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Small Things, Knit with Love: Barn Bag (free pattern) I know, I know....I'm supposed to be knitting baby things this week, right?

Small Things, Knit with Love: Barn Bag (free pattern)

However, every time we go out to the stable to visit our horses, I give each of my kids a baggie with carrots and/or peppermints to feed the horses as treats. After returning from the stable today, I thought how nice it would be to have a small knit pouch to tote the horses’ treats around. Something with a handle that could be worn over the wrist/slid up to the elbow, so both hands would be free for petting. Knit Hexagons. I have this thing where I don't buy knitting or crocheting patterns.

Knit Hexagons

I don't understand why I should pay for one when there are so many amazing patterns for free on the internet. I get really irritated when I find an adorable picture, click on it, and find out they want me to pay $5 for it on Etsy or Ravelry. Round or Pinwheel Baby Blanket. Organization: Alexa Crawls Starting in 1996, Alexa Internet has been donating their crawl data to the Internet Archive.

Round or Pinwheel Baby Blanket

Flowing in every day, these data are added to the Wayback Machine after an embargo period. this data is currently not publicly accessible. Easy Sweater Knitting Patterns. Ewe Ewe Seabreeze Scarf/Shawl Knitting Pattern PDF #437. Knit Tea Cozy » Craft Leftovers. I just bought a tea set from Target with some of my Christmas Money.

Knit Tea Cozy » Craft Leftovers

It is a little one person set with a little red kettle, a mini tea pot, and a tea cup that fits underneath it. So cute. The tea pot does a good job of keeping my tea warm for a long time, but I am an exceptionally slow tea drinker so I thought it might need a little sweater. Especially because I keep the apartment pretty cold after I received my last electric bill. This also fits onto a standard mug size and will help keep it cozy too. Download the pattern here (pdf). Techniques used: knit purl color changes working two colors at the same time. Mini Octopus Hat Knitting Pattern - Little Red Window. Knit your little one this fun mini octopus hat with my free knitting pattern!

Mini Octopus Hat Knitting Pattern - Little Red Window

Did you guys see recently in the news that scientists caught a cute little purple octopus on film and people on the internet were going crazy for it? Well, I’ve had an octopus hat on my list for a while but when I was looking at my yarn stash, I thought of that adorable little guy and grabbed some purple yarns. But you could totally make your octopus shades of blue or pink or orange. It’ll be cute in any color! And of course, the most fun part is the curly tentacles. New Knitting Patterns - Polygon Blanket Knit Pattern. Making a blanket like bees - Crochet yarn. Hello how are you !!

Making a blanket like bees - Crochet yarn

Today I am sharing a very creative job. This whole blanket made of crochet hexagons. Can be used with a wide variety of colors. Follow the step by step and make yours too !! Knitting Chart Symbols. Knit Essential Stripes Blanket + Tutorial – The Knit Crowd. Knit Essential Stripes Blanket The Knit Essential Stripes Blanket is a simplistic blanket of just the garter stitch back and forth.

Knit Essential Stripes Blanket + Tutorial – The Knit Crowd

If you are new to knitting, this is a great starter project if you want to go beyond dishcloths. There are 5 panels that make up this blanket. Together, they are sewn together to form the entire blanket. Yarn Factory Outlet. Bernat Handicrafter Holidays - $1.00 per ball Bernat Handicrafter Holidays is a worsted weight cotton yarn in festive shades that’s ideal for holiday home décor and craft projects.

Yarn Factory Outlet

Content – Twists and Ombres: 100% cotton Content – Sparkle: 98% cotton, 2% silver metallic thread Ball Size - All: 80g / 2.8 oz, 126 m / 138 yards Gauge: 4 - Worsted Red Sparkle$1.00. OVERSIZED SWEATER KNITTING PATTERN. Lace. Cast on multiple of 10 + 1 stitches.


Add 2 more selvage stitches if you want to make a nice-looking edge. Repeat rows 1-24 till necessary for completing your project. You can also work according to the chart below. Pattern repeat is shown between lines A and A. Note: the chart depicts stitches in right side rows from right to left (that is, your first stitch in right side row will be the first stitch on the right of the chart) and stitches in wrong side row from left to right (that is, your first stitch in wrong side row will be the first stitch on the left of the chart).

Charm Hour: Knit Hexagons. Lace. See the BBC's Vintage Instructions for Knitting the Perfect 'Doctor Who' Scarf. 7Share4 Every incarnation of the titular character on the BBC’s long-running Doctor Who has had their own fashion sense, from bow ties to leather jackets to the occasional fez.

See the BBC's Vintage Instructions for Knitting the Perfect 'Doctor Who' Scarf

No accessory has been more memorable, however, than the seemingly endless scarf sported by fourth doctor Tom Baker from 1974 to 1981. Naturally, kids wanted one of their own—and apparently wrote in to the network with enough regularity that the BBC decided to strike up a standard memo in order to have something to send them. How to Knit an Easy Crescent Shaped Shawl (FREE pattern) How to Knit a Braid Cable - dummies. Sand Dunes Baby Knit blanket – Free Pattern. I knit this blanket from Katiy DeGrade yarn. Needles #6 (4 mm). Cast on 175 st. 1 selvedge st always slip, the last selvedge st always purl. Cowboy Cowl Knit Pattern - #A807105. Free Knitting Pattern...Bubblegum Cowl! Enchanting Forest Baby Blanket. There are currently no images from other crafters. close Terms & Conditions You must enter into this Agreement if you want to submit digital images or other content to Prime Publishing through Sharing Customer Images (the "Service").

As used in this Agreement, "we" or "Prime Publishing" means Prime Publishing, LLC. and "you" means the individual or entity submitting materials to Prime Publishing. Knittery Witchery — Hey, all! So, last Thursday, I finished my first... Izzy dolls comfort refugee children. The Canadian military is hoping to recruit volunteers with a specific skill set: knitting. That’s right. It wants you to help knit the national gift of peace, the Izzy Doll. For the past two decades, Canadian soldiers and health care workers have given out more than 1.3 million of the tiny toys to children in worn-torn countries and regions affected by natural disaster.

Recently, the RCMP took 800 Izzy Dolls with them to Haiti. Local organizer Shirley O’Connell says the dolls help to put a smile on children’s faces during difficult times, so she’s appealing to the public to help get the these dolls into the hands of the thousands of Syrian refugee children expected to resettle in Canada by the end of the year. The dolls, which cannot be bought or sold for profit, were inspired by and named after Master Cpl. Isfeld was killed in Croatia in 1994 while removing landmines, and his mother has since died.

While in Kabul, Afghanistan, combat engineer Cpl. Giant Arm Knit Bunny by Anne Weil. Learn how to knit giant bunnies using your arms! This stunning, oversized bunny is the perfect example of what happens when arm knitting takes on traditional knitting full force–an explosion of scale and drama that everyone can love. All About the Blankie « The Heathen Housewife. Gift Card-igans - Simply Notable. Summit shawl: Knitty Spring+Summer 2010. Knitting Stitch Patterns. Vintage-Style Baby Bonnet (Free Pattern) Charm Hour: Knit Hexagons. Caffeine, kids, and that order.: Gnome Home. Walking On Dinosaurs. Knit a Perpetual Pumpkin - Simply Notable. Knitting Chart Create! Chart Minder. Knitting Increases. An increase is simply adding a stitch to the knitting. Consider all of the ways you could create a new loop of yarn on the needle.

Each way is likely to have been named and used by someone. If I could use only three methods (and I pretty much do only use these three), they would be M1L, M1R, and Yarn Over (YO). The first two are the most discreet and invisible, and match each other symmetrically for the fussy among us. YO is, by contrast, intentionally visible: it creates a decorative hole in the knitting, which is used a lot in lace. The sampler below contains both increases and decreases. Make One Away This doesn't match the right side absolutely perfectly, but it is just fine for beginners. Silver's Sock Class. The Right Way To Wash Sweaters (Because You're Doing It Wrong) North Star Knits. Fall 2006. How to Finish Knitted Garments - Article by Lizzard Crafts: Finn the Human. Finn the Human. Free Knitting Patterns - Geode.

Free Knitting Patterns - A to Z. Raglanify - knit raglan sweater generator for iPhone, iPad and Android. Free Knitting Pattern - Paper-Chain. Easy Halloween Crochet Trio. Free Pattern: Tiny Baby Bunnies. Deadpool Rag Doll – Pattern. Purple Passion Mittens. Small and clever - hat, mittens and booties.