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Graph Search's Dirty Promise and the Con of the Facebook "Like" - steve's blog. Facebook testing new 'highlight' feature: pay to promote your posts. Facebook is testing a new feature called Highlight that allows users to pay a nominal fee to promote their posts, making them more prominent in others’ news feeds.

Facebook testing new 'highlight' feature: pay to promote your posts

Last year Facebook raked in $1.14 billion in revenue, about 85 percent of which is from ads, but this would be the first time the site attempts to monetize ordinary posts. In a converation with Stuff, Facebook spokeswoman Mia Garlick confirmed the tests: "We’re constantly testing new features across the site. This particular test is simply to gauge people’s interest in this method of sharing with their friends. " She also added that the company is testing the service at a number of price points, including free. The feature is similar to a new addition from Tumblr that lets users pay to promote their blog posts.

Thanks, Anonymous! Facebook users fr.png. Key Concepts. Facebook History of the World. Facebook Listens. RSS Added Back to Pages. Will Twitter be next? In perhaps one of my most controversial articles (unintentionally), I wrote a week or two ago about how both Twitter and Facebook both quietly removed RSS from user accounts and Pages.

Facebook Listens. RSS Added Back to Pages. Will Twitter be next?

Of course, with Facebook, on user accounts that made sense since they were intended to be private, but with Pages, 100% public versions of the site, it didn't make sense that they would remove the links and access to be able to subscribe to updates via RSS. It appears that Facebook listened though, as there is now a "Subscribe via RSS" link on Facebook Pages, and the source now links to an atom feed for clients that want to auto-discover the feeds. You can see it by looking down at the bottom left on any Page now. David Recordon, Senior Open Programs Manager at Facebook, mentioned in the comments of my previous article, "I actually think you're misinterpreting the reasoning here.

There is a glimmer of hope with this move by Facebook. Facebook Wants to Be Your One True Login. Facebook and AOL announced last night a partnership that will integrate a user's Facebook friends into their AOL Instant Messenger.

Facebook Wants to Be Your One True Login

The announcement came on a day when Google announced its new attempt at capturing your social attention with Google Buzz and Yahoo! Reminded us from the outskirts that they've been at this game for a year now. According to Mercury News, about 70% of AOL users also use Facebook and the move is a sign of where AOL is heading, but we wonder if it isn't more a sign of where Facebook is heading and has been all along. The Age Of Facebook. Two years ago I was on the Charlie Rose show and we talked about, among other startups and trends, Facebook.

The Age Of Facebook

It wasn’t clear then that Facebook had what it took to become one of the great technology companies. They had conquered the college market and were destroying the hopes and dreams of MySpace. But they were also reeling from the Beacon debacle and hadn’t proven that they could turn those massive reach and page view numbers into sustainable revenue streams. You can watch the whole discussion about Facebook, which begins at about the 22:00 mark.

But the key question I asked then was, “Will Facebook Have their Google moment?” Fast forward to today. In a talk a few days ago investor Ron Conway spoke about the explosive growth of Facebook. Microsoft dominated the technology world in the 90s on the back of their Windows and Office products. Will Facebook Be Tomorrow’s Google, and Google Tomorrow’s Micros. Editor’s note: Can Facebook become the next Google?

Will Facebook Be Tomorrow’s Google, and Google Tomorrow’s Micros

In this guest post an ex-Googler, Bindu Reddy, persuasively argues the case from the perspective of Facebook’s potential as an online advertising platform. Reddy is the CEO of MyLikes, a word-of-mouth ad network funded by other former Googlers. At Google, she managed a team of product managers in charge of various Google apps including Google Docs, Google Sites, and Blogger. Today, Google is the place to go to if you are looking for information about pretty much anything. By displaying sponsored links that are relevant to what you are looking for, Google showed us that ads are most effective when they are useful. However, Google’s search advertising business is inherently constrained by the fact that it works only when users are already looking for something.

Take for example, the sponsored ad from Sony at right. Unlike Google AdWords, this model will not be constrained by the fact that you have to actually look for something. Digital Domain - World’s Largest Social Network - The Open Web -

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