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Business Intelligence and Analytics

Business Intelligence and Analytics

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Social media tips and tools FutureLearn is a social learning environment at its heart. To get the most out of it we recommend that you fill out your learner profile and add a photo so that other learners can get to know you a bit better. And did you know you can ‘follow’ other learners that you find interesting so you can find their comments more easily? The Tools Early-Stage Startups Actually Need to Understand Their Customers After 18 months of struggling to get traction with two product ideas, Segment started its turnaround. What followed was a two-year stretch of growth from four to 60 people, thousands of new customers and $44 million over several rounds of financing. What was the trigger for such a significant inflection point? In the lead up to the sea change, Co-founder and CEO Peter Reinhardt and the team at Segment started to heavily lean into qualitative feedback tools like live chat widget Olark. It was embedded on each page and everyone from the newest hire to the co-founders were constantly learning from everyone using their product.

UDL Case Study: Assessments - Maryland Learning Links Once Ms. Donaldson has planned her goals, instructional materials and instructional methods, she still has to determine how she can bring the UDL approach to her assessments. In the past, she has typically used written tests (multiple choice and essay) and short typed papers as her main assessment tools. Given all of the other changes she has already made to her curriculum, though, it is obvious that she is no longer going to limit herself (and her students) to these tools. In fact, Ms. Donaldson began to develop her formative assessments that incorporated UDL principles when she modified her goal.

An Entrepreneur's Guide to Compliance Understanding your role in compliance and staying ahead of federal regulations is challenging, but it’s infinitely preferable to the fines and other costs associated with non-compliance. Creating a culture of compliance in your organization, even if it’s just you, isn’t something that you can deal with in the future, or assume is the domain of only larger organizations. In the current business climate, every organization, regardless of size, is held accountable for compliance, and regulators are examining compliance plans and policies more closely than ever. As an entrepreneur, what does compliance mean to you? There are a few things that you need to be cognizant of, and if a plan to ensure compliance is not already in place, creating one should be one of your first priorities. Mitigate your compliance risk with education.

UDL On Campus: UDL and Assessment [White text appears on magenta background: "UDL On Campus.” The colors are inverted and a wave of orange slides over the “UDL On Campus” magenta text. Grey text appears below: “Universal Design for Learning in Higher Education.”] FEMALE VOICE: UDL On Campus: Universal Design for Learning in Higher Education. [The title appears onscreen.]

6 Simple Tricks To Make More Money From Your Blog Are you getting traffic to your blog, but still struggling to make a good income? Blogging is a great career option but only if you do it the right way. Of course, everything starts with providing great content to your readers and steadily growing your traffic. Once you have decent traffic to your blog and a loyal audience, it’s time to focus on the revenue. Art Assessment Idea: Visualizing Growth My students, like all artists, face hurdles when it comes to drawing. When they envision something in their head, they are automatically disappointed when the image on their paper doesn’t reflect their vision perfectly. This disappointment can turn to frustration and can become more defeating the older a student gets.

Facebook Gives Advertisers 3 New Powerful Tools Select Google AdWords advertisers are able to see which ad campaigns drive people to physical locations, such as retail stores, restaurants, and hotels. At the recent Google Performance Summit a few weeks ago, Google revealed they had measured more than a billion store visits since store visit conversions were introduced. The importance of bridging the digital and physical worlds makes this is an extremely important metric for marketers, especially considering that 90 percent of sales still happen in physical stores. Facebook Store Visit Conversions Now Facebook is set to launch its own version of store visit conversions in its Ads Reporting tool.

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