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Sou Fujimoto Architects - house na . tokyo House NA . Tokyo Sou Fujimoto . Photos Iwan Baan . video Shinkenchiku-sha . model at flickr . + domus House NA, Tokyo Design: Sou Fujimoto Design Team: Takahiro Hata, Keisuke Kiri, Masaki Iwata Structural Engineering: Jun Sato Structural Engineering Construction Supervision: HEISEI construction Built area: 66.03 m. Design: 01.2007–01.2010 Construction phase: 01.2010—04.2011

Jacques Herzog I'm afraid we like that destacados Ryue Nishizawa Sou Fujimoto Alison And Peter Smithson aires mateus 2b architectes Foster + Partners vieux port pavilion marseille Vieux Port Pavilion Marseille Foster + Partners . photos: © Nigel Young | Foster + Partners . + e-architect The new events pavilion is a simple, discreet canopy of highly reflective stainless steel, 46 by 22 metres in size, open on all sides and supported by slender pillars.

Ryue Nishizawa - Art project museum . Teshima 2 semesters 120 entradas 120 posts 2 semestres Art project museum . Tes him a source: designboom . photos: picacc . prkbkr . antje verena . Iwan Baan . more: arquitectura viva . noburu morikawa Sou Fujimoto Geometric forest Combining untreated wood in its natural form in an irregular lattice to create a loose boundary. Natural breeze flows through the gaps, and strong summer sun is shielded by this loose lattice structure; between nature and artificiality. A place both loosely protected and at the same time, thoroughly open. One is able to physically climb through this lattice, to the upper part of the structure is a space like a sky-terrace where one can find a place of refuge. Move through the space like climbing a tree.

Herzog & de Meuron - roche building 97 . basel Roche Building 97 . Basel Herzog & de Meuron . roche . photos: © F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. The new R&D building is the first step in renewing the site along Wettsteinallee. Islamic Funeral Pavilion / Atelier PUUUR Architects: Atelier PUUUR Location: Kruislaan, Amsterdam, The Netherlands Architect In Charge: Furkan Köse Landscape: Karres & Brands Landschapsarchitecten Area: 190 sqm Year: 2012 Photographs: Furkan Köse, Teo Krijgsman On The New Eastern Cemetery this year the first Islamic funeral building in the Netherlands is realized with full facilities allowing a dignified farewell and buriying. The new Islamic cemetery next to it is also the largest, general Islamic burial place in the Netherlands, with space for about 1400 graves. The building was designed by the Amsterdam architecture firm Atelier PUUUR. The new Islamic cemetery located in the southwest corner of the New Eastern Cemetery, with the new, second entrance on the Rozenburglaan.

Video: Teshima Art Museum / Office of Ryue Nishizawa Designed for the artwork of artist Rei Naito, the Teshima Art Museum is a seamless, earthen form of white concrete in which responds to the rolling landscape of an island located in the Inland Sea of Japan. Architect Ryue Nishizawa created the museum to be an open gallery, exposed to the elements, that is shaped by a 25cm thick concrete shell in which spans up to 60 meters. Video courtesy of JA+U.

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