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Purplemath (Algebra)

Purplemath (Algebra)

Math Success Math Success Math Success + MBA Online Degrees = Rewarding Career Options Students who are successful in other subjects often have difficulty with math. Math anxiety is one of the most frustrating obstacles to math success. A major reason many students don’t succeed in math is because they lack good study skills. Good organization and preparation are also essential for success in math. Working with a competent tutor is a good solution for some students struggling with math. Online paid tutoring services are also growing in popularity. One key to overcoming frustration with math is to realize that it’s completely normal and that persistence usually pays off. Another method for overcoming frustration with math is to research the career opportunities that await a graduate with a solid mastery of math. Perhaps your nature leans more toward the compassionate than the criminal. There are many good sites that provide help for most any math topic. Here are some other good online math resources:

Khan Academy Math Worksheets Land - Tons of Printable Math Worksheets From All Grade Levels Adult Numeracy Themes: Competence and Self-Confidence; Part I COMPETENCE AND SELF-CONFIDENCE The loss of self-confidence in math, the lack of understanding of particular math concepts, and the fear of math inhibits power. Many adults do not feel confident, competent, nor comfortable in math. Many adult learners are frustrated because they do not feel comfortable in math. Adults fear math. For some, frustration with math spreads to frustration in other areas of school as well. Is this lack of confidence in math because people are limited or lack the ability to learn? Those learners who feel comfortable with math have confidence in their ability and respect for the domain of math. Back to Contents Page IMPLICATIONS FOR LEARNING AND TEACHING Teachers need to become comfortable presenting math concepts using a variety of strategies and approaches. In recent years, more research has been done in the area of math learning. Success needs to be built into the adult education classroom. There needs to be a level of trust in the adult education classroom.

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