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Facebook Paper Has Forever Changed the Way We Build Mobile Apps. Inside Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, California, Mike Matas demonstrates a prototype of the “tilt-to-explore” photo viewer offered by the new Facebook Paper app.

Facebook Paper Has Forever Changed the Way We Build Mobile Apps

Photo: Ariel Zambelich/WIRED The office belongs to Cox, and it often hosts meetings like this one, where Matas was about to reveal something he’d hacked together earlier that morning, after the idea came to him the night before. As the others watched, Matas tapped on his iPhone and opened a digital photo of Niagara Falls. The phone zoomed in on the heart of the image, showing the glistening falls in sharp detail, and then, simply by tilting the phone back and forth, he could explore other parts of this high-res photo, panning across the image as if he was moving through a virtual world or a 3D game. It was the birth of the “tilt-to-explore” photo viewer now offered by Facebook Paper, the new iPhone news reading app that is, in many ways, redefining the art of mobile software.

‘Everyone’s jaws just dropped. . — Scott Goodson.

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Inside facebook. Facebook international. Facebook products. Facebook aquisitions. Facebook mobile. Facebook IPO. Facebook et les médias. Site Governance : Politique de respect de la vie privée de Faceb. Does the 1st Amendment cover clicking 'like' on Facebook? Before you click that "like" button in Facebook, you should know that a judge in federal court asserted that this is not protected under the 1st Amendment.

Does the 1st Amendment cover clicking 'like' on Facebook?

In what boils down to a wrongful termination case (Bland vs. Roberts) brought before the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, four former employees of a sheriff up for reelection claimed that they were fired after, among other things, he discovered that they "liked" his opponent's campaign page on Facebook. "According to the Plaintiffs, after learning of their support of their opponent, the Sheriff called a meeting in which he informed his employees that they should get on the 'long train' with him rather than riding the 'short train' with his opponent," according to court documents.

Judge Raymond A. Microsoft and Facebook to Announce $550 Million Patent Deal - Ina Fried - Mobile. Publications Why Facebook Will Charge Users 11/22. Our standard in journalism school was The New York Times.

Publications Why Facebook Will Charge Users 11/22

Articles and long-time columnists at The Times were put on a pedestal that only the very best and brightest of my classes could even dream of reaching. For those on the print track, you wanted a byline in The Times and for those on the public relations track -- like me -- you wanted to be quoted about your client in The Times. I purposely avoided the documentary "Page One" about The Times. I didn't want to consider the notion that such an institution was potentially on the precipice of collapse. When the documentary was added to Netflix streaming, I added it to my queue. Facebook, une réussite technologique. Hier soir, Facebook a enfin déposé son dossier d'introduction en Bourse auprès du gendarme américain de la Bourse, la SEC.

Facebook, une réussite technologique

Depuis, il est épluché par tous les experts de la place, qui cherchent à déterminer si une société qui fait 3,7 milliards de dollars de chiffre d'affaires peut réellement en valoir 100 milliards. Mais ne regarder que la base d'utilisateurs (845 millions de membres actifs) et les recettes publicitaires revient à passer à côté d'un élément fondamental de la valeur de Facebook : son incroyable force technologique. C'est Patrice Lamothe, le fondateur de Pearltrees - et qui en tant que tel gère des interactions multiples d'une communauté d'internautes avec des objets Web - qui m'a expliqué le comment du pourquoi récemment.

Pourquoi ? "la masse gigantesque d'interactions en temps réel entre utilisateurs demande des algorithmes de traitement de donnée bien plus puissants que ceux des génération précédentes. " Social Media: LinkedIn vs. Facebook. Facebook : derniers chiffres et nouvelles données. Stats: Facebook Made $9.51 in Ad Revenue Per User Last Year In The U.S. and Canada. Even though Facebook’s IPO roadshow video was a mostly touchy-feely affair with videos of friends have coffee and babies blowing out candles, there were some new stats tucked away in it.

Stats: Facebook Made $9.51 in Ad Revenue Per User Last Year In The U.S. and Canada

For the first time, the company gave a look at how it monetizes on a per user basis in different parts the world. There was one chart of most interest. It shows that Facebook made about $9.51 in advertising revenue per user in the U.S. and Canada. Europe was about half that much with $4.86 in ad revenue per user. Asia and the rest of the world follow that at $1.79 and $1.42 per user. But these revenues are also affected by seasonal and macroeconomic trends. Plus, Asia and the rest of the world will be a challenge for awhile. There are six main factors that affect how much Facebook’s advertising revenues can grow over the next several years. Facebook is at 901 million monthly active users, so it’s running out of room to grow given the sheer limit of world Internet usage. What your Facebook friends list reveals about your love life. Facebook can isolate your spouse or partner based on your network of friends.

What your Facebook friends list reveals about your love life

In a fascinating paper to be published next year, Facebook social scientist Lars Backstrom and Cornell University professor Jon Kleinberg reveal just how much insight can be gleaned from the structure of a network, illustrating both the value of what the American security establishment reassures us is “just metadata” and revealing Facebook’s baroque privacy settings as the faith-based garments of the emperor’s new clothes. Here’s how it works: Backstrom and Kleinberg collected a random sample of some 1.3 million Facebook users who list a spouse or some sort of relationship partner on their profiles. That gave them a dataset with some 8.6 billion links containing 379 million nodes, or points where links overlap.