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Your community gem host

Your community gem host

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Global variables A global variable has a name beginning with $. It can be referred to from anywhere in a program. Before initialization, a global variable has the special value nil. Send Email Using Rails Advertisements Action Mailer is the Rails component that enables applications to send and receive e-mail. In this chapter we will see how to send an email using Rails. So lets start with creating a emails project using following command. This will create required framework to proceed. Ruby vs Python: Choosing Your First Programming Language: Course Report (updated August 2016) So you've decided to switch careers and jump into tech. Congrats! Now, you're probably wondering which programming language you should learn first!

Learn Ruby The Hard Way If you did the Study Drills from the last exercise you should have seen all sorts of commands (methods/functions) you can give to files. Here's the list of commands I want you to remember: close -- Closes the file. Getting Started with Your Facebook App on Heroku facebook Table of Contents A Facebook app typically uses an SDK to interact with the Facebook API, using Facebook’s Graph API and FQL to retrieve and post information to Facebook. A Facebook application can easily be developed and deployed to Heroku (in any of Heroku’s supported languages) which has code that interacts with Facebook’s APIs in this manner. This guide is for Facebook developers who develop and deploy their applications on Heroku.

Ruby and the Sinatra framework Introduction DSL vs GPLGitHub RepositorySinatraHostingExample RequirementsSet-upShotgunLoading pagesLoading templatesStatic resourcesHandling errorsPerformanceHosting our applicationConclusions Introduction In my opinion there's isn't enough good information on the web about how to get started building a Ruby based website (unless you want to use the ever popular Ruby on Rails framework). But even then, it's not as straight forward as you'd think (not for someone new to the language or server-side coding in general).

Array (Ruby 2.2.0) ary & other_ary → new_ary click to toggle source Set Intersection — Returns a new array containing elements common to the two arrays, excluding any duplicates. The order is preserved from the original array. How To: Local Facebook App Development Introduction Developing any computer application is a process that will inevitably involve many mistakes, bugs, and other trials. Indeed, half of writing an application is just testing the code to make sure it behaves correctly, and scratching your head when it doesn’t. Clearly, you want to shield your end-users from experiencing the app in such a state. So, one important and popular web application development technique is to have a local test server for development, only pushing code to the live server after it has been appropriately tested. This is a relatively easy process, especially if your local server (be it your laptop or some other computer on your local network) runs the same OS as your server.