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RAILS 101. This course will become read-only in the near future. Tell us at if that is a problem. posted message: I would like to say good luck to all of you in this venture, and hope that you found or learned something useful through this. I know I have and it was fun doing it! Take care and here is to new beginnings... JW posted message: I've just added a link to a great website explaining about a key word, REST/FUL. I do apologize for not introducing this sooner, but all articles, examples and definitions tend to lead me out of the loop and into finding out what some words meant in their explanations that it just ended being thrown off completely.

Posted message: I've added another link to refer to the basic commands with more examples and detail. posted message: I've added "Things to Remember" in the task panel and "Test Editor for Regular Expressions in Ruby" in the external link panel. Complete Web Developer Bootcamp with Rails - HTML, CSS, JS, & Ruby on Rails | Coder Manual. Best way to learn Ruby & Rails (via @AstonJ) That’s no typo, I really did mean Ruby and Rails – but before you run off (those looking to learn only Rails) read on… I started off wanting to learn just Rails too, but I quickly realised two things: Rails will only get you so far – to be anything close to a Rails ninja, you need to learn Ruby (Rails is Ruby underneath it all).

While Rails goes out of its way to simplify a lot, once you begin to do more complex stuff you’re going to need to know Ruby – and because Ruby is so easy to pick up anyway it makes sense to learn it from the outset. It will not only save you time in the long run, but will also help you learn Rails as well, because you’ll have a better understanding of what’s going on.Even if you came for Rails, most likely you will stay for Ruby – like so many of us! The more you’re exposed to Ruby the more you’ll want to learn it. If you’re only interested in learning Ruby, just skip over the Rails bits. Is there really a best way to learn Ruby & Rails? Look no affiliate links. RailsApps/rails-composer. Tutorial rails apps composer · RailsApps/rails_apps_composer Wiki. Guide to the Rails Apps Composer Gem by Daniel Kehoe Last updated 29 August 2012 The Rails Apps Composer gem installs a command line tool to assemble a Rails application from a collection of “recipes.”

What you can do with the rails_apps_composer gem: create a starter app from the command line make a reusable application template The rails_apps_composer gem is used to build the example applications and tutorials from the RailsApps project. Convenient links: GitHub repository for rails_apps_composer RubyGems page for rails_apps_composer The Ruby Toolbox listing for rails_apps_composer Follow on Twitter Follow the project on Twitter: @rails_apps. Who This Is For This gem is for experienced Rails developers who need a tool to create and maintain a Rails starter app or Rails application template. If you are new to Rails, try the Rails Composer tool instead. Table of Contents Introduction The rails_apps_composer gem was originally developed as a tool for the RailsApps project. Alternatives Dependencies.

I built Prelang, an automated tool to create Rails apps much, much faster : rails. One Month Rails. The Best Ruby and Ruby on Rails Courses Online. If you’re a self-taught Ruby on Rails developer, or an aspiring one, chances are you’ve used at least a few premium tutorials at one point or another. With an average salary range around $70,000 year, investing time and money into the right courses can pay big dividends down the road. Individuals using such services typically fall into a few different camps: Those just starting off and looking to learn the basicsExperienced programmers looking to pick up a new languageExperienced Rubyists looking to advance their skills Fortunately, there’s currently no shortage of content out there that caters to each of those demographics. Distinguishing which of those courses is most appropriate for your particular skill level and goals is key because many novice programmers can become overwhelmed with an advanced course.

Codeschool For a long time, Codeschool has been one of the leading providers of paid tutorials in Ruby as well as many other programming languages. Treehouse One Month Rails RailsCasts. Setting up Sublime Text 3 for Rails Development. These recommendations are for Sublime Text 3, which is currently in beta, but stable. I’ll keep this article updated as my Sublime preferences change over time. You can also peek at my latest Sublime Text settings files and snippets by browsing my dotfiles repository on GitHub. Enjoy! Jump to: Packages Did you know that there is a fantastic online repository and discovery tool for Sublime Text packages? Of course, make sure you have Package Control installed first! AdvancedNewFile. Just press ⌥ opt⌘ cmdn and type the path (relative to the root of your project) of the file you want to create and press ⏎ return.

All Autocomplete. Clipboard Manager. CloseOtherWindows. DashDoc. DocBlockr. Emmet. GitGutter. SublimeLinter. Settings Packages aside, there are a bunch of built-in settings that I like to tweak to make Sublime work great as a Rails editor. Indexing. Ruby-specific word selection behavior. To tell Sublime to include those trailing ? Snippets Singleton class snippet. Key mappings. How do I install sqlite3 for Ruby on Windows? Getting Started with Rails. 1 Guide Assumptions This guide is designed for beginners who want to get started with a Rails application from scratch.

It does not assume that you have any prior experience with Rails. Rails is a web application framework running on the Ruby programming language. If you have no prior experience with Ruby, you will find a very steep learning curve diving straight into Rails. There are several curated lists of online resources for learning Ruby: Be aware that some resources, while still excellent, cover versions of Ruby as old as 1.6, and commonly 1.8, and will not include some syntax that you will see in day-to-day development with Rails. 2 What is Rails? Rails is a web application development framework written in the Ruby programming language. Rails is opinionated software. The Rails philosophy includes two major guiding principles: 3 Creating a New Rails Project The best way to read this guide is to follow it step by step. 3.1 Installing Rails Open up a command line prompt. 4 Hello, Rails!

Learn Ruby on Rails with the Best Free Online Tutorial. One Month Rails Review: A Crash Course in Ruby on Rails Development. With demand for experienced Ruby on Rails developers surging, and salaries ranging from $80-150k/year, it’s no wonder people are lining up to learn Ruby. Finding a good starting point can be a daunting task, however, with the litany of online resources available. Responding to a crowded marketplace, One Month Rails helps to cut through noise and provide a clear and concise crash course that will get you up and running with a live app in a matter of days. The course is made up of a series instructional screencasts led by One Month co-founder, Mattan Griffel, and is one of the best online Rails courses currently on the market. Mattan’s simplistic style, easy to follow lessons, and down to earth language make this the perfect beginners Rails course for aspiring developers with little to no programming experience.

One Month Rails instruction is lead by co-founder Mattan Griffel. Overview The backstory on One Month Rails is nearly as interesting as the course itself. Who It’s For How it Works. One Month Rails. Ruby on Rails - Cheatsheet. Rails Beginner Cheat Sheet. Bold words are what is really important e.g. the command and concept shown in the usage category. In the code usage and example columns these highlight the main part of the concept, like this: general_stuff.concept. In the same columns italic_words mark the arguments/parameters of a command/method. However italic words in the descriptions or general text denote more general concepts or concepts explained elsewhere in this cheat sheet or in general.

The console (also called command line, command prompt or terminal) is just another way of interacting with your computer. So you can basically do anything with it that you could also do with your graphical desktop user interface. For the different operating systems starting the console differs. Windows: Open the start menu and search for command prompt. Ruby is the programming language Ruby on Rails is written in. This is just a very small selection of concepts. General concepts Numbers Strings Strings are used to hold textual information. Arrays. Learn Ruby on Rails with this Step-by-step Guide. What must I do to deserve the $60,000 salary of a Junior Ruby on Rails Developer and earn the privilege of working 100% remotely from home?

10 Reasons Beginners Should Learn Ruby on Rails. Posted by Mattan Griffel I often get asked the question: “What programming language should I learn?” If you’re totally new to programming I highly recommend Ruby on Rails. In this post I’m going to give 10 reasons why I think new programmers should start with Ruby on Rails. It is NOT the same thing as Ruby. Ruby on Rails is basically a collection of shortcuts written in Ruby that lets you build web applications – basically websites – really quickly.

The benefit to learning a web application framework (like Ruby on Rails) before learning a programming language itself (like Ruby) is that you’ll make quicker progress in the beginning, you’ll have a real site that you can share with friends, and you’ll see how the things you’re learning actually apply to the things you want to be able to do. Basecamp, Airbnb, Bleacher Report,, Scribd, Groupon, Gumroad, Hulu, Kickstarter, Pitchfork, Sendgrid, Soundcloud, Square, Yammer, Crunchbase, Slideshare, Funny or Die, Zendesk, Github, Shopify.

10 reasons why you should learn Ruby on Rails. Ruby on Rails has been out now for a number of years, but lately its popularity has gone up quite a bit. I recently started digging deeply into Rails and the Rails ecosystem, and I found a lot to like. Here are 10 reasons why you should consider learning Rails. 1: The Ruby language itself The Ruby language is pretty impressive. It combines some of the best features of dynamic languages, while taking some of the best ideas from strongly typed, static languages and blending them with an object-oriented paradigm that is focused on "getting things done" and not "writing lots of code. " The Ruby language is an excellent language, and you may very well find it makes you quite productive. 2: Code-based data model In Ruby on Rails, you define your data model with code. 3: Open source Rails (and Ruby) are not just "open source," they have a thriving, helpful community around them. 4: Well documented 5: Good jobs 6: Rapid development model 7: Direct access to the HTML, JavaScript, and CSS 9: Tool options.

How to Learn Rails and Change Your Life: Two Ruby on Rails Developers Share Their Secrets. Sites You Love Built With Rails. You’ve heard of Ruby, and maybe even Rails. But did you know that some of your favorite sites are built on that framework? You’ll find music, sports, jobs, crowdsourcing, education, and fun and games (literally!) Among these sites. They let you do everything from shopping and traveling to working, staying fit, and being entertained. And what they all have in common is that they were created using Ruby on Rails, an amazing – and super popular! – web application framework. And bonus: 16 of these companies are hiring Rails developers RIGHT NOW. Even better news? So, check out these 37 sites that you love that use the very elegant and very in-demand Rails… and get ready for a career you love with Rails!

Psssst – Can you guess why there are exactly 37 sites on this list?? 1. 500px 500px is looking for a Senior web developer with strong knowledge of Ruby on Rails. 2. Airbnb is looking for a full-stack software engineer with Ruby on Rails experience. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. RailsApps · Build and Learn · Examples and Tutorials. How I Learned Enough Ruby On Rails In 12 Weeks To Launch Freelancify •

(Update February 26, 2013: I have since this post sold to a new owner) Before I begin, I’d like to recognize Josh Crews ( for convincing me to learn Ruby on Rails; without him and his hours of volunteered mentership and help, I wouldn’t be writing this today. Thank you. I’d also like to address Please do not email me asking me to program your app for equity. I am not interested. On January 23rd, I launched my dream idea, And exactly 12 weeks ago, I made the best decision I’ve made in a really, really long time. A correction I’d like to address: Previously, I stated in a post that I learned Rails in 8 weeks; doing an exact recount to launch date, it was more so 12 weeks. What Skills Did I Have Prior To Learning Rails? Why I Decided To Learn It? Sat down that night, and just thought for hours.

I decided. My Next 3 Months – Mission: Get an MVP up, had to be enough to work but also not crappy enough to leave a terrible first impression. 13 Reasons You Should Learn Ruby on Rails. This week, we launched the brand new Ruby on Rails Blueprint. ::applause!! :: The Skillcrush team is SO excited about this new blueprint, because once you learn Rails, you can build basically ANYTHING for the web. …or so I’ve heard. Here at Skillcrush (and across the Internet!) , developers wax poetic about Rails.

But I didn’t get it. What is Rails? Sounds fancy. I had a TON of questions, and after asking around, I realized I wasn’t the only one. So I went straight to the source. Here’s the boss: 1. Rails is a web application framework designed to work with the Ruby programming language. Here’s the BIG idea: there is a programming language called Ruby. Let me give you an example. If I want to print something to the screen in PHP I need to write: echo “Hello World”; Notice the semi-colon? On the other hand if I wanted to do the same thing in Ruby alls I would write is: puts “Hello World” No semi-colon, and puts may be a little… juvenile, but it makes more intuitive sense to me than echo.

Hello World. 10 Reasons Beginners Should Learn Ruby on Rails. If you're new to programming, what language should you learn first? I often get asked the question: “What programming language should I learn?” If you’re totally new to programming I highly recommend Ruby on Rails. In this post I’m going to give 10 reasons why I think new programmers should start with Ruby on Rails. 1. Ruby on Rails is a web application framework. It is NOT the same thing as Ruby. 2. Basecamp, Airbnb, Bleacher Report,, Scribd, Groupon, Gumroad, Hulu, Kickstarter, Pitchfork, Sendgrid, Soundcloud, Square, Yammer, Crunchbase, Slideshare, Funny or Die, Zendesk, Github, Shopify.

Enough said. 3. It’s not the most in-demand thing to learn for jobs in general – there are way more job openings out there for things like Java, PHP, even Python – but in terms of working at a startup, great Ruby on Rails developers are some of hardest people to find. 4. 5. The Ruby on Rails community is one of the most active out there. 6. 7. Literally dozens. 8. 5.times { print "Odelay! " 9. 10. Why Use Ruby on Rails? My Experience as a Veteran Programmer.

Ruby on Rails Guides. Learning Rails in One Month. I think just about anyone can learn to code in one month. Last August, I taught myself Ruby on Rails and was able to build my own application in under one month. Then I went on to win a hackathon on my own against 300 other experienced programmers. I didn’t have any formal computer science background or programming experience.

Here’s how I did it: A friend of mine suggested I start with Ruby on Rails, so I got my hands on as many beginner Ruby on Rails tutorials as I could. I didn’t focus too much on understanding everything the first time, or get frustrated when I didn’t get something, because I knew I’d come back to it again later in the next tutorial. As a result, I learned a lot about the right way to explain something so that it actually makes sense. Because they teach things ass-backward. When you look at what’s available out there in terms of beginner instructions, there’s very little focus on actual web application development and frameworks like Ruby on Rails or Django.

Ruby on Rails. Learn Ruby: 29 of The Best Online Educational Resources to Learn to Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Five reasons smart startups use Rails. Businessinsider. 20 Reasons Why Every Web Designer Needs to Learn Ruby on Rails.