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50 Top-Notch Illustrator Tutorials to Master the Technique of Artwork Illustrator is another useful vector design making software which is widely used in creative work, related to graphic and print. Most of the artwork you see online now a days are mainly made in either Illustrator or Photoshop, about two months back we featured a collection of best Photoshop tutorials of 2013 and now we have gathered one for Illustrator. This collection consists of many easy to learn and apply, Illustrator techniques which may help you master this software for your artwork. Although Photoshop and Illustrator looks the same, but Illustrator is different with layer creations and object use. I hope this collection of tutorials will help you master Illustrator. 1.

101 Self-Portrait Ideas to Spice Up Your Facebook Profile Email Do you feel uninspired? Have no models or interesting subjects available? Babel, o gato que queria ser rei - livro interativo para crianças Karim Maaloul was born in the southern suburbs of Tunis. He spent his childhood surrounded by sheep blocking the streets, and goat thieving flowers from gardens. Local wildlife quickly became an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Later, he studied illustration and comics in Brussels.

How to Freeze Motion in Natural Light Freezing motion can be incredibly useful in photography because it will allow you to create images that the human eye cannot. By utilizing shutter speed, cameras can freeze a tiny moment in time perfectly. Close your eyes, blink quickly, and close them again.You will see an flash of an image, but only for a moment. In a nutshell, shutter speed works the same way your eyes do. You can control how long the shutter stays open, which dictates what that image will look like. Long shutter speeds = motion blurShort shutter speed = no motion blur

Free Hi-Res Old Postcard Images Part 2 Here comes another pack of cool vintage postcards! Same as the previous one, there are 14 high resolution old postcard images (at around 5200x3300px). Some have stamps and postmarks form 1900s. If you would like to customize them, don’t forget to check out my old postmark Photoshop tutorial. As you can see in the screens below, they all have nice aged textures. Ephemeral Portraits Cut from Layers of Wire Mesh by Seung Mo Park Using a process that could be the new definition of meticulous, Korean sculptor Seung Mo Park creates giant ephemeral portraits by cutting layer after layer of wire mesh. Each work begins with a photograph which is superimposed over layers of wire with a projector, then using a subtractive technique Park slowly snips away areas of mesh. Each piece is several inches thick as each plane that forms the final image is spaced a few finger widths apart, giving the portraits a certain depth and dimensionality that’s hard to convey in a photograph, but this video on YouTube shows it pretty well. Park just exhibited this month at Blank Space Gallery in New York as part of his latest series Maya (meaning “illusion” in Sanskrit). You can see much more at West Collects.

10 Fool-Proof Posing Tips for Group Portraits - Improve Photography Looking through the Improve Photography facebook fan page, the most common question is how to pose people for group portraits. I think the reason that many of the members of our community are nervous about this taking this type of photo. Fortunately, group portrait photography of a family or other group is not overly difficult as long as you know a few steps to take in order to get a great photo. The rows of heads in this photo don’t look too bad, but breaking up the pattern would make them feel more like a tight group.

Spring Summer 2013 LOIS is more alive than ever, “more LOIS than ever”. Since last December we have thrown ourselves on the road and probably one day you will see the LOIS BUS in your hometown, as it is already rolling along all the corners of Spain coinciding with the holidays and most important events of each region. Our aim is to be present at any happening, event, concert, etc. that is a meeting point for young people who are interested in being open to any social or cultural manifestation taking place in our country, as LOIS has been there since1962 and still stays there, stronger than ever. We’ll visit Colleges, Discos, etc., and the LOIS BUS shall be, during its journey, the meeting point for the fans of the brand, where we’ll give away gifts and merchandising bearing the mythical Bull logo, all the year 2010 long. LOIS is still a brand that endures over crises, avatars and ephemeral fads. If you want to know more about us, you don’t need to go out and seek us, we’ll look for you instead!!!

Website Templates 17,470 Website Templates and Themes From $3 for HTML, Email, WordPress, PSD, Joomla, Magento and more Browse Popular Items Browse Top New Items Browse Latest Items Featured Hand picked by the Envato team Book magazine - Autres » Web Design Inspiration » CSS Gallery » Jolis sites Book magazine is a periodical online edition, transmitting fashion, art and contemporaneity. It's a synthesis of classic publishing traditions and innovative web development. Autres sites de la catégorie Autres : Create a Trendy Galactic Poster Design in Photoshop This post was originally published in 2009 The tips and techniques explained may be outdated. Galactic space scenes are a popular theme for digital art, they’re packed full of texture and vibrant colour, which are two ingredients of an awesome design! Using Photoshop’s blending modes along with a mix of textures and brushes, let’s get lost in space and create an abstract cosmos poster design. Open up Photoshop and create a new document. Depending on your overall aims, you might want to specify dimensions for a printed poster, otherwise a 72dpi document is perfect for on-screen use. Fill the background with a dark grey.

Still Life Photography - 30 Brilliant Shots - DesignGrapher.Com Still life photography is capturing images of inanimate objects where the photographer tries to tell a story with a picture. Still life photography makes images look life-like and is one of the most appreciated forms of art. This type of photography requires high skill and expertise. Background plays an important role in still life photography. It acts as the main element of contrast. desenhos a lápis que parecem levantar-se para fora da página [12 imagens] Most of these drawings by Ramon Bruin seem relatively simple, but at the same time, because of their shadows and some intriguingly placed real-life props in the photographs, the sketched images appear to be almost magically leaving the bounds of the paper they’re drawn on… (via My Modern Met)