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Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails

C# BigInteger Class - The Code Project - C# Programming Contents Introduction The implementation of asymmetrical cryptographic schemes often requires the use of numbers that are many times larger than the integer data types that are supported natively by the compiler. In this article, we give an introduction to the implementation of arithmetic operations involving large integers. We do not attempt to give a full coverage of this topic since it is both complex and lengthy. The source code that accompanies this article implements the BigInteger class supporting large integer arithmetic operations. Features Arithmetic operations involving large signed integers in 2's complement representation.Prime number tests using Fermat's Little Theorem, Rabin Miller's method and Solovay Strassen's method.Modular exponential with Barrett reduction.Modular inverse.Random Pseudoprime generation.Random Coprime generation.Greatest common divisor. Implementation Details The most common way of representing numbers is by using the positional notation system. Proof

Boiling Eggs - soft-cooked, medium-cooked, hard-cooked Baking Corner | Regional Foods | Cooking Articles | Hints & Tips | Culinary Dictionary | Newspaper Columns Perfect Boiled Eggs - How To Boil Eggs - How Long To Boil Eggs The simple and classic boiled egg - full of nature’s most perfect form of protein. According to the American Egg Board, the terms “hard-boiled” and “soft-boiled” eggs are really misnomers, because boiling eggs makes them tough and rubbery. How To Correctly Cook Hard-Cooked (Hard-Boiled) Eggs: Boiling an egg is really very simple! Recipe Type: Eggs Yields: serves many Prep time: 5 min Cook time: 17 min Ingredients: Eggs (3 to 5 days old), room temperature Water Preparation: 1. There are two problems you'll want to avoid: cracked shells and the ugly green layer that can form around the yolk. 2. Eggs that are too fresh are difficult to peel. In a fresh egg, the yolk stands tall and the white is thick and cloudy. Making Deviled Eggs: When making deviled eggs, place the carton of eggs on its side for a day. 3. 4.

Ruby on Rails Ruby on Rails emphasizes the use of well-known software engineering patterns and principles, such as active record pattern, convention over configuration (CoC), don't repeat yourself (DRY), and model–view–controller (MVC). History[edit] On December 23, 2008, Merb, another web application framework, was launched, and Ruby on Rails announced it would work with the Merb project to bring "the best ideas of Merb" into Rails 3, ending the "unnecessary duplication" across both communities.[7] Merb was merged with Rails as part of the Rails 3.0 release.[8][9] Rails 3.2 was released on January 20, 2012 with a faster development mode and routing engine (also known as Journey engine), Automatic Query Explain and Tagged Logging.[11] Rails 3.2.x is the last version that supports Ruby 1.8.7.[12] Rails 3.2.12 supports Ruby 2.0[13] Technical overview[edit] Like many web frameworks, Ruby on Rails uses the model–view–controller (MVC) pattern to organize application programming. Framework structure[edit]

Lorem Ipsum generator RubyFR - Accueil TechEBlog & 7 Home Gadgets You Can't Buy Our editors have compiled a list of seven gadgets for the home you can't buy, or at least anytime soon. If we happened to miss any, please leave us a comment. "Continue reading" for the entire list. Barry Table Lamp At the push of a button, this egg-shaped "Barry Table Lamp" opens up to reveal a circle of LEDs -- with their light diffused by reflective surfaces inside the lid for an ambient glow. The futuristic-looking light resembles a big egg, and most likely a soft-boiled one since it has a chunk of the sphere sliced off to serve as a "lid." [Source] E-Rope Modular Power Strip Designed by Chul Min Kang and Sung Hun Lim, the "E-Rope Modular Power Strip" is a 2006 Idea Award winning concept. Its blue lights glow to indicate power is flowing, and if you rotate the socket section 90 degrees, it turns off the current, saving you from that power-sucking standby mode that's so prevalent in many of today's electronic devices. [Source] Comfort Sphere Taste DJ Kitchen [Source] Gorenje Smart Fridge

Nvu - The Complete Web Authoring System for Linux Welcome to RadRails, the Ruby on Rails authoring environment for Aptana Studio and Eclipse | Aptana Free, open source IDE for Ruby and Rails applications RadRails is now included as part of Aptana Studio 3. No extra download required--now integrated into a single editor. Core Capabilities Code Assist Quick access to Ruby, HTML, CSS and JavaScript structures, methods, elements, properties, tags & attributes. Code Assist Integrated Debugger Set breakpoints, inspect variables, control execution. Integrated Debugger Outlining View and navigate the structures in your file using this hierarchical outline of your Ruby or HTML page. Outlining

Humane Text Formats I write in plain text a lot. I want to put stuff on the web a lot. Oftentimes it’s the stuff I already wrote in plain text. For those wondering why I don’t write in HTML all the time check out these good reasons. This seems to have been the rationale behind Markdown. The Test I decided to use the text of this very article. Some things I definitely want the winner to be able to do are: Unordered listsLike this one and # Code examples like this. print "This is essential!" The quality of tools available is also a big plus. The Results Almost Free Text An enviable set of outputs: HTML, LaTeX, lout, DocBook and RTF. See Almost Free Text Test Results Markdown A format that comes from Daring Fireball. Tools include html2text, a Python script that converts a page of HTML into valid Markdown. See Markdown Test Results reStructuredText The format of Python doc strings. Textile Others

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