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Sharing great ideas and resources with maths teachers around the world

Sharing great ideas and resources with maths teachers around the world
I’ve recently been exploring the story behind the headlines when it comes to the PISA tests. It’s a story that needs telling as it places some pretty large caveats on any interpretation of the international league tables published by PISA. There are many PISA sceptics who cite such arguments as: The tests are only taken by, and percentages quoted about, students in school that day. It ignores the non-attenders who can account for significant proportions of society in many countries.Only approximately 10% of students take the full test. The rest take only part of the test and their answers to the questions they didn’t take are estimated using a Rasch model.

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Loving your subject “To explain something to someone is first of all to show him he cannot understand it by himself.”Jacques Ranciere The previous post in this series looked at developing a love of Mathematics itself, and how an appreciation of the history and impact of Mathematics makes a difference to your team’s practice in the classroom. This time around, I’ll be talking about how an appreciation of pedagogy, the philosophy of Mathematics education and what engaging students in the subject really means (spoiler: it doesn’t mean ‘fun’ tasks for their own sake). So let’s begin. I cannot emphasise the importance of sound pedagogical practice in one’s team. Secondary Maths Algebra Brackets and Factorising: An excellent booklet for expanding brackets and factorising both linear and quadratic expressions with a quiz to go with it. Give the students the quiz, then they set themselves a target based on it and go to the matching part of the booklet. In the booklet there is explanations, questions, and answers. It has been very successful in the past with students.

More than a maths teacher In his book Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable, Seth Godin, a marketing expert, argues that advertising is less effective than it used to be because we are bombarded by adverts – which we tend to ignore. His solution is to have an amazing product – a purple cow in a field of black and white cows, so that it stands out and really captures the imagination. In his presentation at TM Bett 14, Julian Wood suggested that something similar could be done in our classrooms. Secondary Maths Teaching Inspiration How on earth can you create a maths lesson using these items? Well, first sort them into colours, then put twenty jelly beans into each cup. Make sure there are only two colours in each cup, write the contents on a sticky label and use that to seal the cup. Each cup should have slightly different numbers or colours – it prevents copying. Note: Eat all the orange jelly beans – you’ll be doing your dignity a favour! Have you figured it out yet?

Resources for Engineering > Algebra from mathcentre Just the Maths (A.J.Hobson) "Just the Maths" authored by the late Tony Hobson, former Senior Lecturer in Mathematics of the School of Mathematical and Information Sciences at Coventry University, is a collection of separate mathematics units, in chronological topic-order, intended for foundation level and first year degree level in higher education where mathematics is a service discipline e.g. engineering. Completing the square is an algebraic technique which has several applications. These include the solution of quadratic equations. In this unit we use it to find the maximum or minimum values of quadratic functions. This resource is released under a Creative Commons license Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works and the copyright is held by Skillbank Solutions Ltd.

AlgebrAAAARGH Yes, another algebra post. Today I was teaching a new (to me) Year 7 middle group algebra. This was their first experience of algebra – at Secondary anyway. 5 New Math Websites for Teachers May 22, 2015 Today we have curated for you this list featuring some new math websites. These are recommendations we have received in the mail in the last few weeks but we never had time to review them in separate posts. We invite you to check them out and share with us what you think of them. 1- Math is Fun Mr Reddy Maths Blog There seems to be a current surge from Heads of Maths and KS3 Maths Coordinators looking to adopt more of a mastery approach to teaching maths. This post is a quick run through of the journey the curriculum at King Solomon Academy has gone through and concludes with some advice … Read more →

Teaching at the Edge of Chaos “It is time to reverse this prejudice against conscious effort and to see the powers we gain through practice and discipline as eminently inspiring and even miraculous.”Robert Greene This is the second of a three part series. If you wish to read the first part, click here. Otherwise, read on… John Mason – The Mystery of Mastery Mention the names ‘Mason’ and ‘Watson’ in Mathematics teaching circles and a reverential air suddenly eminates.

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