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Aquamarine Power - Aquamarine Power ceases trading. 23 Nov 15 James Stephen, BDO business restructuring partner said: "Despite a comprehensive marketing process, and after speaking to a number of interested parties, we regret to announce that no offers were made for Aquamarine Power as a going concern, leaving us with no option but to cease to trade the business.

Aquamarine Power - Aquamarine Power ceases trading

The company ceased to trade on Friday, 20 November. Regrettably, this means that 13 jobs have been lost in Edinburgh and one in Belfast. "Our duty now as joint administrators is to maximize recoveries from the asset base for the benefit of creditors. " James Bernard Stephen and Francis Graham Newton of BDO LLP, City Point, 65 Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh, EH12 5HD, were appointed Joint Administrators of Aquamarine Power Limited on 27 October 2015. James Bernard Stephen is authorised to act as an insolvency practitioner in the UK by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of England & Wales.

En Australie, une centrale à vagues opérationnelle. Depuis quelques mois, la première centrale houlomotrice opérationnelle du monde produit de l'électricité en Australie, au large de Perth.

En Australie, une centrale à vagues opérationnelle

Une technologie présentée comme idéale pour les îles, qui peut déjà concurrencer le fioul et pourra bientôt s'attaquer au charbon… Protean Wave Energy. Azura Wave. Le Pérou autorise le projet houlomoteur d'Atmocean. Our Technology - WERPO wave energy. WERPO’s technology, initially developed under SDE Ltd., is based on the utilization of sea waves to yield hydraulic pressure that produces electricity, while exploiting the full potential of wave speed, height, depth, rise and fall, and currents beneath the surface of the water.

Our Technology - WERPO wave energy

This unique technology is the best choice in renewable energy systems due to its high energy efficiency, low cost for power generation, it being made-up of few moving parts and that only 10% of the system is submerged in the water – this reduces the overall risk to the system and substantially lowers maintenance costs. In addition, the system is made up of modular components which require little space on land and can be implemented in any terrain easily. This allows for quick implementation since the system can begin producing energy before the final construction stages. In addition the system can be connected to an existing power grid with only minor adjustments. Résultats publiés pour l'Oyster 800 d'Aquamarine - France Energies Marines.

WaveRoller - DCNS, Fortum, & AW Energy - wave power in France. PARIS - (France ) - 13/11/2011 - Mer-Veille-MRE - Original article by Francis Rousseau - translated and adapted by Christopher Longmore On October 11 2011, DCNS (a sponsor of our publications) signed a letter of intent with the Norwegian giant FORTUM stating their intention to launch a joint feasability study into the viabiity of a pilot project of wave power electricty generation in France.

WaveRoller - DCNS, Fortum, & AW Energy - wave power in France

(OWC) Basque Government funding WEC. In Collaboration with Iberdrola Ingeniería-led Consortium, Dresser-Rand Introduces Wave Energy Capabilities to the Basque Country HOUSTON, February 19, 2013 - Dresser-Rand, a global supplier of rotating equipment solutions to the oil, gas, petrochemical, power, and process industries, in collaboration with Spanish electric company Iberdrola Ingeniería and other companies, received the Etorgai Grant from the Basque government to help fund the development of a new offshore wave energy power technology which will increase renewable energy share to the Basque Country.

(OWC) Basque Government funding WEC

The new technology will use an array of wave energy converters (WECS), including Dresser-Rand's patented HydroAir ™ variable radius turbine (VRT), to convert the waves' energy into electricity for Basque Country residents. The first stage of the project focuses on modeling the behavior of the elements of a power plant.

Dresser-Rand HydroAir Variable Radius Turbine. OWCs can be located on the shoreline, near-shore or offshore.

Dresser-Rand HydroAir Variable Radius Turbine

Incoming surface waves induce an oscillating flow of air within the chamber which, in turn, flows backwards and forwards through an air turbine installed in a duct connecting the chamber to the atmosphere. The turbine converts this air movement into electrical energy. The challenge of OWC technology is to achieve satisfactory efficiency over a wide operating range. The airflow not only varies between zero and 100 percent, but also changes direction. At the same time, the shaft rotation must be maintained in one direction (i.e. clockwise rotation). OWC OceanEnergy - Wave Power Technology. Oceanlinx (OWC) Resolute Marine Energy (surging WEC) Resolute Marine Energy: lancement d’un projet houlomoteur en Alaska. Daily News N°337– 14/02/2013 – La société américaine Resolute Marine Energy (RME) a annoncé l'approbation de sa candidature à un permis préliminaire auprès de la commission fédérale de régulation de l’énergie (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission - FERC).

Resolute Marine Energy: lancement d’un projet houlomoteur en Alaska

Elle marque le lancement officiel du projet houlomoteur de Yakutat Alaska. La lecture de l'article est réservée à nos abonnés. Cliquez ici pour découvrir nos offres. Ocean Power Technologies. PIPO system. "Houles Australes" (CETO) EDF EN - DCNS - La Réunion. Daily News n°309 - 07/01/2013 - En ce début d'année, nous voulions vous donner des nouvelles d'un grand projet international.

"Houles Australes" (CETO) EDF EN - DCNS - La Réunion

EDF EN et DCNS, déploient actuellement le projet "Projet "Houles Australes" permettant de tester une technologie australienne de la société Carnegie. Le principe consiste à récupérer l’énergie des vagues au large de la commune de Saint-Pierre comme nous vous l'avons présenté à plusieurs reprises. La lecture de l'article est réservée à nos abonnés.

Cliquez ici pour découvrir nos offres. WaveRoller. WaveRoller wave farm in operation during high tide.


WaveRoller is a device that converts ocean waves to energy and electricity. The machine operates in near-shore areas (approximately 0.3-2 km from the shore) at depths of between 8 and 20 meters. Depending on tidal conditions it is mostly or fully submerged and anchored to the seabed. A single WaveRoller unit (one panel) is rated at between 500kW and 1000kW, with a capacity factor of 25-50% depending on wave conditions at the project site. The simple yet very powerful idea for the design of WaveRoller came in a moment of enlightenment when Finnish professional diver Rauno Koivusaari was exploring a shipwreck. WaveRoller behaves in essentially the same way as the flat part of the wreck that Rauno observed. To maximize the energy that WaveRoller panel can absorb from the waves, the device is installed under water at depths of approximately 8 – 20 meters, where the wave surge is most powerful. WaveRoller: un nouveau démonstrateur au Chili.

Daily News N°330 – 05/02/2013 – Une délégation finlandaise, menée par le Premier ministre finlandais Jyrki Katainen, a récemment signé un protocole d’accord de coopération dans le secteur de l’énergie entre le Chili et la Finlande.

WaveRoller: un nouveau démonstrateur au Chili

Cet accord inclut une décision initiale de mettre en place une station WaveRoller au Chili comme vitrine de l’énergie houlomotrice. La lecture de l'article est réservée à nos abonnés. Fortum, DCNS et AW-Energy, soutenus par la Région Bretagne, unissent leurs forces dans un projet de développement de l’énergie des vagues en France. OceanEnergyLtd - OE Buoy - OWC. OE Buoy OE Buoy in Action The OE Buoy has been deployed in Atlantic waves and has demostrated the ability to generate power and survive the rigors of the ocean.

Watch the video to see the buoy in action... Operating Principle Oscillating Water Column The OE Buoy has been designed around the oscillating water column principle. A New Power Generation Platform. Northwest Energy Innovations.