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Facebook to Foursquare: You're out. Big Deal: Facebook Emerges As Major Player In Mobile And Location-Based Services. The world of location-based services changed dramatically today.

Big Deal: Facebook Emerges As Major Player In Mobile And Location-Based Services

And the changes that Facebook announced place the company firmly in the center of that very dynamic universe and ecosystem. Toward the end of becoming a “platform” for mobile, Facebook made several significant announcements aimed at developers. There were also announcements aimed at consumers and marketers, “Deals” being the big one. Great interview: candid, disruptive Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook parviendra-t-il à relier monde réel et monde social ? Même si vous êtes partis en congé à l’autre bout de la terre, vous devez normalement être au courant du lancement de Facebook Places, leur service de géolocalisation sociale.

Facebook parviendra-t-il à relier monde réel et monde social ?

J’imagine que vous avez déjà dû lire tout ce qu’il y a à savoir sur le service aussi je me contenterais d’un bref récapitulatif :

Problème de privacy avec facebok place

Foursquare’s Crowley: The Giants Are “Generic,” We Are Fun. I Wonder Who He’s Referring To… Foursquare may have a tenuous partnership with Facebook Places— but don’t let the Kumbaya presentation fool you, these frenemies are gunning for the ultimate mayorship and Dennis Crowley is feeling very confident.

Foursquare’s Crowley: The Giants Are “Generic,” We Are Fun. I Wonder Who He’s Referring To…

On Friday’s taping of Gillmor Gang with former TechCrunchIT Editor Steve Gillmor, Kevin Marks and John Taschek, Crowley discussed the opportunity for places, outlined his plan for the next iteration of Foursquare and knocked Google for its social awkwardness. While his disgust with Google’s mismanagement of the ill-fated Dodgeball is well documented, in his explanation you don’t need to read between the lines to understand he’s also talking about Facebook and how he plans to beat Goliath. “It’s difficult to build services that are supposed to scale to you know 30, 50, 100 million users right off the bat, because they got to be kind of tailored down, by definition they have to be a little bit generic to speak to that large of an audience. Facebook places for business. Facebook Steals Foursquare’s Location Crown. Is Facebook Foursquare's Enemy? It's Complicated. At this point, pretty much every tech industry insider knows that Facebook is going to jump into the geolocation game.

Is Facebook Foursquare's Enemy? It's Complicated

First rumored to be launching at Facebook's F8 conference back in April, the exact date of Facebook's location launch has been up in the air. Yet another report, this time from CNET, pegs the release of Facebook's geolocation product to be "within weeks. " The difference between this report and previous reports though is the that it has some specifics about what the product will look like. From the CNET piece: "It's going to take the form of an application programming interface (API) for third-party companies on the Facebook developer platform, integrating existing "check-in" start-ups more deeply into the massive social-networking service and in turn permitting location-aware data to become a part of existing platform applications.

" 1. Facebook Places: What's Foursquare's Next Move? [INTERVIEW] With the launch of Facebook Places, many are questioning the survival of the location services who pioneered the place checkin.

Facebook Places: What's Foursquare's Next Move? [INTERVIEW]

As the head of the startup class, Foursquare is taking a majority of the punches. Headlines like "Facebook Places Will Crush Foursquare" from PC Magazine have not been uncommon sightings. Even our own Pete Cashmore opined that Facebook has stolen Foursquare's location crown in his CNN column. The nearly 30 people that work for Foursquare would beg to differ.

In fact, in a candid interview with Mashable, CEO and Co-Founder Dennis Crowley outlined part of the company's roadmap for the coming weeks and months. In fact, Crowley sounded more committed than ever to his vision — a vision that extends far beyond checkins to create even more "moments of magic and delight for users. " How Foursquare Feels About Facebook Places. Conventional wisdom dictates that when an industry Goliath repackages and rolls out your core product, your business is in a bit of trouble.

How Foursquare Feels About Facebook Places

For many location-based startups, including Foursquare, users and tech industry analysts are concerned about their chances of survival in a post-Facebook Places market. They and their investors have put a lot of time and money into chasing the hottest trend of 2010, and it's anyone's guess as to what Facebook's entry into this field will bring. With 500 million users, a truly global reach and access to almost every major advertiser, Facebook has for some time been the ultimate social platform on which to launch new features. We've wondered whether a Facebook location feature launch would slowly strangle the startups now operating in the same space, simply by virtue of its almost bottomless resources, from engineering to capital to beta testers.

Facebook Places Goes Live On The iPhone. Check-In While It’s Hot (If You Can) At Facebook’s Places event earlier tonight, they noted that their iPhone app would be updated tonight with the new check-in functionality.

Facebook Places Goes Live On The iPhone. Check-In While It’s Hot (If You Can)

Sure enough, here it is. Though the App Store update alert hasn’t kicked in yet, if you go to the actual page and redownload it, it should be the latest version (version 3.2). As you can see, the new Places area is front and center in the app. Clicking on it brings up a list of your friends who have recently checked in to various places. Clicking on those friends shows more details about the place they are at. Friend check-ins are sorted by those friends who are nearby and those who are elsewhere.

One thing that’s oddly tricky is actually checking-in yourself. Still, on the version of the site the functionality is working and seems much more obvious. Spotted: Facebook’s Check-In Functionality And New “Places” Tab. Code doesn’t lie. Over the past several weeks, there’s been a lot of speculation about Facebook’s location functionality. At least part of that speculation can end now. We now know what Facebook is planning to launch with regard to location shortly, because it’s right there in their code.

Specifically, it’s right there in the JavaScript on the version of the site. This is the mobile version of Facebook that is optimized for phones with touchscreens like the iPhone and Android phones. Médias sociaux > Facebook Places, sonne-t-il le glas pour FourSquare et ses concurrents ?