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13 idées récup de vieilles cravates! - Astuces Bricolage. Vous avez une bonne collection de vieilles cravates que vous ne voulez pas jeter?

13 idées récup de vieilles cravates! - Astuces Bricolage

On vous propose dans cet article 13 idées de récupération de ces vieilles cravates! Old Jeans, Jean Bag and Recycled Denim. DIY: Crie um rato de peluche. 20 façons intelligentes de transformer vos vieux jeans - C'est fait maison ! - Organizatoare decorative handmade din blugi... Elle Coupe Une Vieille Chaussette Et En Fait Un… Son Bricolage Est Trop Mignon ! MAGNIFIQUE, Et FACILE!

Elle Coupe Une Vieille Chaussette Et En Fait Un… Son Bricolage Est Trop Mignon !

Apprenez à recycler vos vieilles chaussettes car avec seulement quelques coutures et un peu de colle, vous pourriez réaliser ce magnifique bricolage en forme de hibou. Voici comment procéder : Dans la partie de la cheville, découpez une chaussette en lui donnant une forme légèrement arrondie.Retournez ensuite la chaussette à l’envers, et à l’aide d’une aiguille et d’un fil dans les mêmes tons, faites une couture pour fermer la partie découpée.

Ceci vous permettra de former les oreilles du hibou.Remettez la chaussette à l’endroit et rembourrez-la. Tutorial: Paisley Necktie Schoolbag. Hey girls, It's back-to-school time and time for a new schoolbag.

Tutorial: Paisley Necktie Schoolbag

Sure, backpacks and messengers are great but how about something new? Okay, you'll need a bunch of ties. Mine are all paisleys. DIY Christmas Star. Elle Enroule De La Laine Autour D’Un Verre Puis La… Sa Création Vous Épatera, Wow! SUPERBE, ET TRÈS FACILE!

Elle Enroule De La Laine Autour D’Un Verre Puis La… Sa Création Vous Épatera, Wow!

Voici comment confectionner de jolies petites poupées avec très peu de matériel. En effet, il ne vous faudra que quelques accessoires, soit du fil, une aiguille, de la laine, du riz blanc, du matériel de rembourrage et des instructions que voici : Dans un tissu de couleur, tracez et découpez un cercle d’un diamètre de 16,5 cm. 14 Modèles de bonhomme de neige fait avec des chaussettes! - Bricolages - Des bricolages géniaux à réaliser avec vos enfants. Comment bricoler un hibou chouette en chaussettes! - Bricolages - Des bricolages géniaux à réaliser avec vos enfants. HOU HOU HOU!!!

Comment bricoler un hibou chouette en chaussettes! - Bricolages - Des bricolages géniaux à réaliser avec vos enfants

Il est chouette ce hibou fait de chaussettes! Et le tutoriel est tellement bien fait que je vous n'aurez même pas besoin de beaucoup de lecture! Vous n'aurez qu'à suivre les photos avec les légères descriptions au dessus des photos, dans l'album ci-dessous! Une petite peluche pour votre enfant, fabriqué dans de belles chaussettes parfois dépareillées parce que l'on a perdu l'autre même si elles étaient encore neuves... Old jeans as a saddlebags. An old jeans is in you closet?

Old jeans as a saddlebags

Need an extra pair of pocket? Threading My Way: Denim Fabric Baskets Tutorial... A few days ago, I showed you these fabric baskets that I had made using the legs of an old pair of jeans.

Threading My Way: Denim Fabric Baskets Tutorial...

They are just so quick and easy to make. Here's the how to, so you can make your own denim fabric baskets using pre-loved jeans. Materials: Choose a section of the leg of the jeans where the top and bottom of your cut piece are the same width. If your jeans are shaped and you cannot get a piece that is the same width top and bottom, you will need to unpick one seam and cut the fabric.

The instructions are for jeans that can be used without the need to unpick the seams. Back Pocket Organizer. If your husband is anything like mine, he can go through jeans pretty quickly…basically, I have a lot of extra denim sitting around :).

Back Pocket Organizer

I’m saving most of the denim for another project but I’ve been stock piling his back pockets for quite a while now. When a friend gave me some of her old jeans, I had the perfect amount to make a back pocket organizer. To make your own back pocket organizer, you’ll need: Back pockets…as many or as few as you want your organizer to have. Sisters of the Wild West: Denim Pocket Organizer. I just love projects where I can turn random stuff I have on hand into something useful.

Sisters of the Wild West: Denim Pocket Organizer

I always save my denim. There are always a ton of projects you can do with it. 2. An Upcycling Project for Denim Pockets. My husband wears jeans every day for work, and he goes through them at an alarming rate.

An Upcycling Project for Denim Pockets

Several years ago I started saving the pockets for future upcycling into fabric art. Now I have a stack of pockets waiting in search of a project. One day a couple of months ago one of my coworkers, Mary Walter, came to our office's weekly show-and-tell session with what she called a Patched Pocket Panel. I took one look and knew this was a project that would serve several of my creative needs: I could incorporate some of the pockets, use up some of my random fat quarters, and solve a storage problem in the mudroom all at the same time. Recycling the crafty way! Hazel_tree: Shopping bags and a bra washbag made from recycled jeans and curtains: These were all made as presents for Christmas and nearby birthdays.

A Jean In My Bag. Creating my way to Success: Funky Pencil Cases from Jeans - an upcycle tutorial. Plus another yellow pair that missed the photo, but my younger daughter remembered from the bags and found for me after I'd started! Pencil cases sprung to mind as something that would work well with these. I wanted to try and make use of the various parts of the jeans - here's what I came up with. It's a basic lined pencil case design, with a pocket on the front. (useful for secret notes perhaps!) You can add your own embellishments to the front of to personalise as you choose. Here's how to make one of your own. Reusable baby wipes from recycled t-shirts. Potholder from an old T-shirt - Recyclart. Unique and budget-friendly. I invented a fun way to recycle old T-Shirt, making it useful items for your home. It ‘s very simple: just cut a T-Shirt in a circular fashion, forming a ribbon about 2 cm wide.

Then I used clew got to knit a potholder to take pot boiling without risk, or keep next to barbecue. Not having the knitting needles you can use two ballpoint pens but, being very short, final size will be smaller. If you have knitting needles, however, you can create a larger object, to be used, for example, as a dinner placemat, or anything your mind suggests. If T-Shirt is multicolor, you’ll have a more varied and unpredictable result. Filet a provision.

Green…can mean more than one thing. There is green the color. And green, as in environmentally friendly. Fabriquer des pantoufles avec des briques de lait et un vieux jean - DIY. DiaryofaCreativeFanatic. Inspirational images | Pinterest One of the easiest ways to recycle denim is to make a bag. Consider carefully the end product, how you wish the finished bag to look, whether you desire a very casual bohemian look or a more finished chic bag. Patchwork, embellishment and destroyed surfaces appeal to a variety of tastes by giving the denim fabric a distinct surface to work with. You can recreate the denim fabric by bleaching, painting, embellishing with rhinestones, embroidery, studding or any other type of treatment you see that inspires you.

Read further for different ways to give your denim personality, whether you want to knit or crochet strips, weave strips or simply sew pieces together. Бижу on Pinterest. Un pompon avec un t shirt. Learn how to turn old t-shirts into pom poms! T-shirt Pom Poms are so much more durable than tissue paper ones.

And I think they look loads better! Got an old tee or two {or 20!} DIY avec des vieux tee-shirts. Les tee-shirts de cet été sont un peu passés ? Pas de soucis, après les pulls, des idées de recyclage sympas à découvrir ici et là. Alors 18 tutos pour recycler ses vieux tee-shirts en écharpe, bracelets, jupes, sacs, paniers, bavoirs ou jouets pour chien ! Sb-random-51. Cómo hacer un organizador reciclando viejos jeans. Haz un organizador para ti o para tus niños reciclando jeans viejos Qué bien que estás de vuelta a, donde siempre te tenemos las más lindas y divertidas manualidades paso a paso para hacer en casa o con las amistades. Knotted jersey headband tutorial. Hey there LOVE STITCHED PEEPS!!

It’s LESLIE from LITTLE MOOKIE back again with another fun tutorial, and while i’m a sewing contributor here, sometimes the best sewing tutes are the ones that involve ZERO SEWING! Am i right? (tell me i’m right, mkay?) I’ve always wanted to learn how to tie celtic-ish style knots and this one was super cute so i started searching around for a tutorial and found this one. she used long crochet chains but i don’t crochet. so i figured, why not UPCYCLE something? One of my best friends lost 55lbs last year and she gave me all of her clothes (yay for free fabric, eh?!) What you’ll need:old tshirts – any color, combo (could also use fabric, rope, yarn, etc.)cutting mat & rotary cutter (plain ‘ol scissors would work just fine too)glue gun & gluemusic (i always work better when i can sing while i work) :) start by cutting your shirt just under the arms(you could also start at the bottom – cutting off the band and starting there) ready to go!

DIY Fringe Scarf. Everyone needs a go-to fringe scarf in their fashion repertoire. Here’s an easy way to make your own. What You Will Need: -Old T-Shirt -Good Scissors Step 1: Go through your old T-shirts and find a daring print or color combo. For a cleaner look, choose a solid. Step 2: Cut horizontally across the shirt, just below the armholes, to create a rectangular tube.

Step 3: Working your way around the tube, make a series of vertical cuts that extend from the raw edge upward. Step 4: Tug down on each strand to elongate it. Jeans : Tous les messages sur jeans - Page 2. Korgar av jeans / Baskets from jeans. Ni som följer oss vet att vi älskar att återanvända saker vi har hemma. Ofta ligger det en hög med grejer och väntar på att blir omgjorda. Högen med trasiga jeans har på sista tiden vuxit oroväckande och det dags att göra något åt den. Ni behöver utslitna jeans, tråd och nål. 1. Börja med att klippa av en bit av benet, vi har använt ca 20 cm. TUTO : torchon crocheté en lavette, 1ère ! - Creativ-idees, le blog de Casse-bonbec.

3 octobre 2010 7 03 /10 /octobre /2010 02:43 Je vous ai montré, ICI et LA, mes torchons transformés en lavettes pour lavabo et ça a l'air d'en intéresser plus d'une. TUTO : torchon crocheté en lavette, suite et fin. - Creativ-idees, le blog de Casse-bonbec. Mi。毛衣改造包包。…_来自mi的图片分享. 堆糖网. Recycle Tutorial – Making Of T-Shirt Yarn. Another tutorial to help save our Mother Earth by turning unwanted items into something useful. This is the yarn ball I made out of an old T-shirt which I have been wearing for 10 years day-in day-out, wash-in wash-out. It finally broke down and tore at the collar and sleeves. Waste not, want not, I decided to recycle it. I have finished making the drawstring bag as shown above. Free Pattern – Crochet Drawstring Bag.

Woven Finger-Knitting Hula-Hoop Rug DIY. Scrap-busting Fabric Bowl.