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Data Center Knowledge: Data Centres Industry News and Analysis about Datacenters

Data Center Knowledge: Data Centres Industry News and Analysis about Datacenters

The Past, Present, and Future of Data Storage As we approach the end of 2011 and look forward to another year, we pause to reflect on the long history of data storage. Mankind's ability to create, process, store, and recall information is light years ahead of the days of cave paintings and engravings on stone tablets. Vast amounts of information can be stored on drives smaller than your thumb, and data centers are cropping up at an increasingly high rate. Pedagogy meets Big Data and BIM – Big Data, Sensing and Augmented Reality: Paper and Key Note Presentation In June 2013 The Bartlett held a conference entitled ‘Pedagogy meets Big Data and BIM’. The conference brought together over 100 participants from across the United Kingdom, European Union and the United States from diverse backgrounds such as academic institutions, government and industry – including ARUP, Autodesk, Balfour Beatty, BAM, and Royal Institute of British Architects. The Faculty’s motivation to focus on BIM (Building Information Modelling) and Big Data (deriving from the exponential growth of the profession’s access to spatial statistics) was the realisation that innovation, collaboration and technology are rewriting industry practice in profound ways and must also reshape the built environment curricula.

OrientDB Manual 1.7.8 This is a comparison page between GraphDB projects. To know more about the comparison of DocumentDBs look at this comparison. We want to keep it always updated with the new products and more features in the matrix. If any information about any product is not updated or wrong, please change it if you've the permissions or send an email to any contributors with the link of the source of the right information. The products below all support the TinkerPop Blueprints API at different level of compliance. Random Number Multiples About seven years ago, I had a bit of a career crisis. I was freelancing – working for clients I didn’t care much about on projects that I didn’t care much about, and feeling that there was a huge distance between the work that I was creating and my physical self. I was sick of computers, and was considering a range of (in hindsight) ridiculous vocational changes. My rescue didn’t come from a new programming language, or a faster computer, or even better clients.

Lexipedia - Where words have meaning Venngage: And Yet Another Online Infographics Editor After 2 very similar posts in a very small timeframe, featuring and respectively, I seem not to be able to follow the 'automatic infographics editing' scene fast enough. Automatic resume infographics creator has just launched Venngage [], which aims to empower people to create beautiful infographics in minutes, so that "creating infographics [becomes] as easy as creating a Powerpoint presentation". As a unique feature, Venngage's visual elements are displayed as pure HTML elements, which should positively influence SEO stats, page ranks and back links.

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