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Top 10 Free GitHub Alternatives for Private Repositories Github though is huge resource for most of the developers; it is restricted and not always possible to be use without any hurdle as there might be issue with the client and employers to host the code from their private servers. However you may have a few side projects that may not pay for those private repositories. And that why there few alternatives that can be used instead of Github. Installation · Tig - Text-mode interface for Git Build settings are read from the file config.make and for certain systems also from contrib/config.make-$kernel. An example of the latter is Mac OS X, where contrib/config.make-Darwin provides out-of-the-box configuration for using the system ncurses library and linking with the iconv library. This makes it easy to configure the build without having to use the configure script.

Writing Effective Documentation For WordPress End Users Advertisement Today I get to write about something close to my heart: documentation. The emails I love the most start with, “I’ve got this new product. Please, document it!” I get a lot of pleasure from learning about someone’s code and making it as clear as possible for users. I love taking a great product and making sure that people get it.

doctest — Test interactive Python examples — Python 3.7.3 documentation Source code: Lib/ The doctest module searches for pieces of text that look like interactive Python sessions, and then executes those sessions to verify that they work exactly as shown. There are several common ways to use doctest: To check that a module’s docstrings are up-to-date by verifying that all interactive examples still work as documented.To perform regression testing by verifying that interactive examples from a test file or a test object work as expected.To write tutorial documentation for a package, liberally illustrated with input-output examples. Depending on whether the examples or the expository text are emphasized, this has the flavor of “literate testing” or “executable documentation”. Here’s a complete but small example module:

Cracking the code: best online schools and courses tested How we tested Our apprentice coder, who has limited experience of computer programming, took five online courses to find out how much and how quickly he could learn. Assessing the site's multimedia content and in-browser text editors he considered ease of use, live feedback and responsiveness. Decoding the jargon HTML: The way to mark-up static content such as text, images and lists for use on the web. CSS: Arranges where HTML content appears and adds design elements such as colours. JavaScript: Used to add dynamic and interactive content such as quizzes.

GitHub Alternative: Top 7 Best Source Code Hosting Sites As many of you may know, Gitorious – a website that let you host (open source) projects using Git version control – was recently purchased by GitLab, and it is to stop operations from May, 2015. In relation to this, we have a roundup of 7 GitHub alternatives for you to check out. GitHub GitHub is the world’s largest, and most popular code hosting site. GitHub users have a choice of using either Git or Subversion as their VCS (Version Control System), to manage, maintain and deploy software projects.

-force considered harmful; understanding git's -force-with-lease - Atlassian Developer Blog Reading Time: 5 minutes Git’s push --force is destructive because it unconditionally overwrites the remote repository with whatever you have locally, possibly overwriting any changes that a team member has pushed in the meantime. However there is a better way; the option –force-with-lease can help when you do need to do a forced push but still ensure you don’t overwrite other’s work. It’s well known that git’s push --force is strongly discouraged as it can destroy other commits already pushed to a shared repository. This isn’t always completely fatal (if the changes are in someone’s working tree then they can be merged), but at the very least it’s inconsiderate, at worst disastrous.

Simple Is Beautiful If you’ve read some of my other articles, you know that I believe that the best code is no code at all. But what if you actually have to write some code? What then? This article deals with that question and shows the importance of simplicity. As I write this there are still a few cardboard boxes strewn across our home as we finish unpacking everything. My wife and I just finished a surprisingly painless cross-country move to sunny San Diego. Overview — Sphinx 2.1.0+/a22461528 documentation What users say: “Cheers for a great tool that actually makes programmers want to write documentation!“ Sphinx is a tool that makes it easy to create intelligent and beautiful documentation, written by Georg Brandl and licensed under the BSD license. It was originally created for the Python documentation, and it has excellent facilities for the documentation of software projects in a range of languages. Of course, this site is also created from reStructuredText sources using Sphinx!

Pro For Teams Work collaboratively on applications and private repos. Leverage Nitrous's cutting-edge cloud IDE to stay productive wherever you are. Learn more For Agencies GitHub Workflow (used by Frameworks team at BBC News) Introduction This is a quick post to cover a GitHub workflow that is utilised by our specific team (Frameworks) here at BBC News. The basis of our workflow is this:

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