up on three months worth, fast!

It’s a mom-instinct. We unplug the computers, make sure all the windows are securely closed and locked, and if my husband isn’t home, I call to make sure he’s okay. A storm of a different kind is on its way to America and has already been wreaking havoc with family incomes and our sense of security. No one knows what the extent of the damage will ultimately be, but moms everywhere are responding to their maternal instinct to gather everyone together. Simple Food Storage Recipes & Garden Recipes.

Dehydrated Dinners: 20 Tips For Getting Started. Welcome to the second in a series of article that will teach you, step by step, how to create your own dehydrated meals suitable for long-term storage.

Dehydrated Dinners: 20 Tips For Getting Started

You can read Part 1 here. Freeze dried and dehydrated main dishes, such as those made by Mountain House, are on many a prepper’s To Buy list. However, for some families, the extra expense or unwanted additives place these commercially produced meals off limits. With a little planning, you can make your own. Plan Food Storage To Make Your Favorite Recipes. When many people begin storing food, they start amassing cans, boxes, and plastic packages from the grocery store.

Plan Food Storage To Make Your Favorite Recipes

Ultimately what ends up on their shelves is a miscellany of canned beans, fruit cocktail, Tang drink mix, and pasta. Lots of pasta. Eagle Brand® Meals Ready To Eat: A Three-Month Supply. How to Make Yogurt from Powdered Milk. I’m a big fan of yogurt, especially the thicker kind like Greek yogurt.

How to Make Yogurt from Powdered Milk

If I had to go without it during TEOTWAWKI you might as well end my world right then and there. …kidding. But really, I love yogurt and if you’re like me then you probably would like to have it around after the SHTF. If that’s the case, it’s definitely a good idea to learn how to make it NOW…especially from your long-term food stores. Speaking of long-term food storage, hopefully you guys are working on building your long-term food stores (if not, check out Prepper Academy to get exact step-by-step details into how to build up a solid food-storage plan as well as master the other aspects of prepping).

As part of your long-term stores, I HIGHLY recommend having powdered milk. Having Yogurt Post SHTF.