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Delete model and migration file rails 4. Simple Authentication in Rail 4 Using Bcrypt. Simple Authentication with Bcrypt This tutorial is for adding authentication to a vanilla Ruby on Rails app using Bcrypt and has_secure_password.

Simple Authentication in Rail 4 Using Bcrypt

The steps below are based on Ryan Bates's approach from Railscast #250 Authentication from Scratch (revised). You can see the final source code here: repo. Ruby on rails - has_secure_password is saving password in plain text. Creating a Simple Search in Rails 4. Say you have a blog and you want the user to be able to search your posts, you will need to add methods to both your posts controller and post model, and create a corresponding search form. 1.

Creating a Simple Search in Rails 4

Posts Controller In your posts_controller.rb file, add the following to your index method: def index @posts = Post.all if params[:search] @posts =[:search]).order("created_at DESC") else @posts = Post.all.order('created_at DESC') end end. Command Pattern Tutorial with Java Examples - DZone Java. Discover how you can skip the build and redeploy process by using JRebel by ZeroTurnaround.

Command Pattern Tutorial with Java Examples - DZone Java

Today's pattern is the Command, which allows the requester of a particular action to be decoupled from the object that performs the action. Where the Chain of Responsibility pattern forwarded requests along a chain, the Command pattern forwards the request to a specific module. Command in the Real World One example of the command pattern being executed in the real world is the idea of a table order at a restaurant: the waiter takes the order, which is a command from the customer.This order is then queued for the kitchen staff. The waiter tells the chef that the a new order has come in, and the chef has enough information to cook the meal. Design Patterns RefcardFor a great overview of the most popular design patterns, DZone's Design Patterns Refcard is the best place to start.

Chapter 4. Structural Patterns: Adapter and Façade. This chapter is excerpted from C# 3.0 Design Patterns: Use the Power of C# 3.0 to Solve Real-World Problems by Judith Bishop, published by O'Reilly Media The main pattern we will consider in this chapter is the Adapter pattern.

Chapter 4. Structural Patterns: Adapter and Façade

It is a versatile pattern that joins together types that were not designed to work with each other. It is one of those patterns that comes in useful when dealing with legacy code-i.e., code that was written a while ago and to which one might not have access. There are different kinds of adapters, including class, object, two-way, and pluggable. We'll explore the differences here.

Adapter Pattern. Railsでacts-as-taggable-onを使ってタグ管理を行う - Rails Webook. Flickr: cambodia4kidsorg's Photostream acts-as-taggable-onはタグの追加、削除、関連するオブジェクトの取得、タグクラウドなどのタグを管理するためのgemです。

Railsでacts-as-taggable-onを使ってタグ管理を行う - Rails Webook

今回は、Railsでacts-as-taggable-onでタグ管理を行う方法について説明します。 動作確認 Ruby 2.2.0Rails 4.2.0acts-as-taggable-on 3.4.4 目次. Php/regex - Extract proper nouns from text. Rails migration does not change schema.rb. Get categories from Feed Rss with ruby. FinderMethods. Methods exists?


Constants Instance Public methods exists? (conditions = :none) Link Returns true if a record exists in the table that matches the id or conditions given, or false otherwise. For more information about specifying conditions as a hash or array, see the Conditions section in the introduction to ActiveRecord::Base. Note: You can't pass in a condition as a string (like name = 'Jamie'), since it would be sanitized and then queried against the primary key column, like id = 'name = \'Jamie\''.

Factory Method Design Pattern. Intent Define an interface for creating an object, but let subclasses decide which class to instantiate.

Factory Method Design Pattern

Factory Method lets a class defer instantiation to subclasses.Defining a "virtual" constructor.The new operator considered harmful. Problem A framework needs to standardize the architectural model for a range of applications, but allow for individual applications to define their own domain objects and provide for their instantiation.

Discussion Factory Method is to creating objects as Template Method is to implementing an algorithm. Part 3: Keeping Our Balance. Factory methods in Ruby. Design Patterns in Ruby: Observer, Singleton. I am going to be posting a few articles related to Software Design Patterns and how they are applicable to Ruby.

Design Patterns in Ruby: Observer, Singleton

The first two patterns that will be covered are the Observer Pattern and the Singleton Pattern. Observer Pattern If you are not familiar with this pattern, no worries, it is basically a mechanism for one object to inform other ‘interested’ objects when its state changes. Ruby on rails - Getting attribute's value in Nokogiri to extract link URLs. Ruby on rails - Reset the database (purge all), then seed a database.

Ruby - Removing a model in rails (reverse of "rails g model Title...") Set Up Cron Jobs in Rails. Recently I came to a situation where I need to take an action based on time.

Set Up Cron Jobs in Rails

For example, a web application helps organizing an event and 48 hours before its scheduled time, it'll send out a reminder email to all attendees. It doesn't trigger by view, only time. Ruby on rails - Getting attribute's value in Nokogiri to extract link URLs. Ruby on rails - How to bypass SSL certificate verification in open-uri? A dirty one-liner that do steps of. Download a cacert.pem for RailsInstaller. Ruby on rails - How to solve "certificate verify failed" on Windows? Personal Weather - hungry academy. Introduction Interacting with remote APIs can be one of the most entertaining parts of programming.

Personal Weather - hungry academy

As a novice programmer, you can immediately enhance your application through simple calls to external services. There are thousands of APIs you can use to display and interact with remote data. The possibilities are pretty much endless! Below, we’re going to walk through what would go into building a personal weather site. Personal Weather Application: Getting Started. Parsing HTML with Nokogiri. Nokogiri The Nokogiri gem is a fantastic library that serves virtually all of our HTML scraping needs.

Once you have it installed, you will likely use it for the remainder of your web-crawling career. Installing Nokogiri Unfortunately, it can be a pain to install because it has various other dependences, libxml2 among them, that may or may not have been correctly installed on your system. Follow the official Nokogiri installation guide here. Regression. Description Regression analysis is a statistical method used to describe the relationship between two variables and to predict one variable from another (if you know one variable, then how well can you predict a second variable?).

Whereas for correlation the two variables need to have a Normal distribution, in regression analysis only the dependent variable Y should have a Normal distribution. The variable X does not need to be a random sample with a Normal distribution (the values for X can be chosen by the experimenter). However, the variability of Y should be the same for each value of X. If you’re using to_json, you’re doing it wrong. At Miso, we have been very busy in the last few months building out a large number of public APIs for our Developer Platform.

In a short time, we have already seen early versions of applications built on our platform for Chrome, Windows Mobile 7, Blackberry, Playbook, XBMC among others. This has been very exciting to see the community embrace our platform and leverage our data to power additional services or bring our service to a new group of users. In this post, we will discuss how we started out building our APIs using Rails and ‘to_json’, why we became frustrated with that approach and how we ended up building our own library for API generation. Json - How to override to_json in Rails? Json - How to override to_json in Rails? Rails Models - Association, Creation. Model view controller - How to create Categories in Rails. Rails 3: Multiple Select with has_many through associations. Implementing Categories in Ruby on Rails the easy way. We’ve been working with Ruby on Rails for about 20 days now, and it is honestly the most efficient and secure framework we’ve ever come across.

The learning curve was a bit steep in the beginning, but we overcame that with the huge community support and tutorials available for ROR. We’re actually quite proud that we built a product with ROR having absolutely no experience in it. We did it! And so can you :) Understanding Rails model view controller (MVC) Understanding Rails model view controller (MVC) | Codelearn Ruby on Rails Tutorial Module 1 - Lesson 5 In the last lesson - Adding pages from Rails controller - we created Pages controller with two actions - home and about. In this lesson, we will dive deeper into the Rails routes, Models, Views and Controller; also referred as Rails MVC architecture. The image below shows how Rails process an incoming URL.

Figure: Interactions between Router --> Controller --> View User types a URL, lets say If the Rails server is running, the request first reaches the Rails router. Now we will analyze what happens once the request reaches Pages controller, home action. Ruby on Rails 實戰聖經. Gemfile.lock 里的 coffee-script-source (1.9.1) 换成 coffee-script-source (1.8.0),然后重新bundle install. Ruby on rails 新建项目后,在创建welcome/index控制后,访问出错,报错内容如下: ruby v2.1.5p273 rails v4.2.0 其它包: gem list. Gem 2.0.3 Unable to download data from - ... bad ecpoint · Issue #515 · rubygems/rubygems. Ruby on rails - Error running gem install on Windows 7 64 bit. DevKit及rails的安装 - 萌萌的It人 Statistic 2 - Exponential Regression Model. Statistics 2 - Logarithmic Regression Model. Normal Distribution. The term "regression" is attributed to Sir Francis Galton (nineteenth century) as he described data as "regressing" toward the mean when studying relationships between parents and children.

It is suggested that R. Polynomial Regression Data Fit. Note: In this article, footnotes are marked with a light bulb over which one hovers. Background For a given data set of x,y pairs, a polynomial regression of this kind can be generated: 多项式回归分析的例子_百度文库. 多项式回归分析_百度文库. Rubular: a Ruby regular expression editor and tester. Linear regression. X Image InputX Upload an image from your computer: Ruby: Ignore header line when parsing CSV file at Mark Needham. 使用NppExec插件在NotePad++下运行Ruby程序 - Zhu Lida's Private Bathtub. Regression. Polynomial Regression. Polynomial Regression Having now covered the rudiments of regression analysis and its underlying linear algebra foundation, we are in a position to begin to explore the different regression models available to us. In so doing, we will find that there is great freedom in choosing the models. Fortunately, as long as we stay within the bounds of certain rules (i.e. the underlying assumptions in regression analysis, ) everything we have learned so far can be brought to bear in both finding the underlying regression coefficients and interpreting the model.

Models we have developed thus far have been straightline models. However, consider the following quadratic model Note that this is not a straight line model anymore, being quadratic in the xI’s. As Note now that b is now 3 tuple, and that X’X will be 3 by 3. First compute. Multiple_regression. How can I do standard deviation in Ruby?