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k1p1 invisible bind-off tutorial. This being my first real adventure in toe-up socks, i was a loss as to what bind off to use. sensational knitted socks didn’t have a recommended bind-off (did it?)

k1p1 invisible bind-off tutorial

…and i’ve read enough blogs to know that i needed something stretchy. a quick google search didn’t turn up much, although i did rediscover laurie b’s toes and heels webpage (it’s a fantastic collection of links for different toe and heel techniques…thanks!). Since you end at the cuff when you knit toe-up, the bind-off must be loose and elastic. it would be a tragedy to have (unintentionally) slouchy socks after all the time you put into it. i found a k1p1 invisible bind-off that i thought might work for me described in the twisted sister’s sock workbook. the wording was a little confusing, but i plowed on…and thought to put what i learned up on the ol’ blog to share with you. it may seem like a lot of work, but i think this bind-off is espcially pretty and very elastic. i hope you enjoy it as much as i do!

Last step!! Interweave. It’s pretty amazing how information you need finds you.


I’ve been having hand and forearm pain for a couple of weeks now. I’m wearing my hand brace at night, taking ibuprofen, and icing it, but it still hurts! Stretchy Knitted Icelandic Bind Off. For most projects, doing a basic bind off is fine, but some projects require a special bind off.

Stretchy Knitted Icelandic Bind Off

I will never forget a scarf I made many years ago where I did a basic bind off. To my horror, after the thing was off my needles, I realized that the bind off side had curved. It also had no give whatsoever and the bind off really ruined the finished piece. How to Graft Stitches Head to Side - dummies. Grafting head to side makes a smooth, weightless seam.

How to Graft Stitches Head to Side - dummies

You graft the heads of stitches on one piece to the sides of stitches on the other piece. Grafting head to side is great for joining a sleeve top to a sweater body on a dropped shoulder sweater, which has no shaped armhole or sleeve cap. 1With a tapestry needle and yarn, come up through the first head stitch on the right or left end of your work. You can work from right to left, or left to right. 2Go around the running thread between the first 2 side stitches. This step really starts your graft. 3Go back down into the same head stitch you came out of and up through the next head stitch. Go up through the stitch to the right if you’re traveling in that direction or to the left if you’re going that way.

LYLYS: The Black Purl - Interweave. Marauding yarn lovers have a new local yarn shop to pillage in Rochester, New York: The Black Purl, captained by Alyssa Cabrera, celebrated its grand opening in April 2017.

LYLYS: The Black Purl - Interweave

(Sorry, I just couldn’t resist the pirate jokes!) Located in Rochester’s trendy Neighborhood of the Arts, this fledgling store can be found in Village Gate, a converted factory complex where you can also explore shops selling everything from vintage wedding gowns and custom wigs to cupcakes and tarot cards. Though it’s only been open a couple of weeks, I’m already smitten with the store. 6 Ways of Joining in the Round~ No more loose sloppy joins!

If you always have to neaten your joins then this tutorial is for you.

6 Ways of Joining in the Round~ No more loose sloppy joins!

The Black Purl – Opening April 12th, 2017 in the Village Gate Mall. 7 Little-Known Cast-on Methods That Will Blow Your Mind - Knitting for Charity. How to Make a Viking Knit Bracelet Tutorial. Knitting Tutorial: Basics of two-color Brioche. An Education in Lace Grafting: Practice Swatch 1 - Interweave. Before you can dig into the lace grafting in this series, you’ll need to know how to create certain types of stitches using a tapestry needle and a strand of yarn.

An Education in Lace Grafting: Practice Swatch 1 - Interweave

And the best way to learn is to practice on a swatch that’s been worked in stockinette stitch so that you can focus on creating stitches, rather than also having to worry about aligning the grafted stitches with a lace pattern. Because the stitches will remain on the waste yarn when they’re grafted, you can undo the stitches and redo them as many times as necessary. Brioche Knitting Demystified with Expert Knitting Instructions. Brioche Stitch Cardigan by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark The world of knitting never ceases to amaze me with its wealth of options—the yarn choices, needle choices, stitch pattern choices, and design choices are endless!

Brioche Knitting Demystified with Expert Knitting Instructions

One of those options includes brioche knitting. This versatile stitch is both beautiful and useful. Talks for the fiber arts lover. Cable Knitting : Keeping Track of Rows in Your Cable Knits - Interweave. Kelli Kemery’s Thinleaf Jacket (Knitscene, Winter 2014) is simply spectacular.

Cable Knitting : Keeping Track of Rows in Your Cable Knits - Interweave

It’s a classic cardigan updated with a high neck, offset seed-stitch button band, and beautiful cable knitting on the back. And the button band is knit at the same time as the rest of the sweater—no picking up tons of stitches! Thinleaf Jacket. Cable Knitting : Keeping Track of Rows in Your Cable Knits - Interweave. Dingo dyeworks hand dyers of luxury yarns. australian – Dingo Dyeworks. Hypnotic Yarn. Fancy Edges With Stitches You Already Know - Creative Knitting Updates - March 30, 2017 - Vol. 14 No. 4. Pinstriping: vertical columns of color, added after the knitting is finished. Lots of photos and illustrations plus a video--Pinstriping on knitting--what is it?

Pinstriping: vertical columns of color, added after the knitting is finished.

Click any picture to enlarge Pinstriping is vertical Fake Latvian Braid. Like Fake Latvian Braid, pinstriping is added via a crochet hook and the slip-stitch, after the knitting is done. Finishing: Picking Up Stitches" Pick up stitches using a knitting needle or crochet hook and yarn. For a neater edge, use needles or a hook one or two sizes smaller than the working needle. After the pickup is finished, change to the needle size indicated in the instructions. The right side of the work is facing, unless instructed otherwise. If the number of stitches to pick up aren't included in the instructions, measure the area of pickup, and multiply that number by the stitch gauge of the border pattern to be applied.

How to Knit a Perfect Edge – Finishing Free Technique – The Gift Of Knitting. Today I would love to share with you a technique that I learned several years ago that is absolutely essential for cardigans if you want to avoid knitting the bands and finishing the raw edges. It also comes in handy for scarves or any items with open raw edges. Technique Thursday - Avoiding ears when casting on and off — Ysolda. 10 Ways to Style an Asymmetrical Shawl - Interweave. We will be highlighting “10 Ways to Style an Asymmetrical Shawl” in the Summer 2017 issue of Love of Crochet magazine, but we couldn’t wait to share these styling tips using the Maritime Stripes Shawl by Stefanie Bold. You will have to wait for the issue’s digital release on April 13, 2017 to get the full scope of this project, but we hope you can apply these styling tips to that shawl you never have a chance to wear.

Shawl season never ends – right? When styling the shawl on a dress form, we came up with twenty-four different looks. Here are our top favorite styles. The 10 types of knitters. Guest post Published on March 1st, 2017 | by Natalie Do you love a bit of organisation? Or is creative chaos more your thing? Everyone has their own knitting style and we think you should embrace it! Here are our ten types of knitters: The beginner – You’ve got more holes in your first project than swiss cheese, but everyone had to start somewhere, so call it lacework and wear it with pride! 10 Ways to Style an Asymmetrical Shawl - Interweave. The 10 types of knitters. Neater intarsia. Despite being a devotee of intarsia knitting, for a long time I wasn't happy with the look of my stitches close to color changes, especially around vertical lines.

Lucky Violet Color Co Hand Painted Microbrew Yarn. Can We Quote You? Knit The Sky Giveaway! By Devin Redmond | It's so fun to hear your lovely reactions to our Knit The Sky yarn kits, free patterns, and the new book. The comments have been rolling in. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! Lisa's List: 8 Ways To Knit And Why You’d Want To - Interweave. Recently, I was sitting in a meeting with a bunch of editors, and Hannah Baker was to my right.

As happens in many meetings at Interweave HQ, she was knitting. Now Hannah has a really interesting way of holding her yarn; she is a right-hand thrower and she wraps the working yarn several times around the base of her index finger, tensioning the yarn as she works. Her knitting is lovely—she designed and made the Harvey Pullover for the cover of Interweave Knits Fall, in fact. LoopsLove on-trend projects for luxury yarn lovers. Cloudy with a Chance of Bling — LoopsClub. On Assignment: Selbu, Norway in Photos - Geotraveler's Niche. In September, I was sent on assignment for Korean Air’s Morning Calm magazine. My job was to hop across the border into Norway and photograph the story behind the iconic Norwegian knitting symbol called the Selbu Rose. I thoroughly enjoyed this particular assignment because I love exploring culture through lifestyle and tradition. Absolutely love documenting people who create and build and design with their hands.

From farmers, fishermen, and chefs driving farm/sea to table movements to artists such as mosaic artist Luca Barberini preserving tradition while reinventing historic mediums and making them relevant again. Considering Selbu itself is a tiny village in the middle of Norway close to Trondheim, this wasn’t a place one just flew into and tried to get the photos one needed on assignment. And she personally guided me around Selbu including airport pickup and drop off. The rose pattern itself courses through the veins of village. Uhmmm. Related. Earthfaire. Nelkin Designs Blog: The Beadle Needle: A Video Review and Tutorial! HRH The Prince of Wales: Why we should buy wool this winter   Watch Trespassing Bergman Online.

25 Knitting Tips That Will Instantly Make You a Better Knitter. Rain Mountain Crafts. An Interview with Liz Valentine from gnarledpaw Yarns - knotions. Can Learning to Knit Help Learning to Code? QI: how knitting was used as code in WW2? Jane Thornley. Knitting Time Calculator. 5 Knitting Hacks that Will Save You Money. There are so many gadgets and notions to aid in our knitting and, trust us, we want them all but they can get expensive!