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Cours de photo : apprendre la photographie – traitement et retouche d'image

Cours de photo : apprendre la photographie – traitement et retouche d'image

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35 Stunning Planet and Space Art Tutorials Photoshop enhanced Space and 3D Planet scenes created have always fascinated me. They are inspiring and makes me imagine what NASA and our nation will accomplish in the future. Creating stunning scenes of space nebulae, stars, and planets can be quite a difficult feat using Photoshop. Fortunately, we've gathered 30 stunning space and planet tutorials to help you get started on your space art hobby.

21 Settings, Techniques and Rules All New Camera Owners Should Know In this article, we’re going to share 21 photography settings, techniques, and rules you should know as a beginner photographer. Some are very basic while others go a little deeper, but all have been selected from our archives specifically for beginners and new camera owners. Enjoy! Introduction to useful modes and settings on your digital camera

John Coltrane John Coltrane was born in North Carolina in 1926. His father was a tailor and amateur musician able to play several instruments. Coltrane also showed an aptitude for music, studying the E-flat tenor (alto) horn, clarinet and alto saxophone in high school. Both of his grandparents had been Methodist ministers, and his maternal grandfather had been a famous gospel preacher throughout that part of the Deep South. Churchgoing was part of his upbringing and gospel music provided the soundtrack. When he was thirteen, both his father and grandfather died within a month of each other and after Coltrane graduated from high school in 1943, the family moved north to Philadelphia to make a new start.

Creative Nerd AWESOME This article features a huge amount of Photoshop web design tutorials, which will teach you simple effects which can be combined together in order to create a great website design. Theses tutorials are perfect for first time Photoshop users because there short and sweet. I hope you enjoy the article and feel free to leave a comment below. 1) Carbon Fiber Layout 1.3. darktable basic workflow This section describes a typical darktable workflow which novice users may take as a starting point. We describe how to get an image into darktable, the basic steps of a raw development workflow and how to export the final result. To begin with darktable, you first need to import images. The import module is in the left pane of the lighttable view (Section 2.3.1, “Import”). You can either import from the filesystem or, if darktable supports your camera model, directly from camera.

Photoshop Shortcuts – The Fun Way In this post I’m going to focus on several Photoshop shortcuts that I tend to use more often than others. Sure I could sit here and spell out every single shortcut available, but why reinvent the wheel? Here is a list of 10 of my favorite and most used Photoshop shortcuts delivered to you via Mr.

10 killer photography tips the pros won’t tell you Photography Tips From The Pros: 09 Mirror lock-up If you want super-sharp images when your SLR is on a tripod, use a remote release and engage the mirror lock-up function. This lifts the mirror with the first press of the remote shutter release, then when any vibration caused by the mirror movement has died down you press the shutter release for a second press to take the shot. Mirror lock-up is especially important if you want to get the full benefit of high-pixel count cameras like the Canon 5D Mark III as even very slight movements are recorded.

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