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10 systèmes de vote pour faire participer vos étudiants en classe

10 systèmes de vote pour faire participer vos étudiants en classe

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Turning Technologies Canada PresenterCard is a radio frequency hardware clicker that interacts with TurningPoint assessment software. It allows presenters the ability to be mobile in a classroom while polling a classroom/audience. In addition, presenters have the ability to customize the device to control how they operate polling. PresenterCard PowerPoint Features: 6 ways Quizzes in Google Forms are getting smarter Editor's note: For Teacher Appreciation Week, we’re highlighting how Google supports teachers—and today, we’re announcing six improvements to Quizzes in Google Forms to help teachers save time. Stay tuned here and follow along on Twitter throughout the week to see how we’re celebrating. In the two years since we launched Quizzes in Google Forms, educators have expanded the possibilities of the tool both inside and outside the classroom. Today, we’re announcing six new features based on valuable feedback from teachers and designed to help educators continue using Quizzes in Google Forms in creative ways:

How to Read Body Language Key Points Look for emotional cues, such as crying, anger, or embarrassment. More ↓Look for physical cues to determine the status of a relationship. ↓Learn how to read eyes and body language for attraction cues. ↓Study a person's eyes, facial expressions, and body language to read specific cues, such as power 2015 Le cours magistral a-t-il un avenir ? Cathia Papi et Viviane Glikman Students between lectures and the use of ICT Muriel Briançon Enquête sur les représentations des étudiants de licence 3 en sciences de l’éducation Can we learn to philosophize on-line? Study of the representations of the students in License 3 in educational sciences Anaïs Loizon et Patrick Mayen The lecture: a teaching situation disturbed by instruments Olivier Aïm et Anneliese Depoux Transference from one to another: The remediation of pedagogical ethos by MOOC Cédric Brudermann et Nicole Poteaux Languages for specific purposes: moving from lecture halls to mobile independent learning

Digital Badges Continue to Grow – Are You Using Them at Your School Yet? I'm a fan of digital badges. I believe they are going to become a widely accepted part of the educational landscape in both K-12 and higher education. I also believe that for this to happen, the business community needs to embrace them. This has already started to happen, with companies like IBM, Salesforce, and Ernst & Young developing their own badging initiatives. We've seen municipalities embrace them as well. If you've been paying attention to the evolution of digital badging you know that it has been on a steady upward trajectory for over a decade or so now (explore the history of digital badges here).

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