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Free 3D Model Search Engine

Free 3D Model Search Engine!/

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Digital Sundial by Mojoptix The episode in [ENGLISH]: L'épisode en [FRANCAIS]: For those who have trouble slicing the gnomon, I ran the files through netfabb and re-uploaded them as: -- Gnomon_Southern_NETFABBED.stl -- Gnomon_Northen_NETFABBED.stl Let me know in the comments if they don't still behave nicely with your slicer. If you wish to print the gnomon in two halves : -- Gnomon_Northen_half_1_of_2.STL -- Gnomon_Northen_half_1_of_2.STL They should fit on a 100x100 platform. (Thanks Zarlor for building these two files and fixing them ! )

free 3d models tree, cars, christopher guy, clive christian and casadesus 1 This site contains 3D models of different themes, video lessons on adjustment of VRay (quality and fast 3D visualization) and the following post-processing in Photoshop, and my complete architecture and interior scenes.The site's 3D model base is updated on a regular basis, and if you want to receive information about recently added models and scenes in proper time, you can subscribe on updates and receive relevant changes of the base of 3D models, video lessons and scenes.Here you can subscribe for notifications on updates of the base of 3D models, video lessons and scenes. If you have input you e-mail address correctly, you will receive a message telling you that you have subscribed on updates, and after that you will receive messages on updates of the base of 3D models, video lessons and scenes.

Ultimate #Beefy4D Cinema4D Character rig! Fully rigged #Beefy4D character for cinema 4D The original Character and rig was made by Ugur Ulvi Yetiskin . I then pulled out the mesh and handed it over to Bret Bays . 24 Videos Data & Infographic Elements V.2 24 Videos Data & Infographic Elements V.2 24 Different shapes and styles Free 2 Bonus Videos All Videos : Alpha Channels Animate In / Out Length : 05-15 sec. Resolution : 1280×720p You might also like Nice collection View More Elliptical Gear with no center pivot by cohlwiler Oct 20, 2015 Collection Cover Remove The Chirping Bird Whistle by AdamStag Nov 25, 2015 Morphosource adds 400 monkey skulls to its bank of 9,000 3D printable fossils Feb 20, 2016 | By Benedict Morphosource, the online fossil database which became famous for its publication of homo naledi 3D images, now contains over 9,000 3D images of more than 500 extinct species. Its latest additions include 400 monkey skulls, added by Harvard scholars. In September of last year, 3Ders reported on Morphosource, an online database of fossil scans suitable for 3D printing. The most exciting items in that database were the complete set of homo naledi fossils, discovered between 2013 and 2015 during the Rising Star Expedition in Johannesburg, South Africa. Homo Naledi, a 3-million-year-old human ancestor, stood at around 1.5m tall and could have weighed up to 45kg.

Box of Goodies I’ve realized that the only way to create realistic outdoor scenes is by adding lots and lots of nature elements. Things like trees, flowers, bushes, rocks etc. are essential in making the scene look “believable”. But I also know that creating these things by hand takes a very long time. Realbook preset – the best book rig for C4D In the following links you will find two videos, without audio, illustrating the functionality of my book rig preset. Realbook V.2 – available Now (25 August 2015) the Realbook V.2 is available, so I added the follow demo video that explains the new features: Realbook V.2.1 – upgrade A little but very important upgrade for the Realbook preset. New features in Realbook V.2.1:

25 Free Vector World Maps If you are in need of a high-quality vector World map template, then your search is now over. Most of the vector maps below are of the highest detail and accuracy, some have been designed specifically for designers and others to be used by everyone for whatever the project. They are all in either .ai (Illustrator) format, .eps format or .svg formats. Accurate Vector World Map (.eps and .ai) EPS Vector Maps for Designers (.eps)

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