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Calendar Đăng nhập một lần. Truy cập tất cả. Đăng nhập để tiếp tục đến Lịch Google Tìm tài khoản của tôi Bạn quên mật khẩu? Đăng nhập bằng tài khoản khác Tạo tài khoản Một tài khoản Google để truy cập mọi sản phẩm của Google To do list, simple, easy, fast, sharable: Ta-da List Hello, We launched Ta-da List back in January of 2005 so everyone could have a fast and free to-do list app in their web browser. There wasn’t much out there that was good in 2005. My, how things have changed. Because we haven’t given Ta-da List much attention in the last few years, and as part of refocusing our efforts on Basecamp — we’ve decided to retire Ta-da List. But don’t worry — any to-do lists you already created here at will continue to work. Thanks to everyone who used Ta-da List over the years. Onwards, Jason Fried, Founder & CEO, Basecamp

Apie draugų sąrašus ir privatumo nustatymus | Komunikacija FACEBOOK'e – Mozilla Firefox Ar žinojote, kad Facebook draugų suskirstymas į atskirus sąrašus gali jums padėti sutaupyti laiko ir padidinti profilio informacijos saugumo lygį? Kaip rašo, pasinaudoję draugų grupiavimo funkcija, galite sukurti sąrašus šeimos nariams, artimiems draugams, koledžo draugams, bendradarbiams, eks’ams, ir bet kam kitam. Tokiu būdu jums bus suteikta galimybė pasirinkti, kokia informacija ir su kuo ja dalintis naudojant savąją Facebook sąskaitą. Pavyzdžiui, galėsite siųsti žinutes, kurios būtų matomos tik tam tikruose sąrašuose esantiems draugams. Keli paprasti privatumo nustatymų žingsniai Atlikite šiuos šešis lengvus žingsnius, kad susikurtumėte Facebook draugų sąrašą.Galite sukurti iki 100 draugų sąrašų, o kiekviename sąraše gali būti iki 1000 draugų. Apie sąrašo redagavimą ir informacijos skelbimą tam tikram sąrašui Bet kuriuo metu galite pakeisti sąrašo pavadinimą arba pakeisti draugus jame, pasirinkdami nuorodą “Redaguoti”, kuris pasirodo sąrašą pavadinimo dešinėje.

Wakerupper - The Web's Easiest Telephone Reminder TaskPaper — Simple to-do list software for Mac & iPhone "A best-in-breed application, offering a perfect balance of efficiency and features." — 5/5 "It's a very simple, but intriguing and original concept. I've been using it for a few weeks, and it's definitely worth a look." — John Gruber, "Chances are you’re looking for something with a good interface and that ultimately helps you be more productive; Hog Bay Software’s TaskPaper 2.1 satisfies both requirements" — Dan Frakes, "Because, friends, TaskPaper is just about fiddle-proof, and, frankly, I know a lot of people who could benefit from that today." — Merlin Mann, "TaskPaper’s strength is that it lets you focus on crossing out those tasks instead of building a self-referential web of unfinished business which separates you from the cold, harsh reality of all the work you need to do." — Scott McNulty,

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