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Virtualization. Python. Audio. API Design. 7 Principles for Implementing Comfortable APIs. Support. Become a Programmer, Motherfucker. If you don't know how to code, then you can learn even if you think you can't.

Become a Programmer, Motherfucker

Thousands of people have learned programming from these fine books: Learn Python The Hard Way Learn Ruby The Hard Way Learn Code The Hard Way I'm also working on a whole series of programming education books at Learn C The Hard Way Learn SQL The Hard Way Learn Regex The Hard Way Graphics Programming Language Agnostic NerdDinner Walkthrough Assembly Language Bash Clojure Clojure Programming ColdFusion CFML In 100 Minutes Delphi / Pascal Django Erlang Learn You Some Erlang For Great Good Flex Getting started with Adobe Flex (PDF) Forth Git Grails Getting Start with Grails Haskell Java JavaScript JavaScript (Node.js specific) Latex The Not So Short Introduction to LATEX (perfect for beginners) Linux Advanced Linux Programming.

Writing Effective Documentation For WordPress End Users. Advertisement Today I get to write about something close to my heart: documentation.

Writing Effective Documentation For WordPress End Users

The emails I love the most start with, “I’ve got this new product. Please, document it!” I get a lot of pleasure from learning about someone’s code and making it as clear as possible for users. I love taking a great product and making sure that people get it. In this article, we’ll look at writing documentation for a WordPress plugin, theme or product.

In my experience, the quality of documentation in WordPress plugins and themes varies widely. Unfortunately, the person who suffers the most from this is the developer. Lack of Documentation:“No matter how wonderful your library is and how intelligent its design, if you’re the only one who understands it, it doesn’t do any good. Libvirt: The virtualization API.

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Ubuntu. 20 IT gotchas: How to avoid these common big blunders. Managed C++ Entity Framework. Cloud. Git. Simple Is Beautiful. If you’ve read some of my other articles, you know that I believe that the best code is no code at all.

Simple Is Beautiful

But what if you actually have to write some code? What then? This article deals with that question and shows the importance of simplicity. As I write this there are still a few cardboard boxes strewn across our home as we finish unpacking everything. My wife and I just finished a surprisingly painless cross-country move to sunny San Diego. That is an interesting insight because it applies to many different things, including programming: There is a cost associated with having a complex, cluttered environment, whether it be the furniture in your house, your class hierarchy, or your build process. Goals The ultimate reason to write code is to have the computer carry out a sequence of instructions.

We can still write code that is correct, but with people in mind as the primary audience. Today, this sounds like a surprisingly modern attitude. Attaining Simplicity. Must-have Tools for Developers on Windows: Part 2. We Recommend These Resources Every technologist has his favourite list of developer tools, applications and OS which they believe are indispensible and without them they would not be able to develop anything.

Must-have Tools for Developers on Windows: Part 2

With time and changing focus, this list keeps changing. Remote desktop software with high performance video & audio. The history of supercomputers - Slideshow. Have you ever wondered why a supercomputer is called a supercomputer? Is it the number of processors or the amount of RAM? Must a supercomputer occupy a certain amount of space, or consume a specific amount of power? The first supercomputer, the Control Data Corporation (CDC) 6600, only had a single CPU. Released in 1964, the CDC 6600 was actually fairly small — about the size of four filing cabinets.

It cost $8 million — around $60 million in today’s money — and operated at up to 40MHz, squeezing out a peak performance of 3 million floating point operations per second (flops). In comparison, the CDC 6600 was up to 10 times faster than the fastest computer at the time, the $13-million ($91m today!) The CDC 6600 was super for other reasons, too. The CPU had 60-bit word length and 60-bit registers, but a very small instruction set, because it only dealt with information that had been pre-processed by the Peripheral Processors. When computers were sexy: Hilarious vintage ads from the early days of the PC. By Daily Mail Reporter Published: 05:19 GMT, 1 April 2012 | Updated: 06:31 GMT, 1 April 2012 Companies such as Apple have made their name by marketing their products not just as technological tools but as glamorous and fun toys.

When computers were sexy: Hilarious vintage ads from the early days of the PC

But this marketing technique is nothing new, as these vintage adverts from the early days of PCs show. They portray computers as fun, easy to use - and even sexy, with the help of a few eager-looking models. Other quirks of the now-outdated ads include the attempt to initiate consumers in the strange world of 'electronic mail', and an appearance from the young Bill Gates. 'Maybe even sexy': This glamorous 1971 advert is trying to sell a modem, of all things.


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