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Enchanting Forest Baby Blanket. There are currently no images from other crafters. close Terms & Conditions You must enter into this Agreement if you want to submit digital images or other content to Prime Publishing through Sharing Customer Images (the "Service").

Enchanting Forest Baby Blanket

As used in this Agreement, "we" or "Prime Publishing" means Prime Publishing, LLC. and "you" means the individual or entity submitting materials to Prime Publishing. Knittery Witchery — Hey, all! So, last Thursday, I finished my first... Izzy dolls comfort refugee children. The Canadian military is hoping to recruit volunteers with a specific skill set: knitting.

Izzy dolls comfort refugee children

That’s right. It wants you to help knit the national gift of peace, the Izzy Doll. Giant Arm Knit Bunny by Anne Weil. Learn how to knit giant bunnies using your arms!

Giant Arm Knit Bunny by Anne Weil

This stunning, oversized bunny is the perfect example of what happens when arm knitting takes on traditional knitting full force–an explosion of scale and drama that everyone can love. All About the Blankie « The Heathen Housewife. Here’s a quick list of links to my blog posts which include the tutorial for my famous mitered-square sock yarn blankie.

All About the Blankie « The Heathen Housewife

Getting Started – how to knit your first square. Joining the first row of squares together. Gift Card-igans - Simply Notable. Summit shawl: Knitty Spring+Summer 2010. The shawl shown consists of 15 columns of waves.

Summit shawl: Knitty Spring+Summer 2010

The shawl can easily be adapted to be wider or narrower by working more or fewer columns of waves. Important: Use Backward Loop Cast On throughout pattern. Establish First Three Columns: CO 6 sts. Row 1 [WS]: P6. Row 2 [RS]: Yo, k2, S2KP, kfb. Establish Additional Columns: Row 18 [RS]: K11, CO 6 sts. Establish Last Column: Row 24 [RS]: K11, CO 7 sts. RIGHT CURVE SECTION Row 1 [WS]: P6, yo, p5. Knitting Stitch Patterns. Vintage-Style Baby Bonnet (Free Pattern) Charm Hour: Knit Hexagons. It started with The Lord of the Rings -- specifically, all of the tree motifs on Gondorian armor and clothing.

I wanted a sweater with a tree on it. Caffeine, kids, and that order.: Gnome Home. Several people on Ravelry have asked me to concoct a pattern for the Gnome Home I made for our niece Jess for Christmas.

Caffeine, kids, and that order.: Gnome Home

I totally improvised it at the time, so I don't remember exactly how I did it, but I have devised a set of sketchy instructions so you can make one of your own. Walking On Dinosaurs. Knit a Perpetual Pumpkin - Simply Notable. Knitting Chart Create! Chart Minder. Knitting Increases. An increase is simply adding a stitch to the knitting.

Knitting Increases

Consider all of the ways you could create a new loop of yarn on the needle. Each way is likely to have been named and used by someone. If I could use only three methods (and I pretty much do only use these three), they would be M1L, M1R, and Yarn Over (YO). The first two are the most discreet and invisible, and match each other symmetrically for the fussy among us. Silver's Sock Class. These patterns are sized for the average adult foot, male or female, and will fit a very wide range of feet.

Silver's Sock Class

Later in the patterns, you will be instructed to measure the length of the intended foot. The Right Way To Wash Sweaters (Because You're Doing It Wrong) Spending too much time and money on taking your sweaters to the dry cleaners?

The Right Way To Wash Sweaters (Because You're Doing It Wrong)

Save money with these simple tips that help you to wash your sweaters correctly at home. This can work for everything from wool, cotton, and cashmere. Using a mild detergent and tepid water to do the gentle washing then dry by rolling the sweater into a towel and then letting it air dry after you’ve flattened it out to its original shape. North Star Knits. Fall 2006. How to Finish Knitted Garments - Article by Lizzard Crafts: Finn the Human. Finn the Human Materials: Size 3 (3.25 mm) straight knitting needles Size 5 (3.75 mm) double pointed needles Yarn: One skein each of Vanna’s Choice yarn in White, Rose, Aqua, Colonial Blue, Beige, Fern, Black, and Olive.

About a yard of purple yarn in worsted weight. Tapestry Needle 2 medium sized eyes. Free Knitting Patterns - Geode. A knitted geode, filled with the sparkliest, shiniest beads available. A printable version of this pattern is available. You will need: double knit in greys and gem-colours seed beads thin gem coloured yarn/thread* 4 x double ended knitting needles (3mm) tapestry needle bead needle scissors * The yarn/thread should be thin enough that the seed beads can be threaded onto it, but thick enough and strong enough to knit easily. I use either 4-ply yarn and 4mm seed beads or cotton thread and 2mm beads.

Pattern: Free Knitting Patterns - A to Z. Raglanify - knit raglan sweater generator for iPhone, iPad and Android. Free Knitting Pattern - Paper-Chain. Knitted paper-chains are good for using up the littlest bits of leftover yarn. Unlike their traditional paper counterparts they can be packed away at the end of the party, or worn as a festive scarf. Best of all, they couldn't be easier to knit! A printable version of this pattern is available. You will need: yarn leftovers (double knit) knitting needles (3mm) tapestry needle scissors Pattern (for each link): Cast on 30. Easy Halloween Crochet Trio. Free Pattern: Tiny Baby Bunnies. Deadpool Rag Doll – Pattern. *This pattern is untested! Purple Passion Mittens. [ Close Privacy Policy ] Privacy Policy / Your California Privacy Rights Revised and posted as of March 4, 2013 Prime Publishing, LLC ("Company," "we" or "us") reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy at any time simply by posting such revision, so we encourage you to review it periodically.

Small and clever - hat, mittens and booties. We´re pretty pleased with this kit.