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CHRONICLES of an illustrator

CHRONICLES of an illustrator

"Tolkien opened up in me a dormant love of lost and misty times, myth and legend..." | Ted Nasmith - Tolkien Illustrator - Renderer - Musician Marc Gabbana + Home Angus McBride’s Tolkien Paintings–1 to 10 Andrew McBride Tolkien Graphics 1 to 10 Angus McBride produced the original paintings here and owns the copyright for them. These images below are thumbnail images. Click on a thumbnail to load the full size version which resides at Sunet. The full size images can be large. You can right–click either the thumbnail or full size image and save a copy to your system. I have divided this artwork into two pages to decrease loading time of these images. This page relies on the work of Ryan Lovett and his page Rolozo Archives.

Frank R. Paul Gallery Winner of the 2001 Association of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists award for Best Archival Webpage. Whenever people ask me who my favorite science fiction artist is, I always say Frank R. Paul. artwork (c) Frank R. ROOM 1 (Amazing Stories, Air Wonder Stories, Science Wonder Stories) ROOM 2 (Wonder Stories) ROOM 3 (Other Magazines) ILLUSTRATED CHECKLIST of Paul's work: Covers: Parts I, II, and III; Back Covers: IV; and Interiors & Articles: V. (1) Paul painting the cover of The Family Circle, Aug. 26, 1938, issue, which featured a wonderful tribute to Paul, both the man and his work. (2) Paul still painting, years later; from "A Brush with Genius," by Forrest J. The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction has this to say about Frank R. "FRP's style shows his architectural training; his cities and technology are lovingly detailed, his aliens well thought out and plausible, but his human figures stiff and simplistic. Ray Bradbury had this to say: "As for me, Frank R. For that I emailed Forrest J.

3D low-polygon illustrations by Erwin Kho Rotterdam based illustrator Erwin Kho made of a low number of polygons and pastel colors the trademark of his 3D work. Also if at a first sight the environments and the cute characters may look rough, the attention to details is amazing and the shading and lighting make them look like some sort of paper work. koikoikoi | Be Creative Le blog de Dionnet - derniers billets Grâce essentiellement aux éditions Allia, la plupart des livres essentiels sur le rock’n roll dûs à Nick Tosches et aux autres sont parus. On pouvait s’étonner cependant d’un manque : deux livres fondateurs, tous les deux dûs à Peter Guralnick, deux livres vitaux pour ceux qui aujourd’hui veulent connaître les racines de la musique qu’ils écoutent tous les jours, même si le rock est plutôt devenu la pop, ce qui n’est pas tout à fait la même chose, c’est désormais chose faite, avec l’apparition simultanée de « Feel like Going Home » sous-titré « Légendes du Blues & Pionniers du Rock’n roll » et « Lost Highway » sous-titré « Sur les routes du Rockabilly du blues & de la Country Music » qui paraissent enfin en Rivages Rouge. « Feel like Going Home » est paru en 1971 juste à temps : Il raconte bien comment il est rentré dans la génération rock’n roll étant le premier à croire ce que lui disaient ses aînés : Carl Perkins.