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Facebook is about to make ANOTHER change to your News Feed. Your Facebook News Feed is about to get much more interactive.

Facebook is about to make ANOTHER change to your News Feed

The California-based social network will now let you tilt and manoeuvre your smartphone to navigate around the immersive 360-degree videos. The move comes after Facebook rolled-out 360-degree videos back in September 2015 with an exclusive Star Wars The Force Awakens clip. When viewed on a computer, social network users can click and drag the mouse inside the video pane to move the view. But the experience is even more immersive on mobile, where the viewer can physically move their smartphone around to alter the perspective. Facebook's new photo function should have a broader appeal than its video counterpart, since panoramic photos you already have saved in your Camera Roll can now get the 360-degree treatment. Police say YOU should avoid THIS Facebook feature. Facebook replaced the traditional Like button with a new set of animated emojis – dubbed Reactions – back in February.

Police say YOU should avoid THIS Facebook feature

Reactions debuted as part of a small pilot program in Ireland and Spain, before trickling out to Chile, Portugal, the Philippines and Colombia, last year. Reactions appear as animated emoticons and pop-up whenever the Like button is long-pressed on Facebook mobile apps. Desktop users can hover their mouses over the Like button to bring up the new emojis. The new expressions will allow users to express a range of emotions including love, happiness, anger and sadness. Facebook SABOTAGED its Android app to see how annoyed users would get. Facebook sabotaged its android app to see how annoyed users would become before they stopped using it as part of a test, it has been claimed.

Facebook SABOTAGED its Android app to see how annoyed users would get

According to website The Information, the tests were designed to assess user's loyalty. However, it found users carried on using the app despite the issues. Scroll down for video According to website The Information , the tests were designed to assess user's loyalty. However, it found users carried on using the app despite the issues. 'People never stopped coming back,' a person familiar with the tests told The Information. The tests were part of a 'doomsday project' to see how the site could function without Google, the Information claims. 5 Things you can do to make your Facebook fans want to see your content. Guest post by Jim Belosic, CEO of ShortStack in response to my earlier Fast Company post I recently read Ekaterina’s interesting Fast Company piece about the number of people who hide or block Facebook content even if they “Like” the brand or business. As the CEO of a software company that makes apps for Facebook Pages, websites and mobile web browsing, one of my missions is to help businesses create content — including promotions and surveys — that increases the number of fans who engage and interact with a brand on Facebook.

Ekaterina noted that many marketers focus on maximizing fan count instead of increasing fan engagement — a strategy that is a huge mistake. She also made the point that fans will remain loyal as long as a brand’s content is relevant and engaging, and as long as they don’t see too much of it. I agree with all of her points and I have some suggestions for how brands can do each of these five things (plus a bonus tip). 1. How Facebook reveals human migration: User data shows London, Lagos and Istanbul are among the top places to relocate. The social network compared users’ hometowns with their current homes Data found that Lagos, Nigeria grew 18.6 per cent between 2000 and 2012 Istanbul was second most popular city with migrants from within TurkeyLondon was listed as the 10th most popular region with a growth of 1.4 per cent between 2000 and 2012 - mostly from within the UK By Ellie Zolfagharifard Published: 13:59 GMT, 27 December 2013 | Updated: 20:55 GMT, 27 December 2013 Over 15 per cent of the Earth’s population use Facebook, with 1.19 billion users logging on each month.

How Facebook reveals human migration: User data shows London, Lagos and Istanbul are among the top places to relocate

The social network knows intimate details about most of these people - whether it be what they eat for lunch or who they spend most of their time with. While the concept is unnerving, the vast quantities of personal data can also provide fascinating insights about the world we live in and how it’s changing. How Facebook's Top Engineer Is Trying to Read Your Mind. It’s been a great year for the Facebook platform, but Mike Vernal wants more. Facebook’s director of engineering tells us the social network is trying to pump up user posts, favoring longer stories and content and adding data that will help Facebook and its partners repurpose even the simplest status updates. Vernal oversees Facebook’s Open Graph, the platform apps and websites use to take the data connected to your collection of friends out of Facebook and to push content into it – like what Spotify playlists your friends have assembled for New Year’s Eve.

Open Graph has proven enormously popular with developers, but Vernal keeps pushing for ever richer, ever deeper sharing between Facebook and the outside world. Does Facebook want to know what you're watching on TV? Firm set to start allowing users to 'check in' to favourite shows. New feature would add to the detailed picture the social network is building of its users' livesIt is one of a raft of 'second-screen' apps being developed to exploit trend of consumers to watch TV while on social mediaInformation will allow the social network to better target advertising on behalf of corporate clients By Damien Gayle Published: 14:20 GMT, 11 February 2013 | Updated: 14:20 GMT, 11 February 2013.

Does Facebook want to know what you're watching on TV? Firm set to start allowing users to 'check in' to favourite shows

Truly embarrassing Facebook status updates exposed by website. Oh, word.

Truly embarrassing Facebook status updates exposed by website

Elliot S. showed up to work two hours late, hungover, and dude, nobody noticed. What a sweet gig! Here’s what he had to say about it on publicly posted media, just in case his employer didn’t notice: Elliot S.: you know your job is good when you turn up 2 hours late hungover and unchanged and all your boss says is have a good night? As opposed to poor Anastasia R., who OMG just hates her boss so much she could, like, kill him, she said publicly online where the entire world including her boss Jay can see her true, misspelled, homicidal, punctuation-challenged feelings: Anastasia R.

We know of such anguish because a) these people posted publicly on Facebook, and b) a new site called “We know what you’re doing” has aggregated some of the choicer content for us, delivered courtesy of Facebook via its Graph API, according to the developer behind the new site. That developer is an 18-year-old named Callum Haywood who lives in Nottingham, England. Facebook: How posts give away your age, gender and personality says Penn University.

Researchers were correct 92 per cent of the time when predicting genderIn more than half of cases they predicted someone's age within three yearsWomen used more adjectives, while men used more swear wordsAges could be identified based on the topics and subjects discussedStatuses can also determine whether a person is extrovert or neuroticPenn University analysed over 700 million words and topics By Victoria Woollaston Published: 15:35 GMT, 27 September 2013 | Updated: 18:30 GMT, 27 September 2013 We live in an age of oversharing where people offer up all sorts of information online from what they're having for dinner to the toilet habits of their children.

Facebook: How posts give away your age, gender and personality says Penn University

But could your Facebook status be giving more away about yourself than you realise? Researchers from Penn University studied the statuses of 75,000 people and were able to predict their age, gender and even personality type based just on the words they used. Facebook Black? Beware widespread scam hitting social networkers. Faces of Facebook: Discover profile pictures of all 1.15 billion members in ONE place. The Faces of Facebook interactive image lets you browse the public profile pictures of 1.15 billion membersIts designer claims it would take 36 years, 5 months, 9 days and 6 hours to view all of the images individuallyMembers can find their own image by connecting a Facebook account to the Faces of Facebook appAll the pictures are shown in chronological order and the number of a face is their member numberUsers can also search for a friend's name to see whether they joined the social network before or after them By Victoria Woollaston Published: 14:13 GMT, 30 September 2013 | Updated: 08:09 GMT, 1 October 2013 It may just look like a webpage of television static, but the picture below is in fact the profile pictures of every single Facebook member from across the world, in one place.

Faces of Facebook: Discover profile pictures of all 1.15 billion members in ONE place

Quit Posting Facebook Copyright/Privacy Messages — It’s a Hoax. Have you seen the one where you’re supposed to post a legal notice to your Facebook profile to ensure the social networking titan can’t use anything you’ve written without your permission?

Quit Posting Facebook Copyright/Privacy Messages — It’s a Hoax

No, doing so won’t accomplish anything legally speaking, and yes, it’s a hoax — an old one that already made the rounds earlier this year according to urban legend tracker I scraped a copy of the message off my own Facebook News Feed this afternoon (one of my friends had posted it), and other TIME editors confirmed seeing it in their feeds this morning. Here it is, in full: In response to the new Facebook guidelines, I hereby declare that my copyright is attached to all of my personal details, illustrations, graphics, comics, paintings, photos, and videos, etc.

(as a result of the Berner Convention). The idea seems to be that by posting this, you can somehow override the privacy strictures you agreed to when you signed up for Facebook. Perhaps “hoax” is too strong a word. Facebook accused of massive 'data grab' with new service that automatically uploads your phone pictures. Facebook Photo Sync: Nine things you should know. Facebook Makes A Huge Data Grab By Aggressively Promoting Photo Sync.

Facebook was already taking in 300 million photos a day, and that rate is about to dramatically increase.

Facebook Makes A Huge Data Grab By Aggressively Promoting Photo Sync

It’s now ushering users onto its background uploads feature Photo Sync with a big banner at the top of its mobile apps’ news feed. Just two taps and your last 20 photos plus every one you take in the future are auto-uploaded to a private album from which you can share and Facebook can mine metadata. The rollout of Photo Sync that started yesterday is perhaps the biggest thing to happen to Facebook photos beyond friend tagging and manual mobile uploads. Security adviser accuses Facebook of playing 'five subtle tricks' to get users accepting app requests without thinking what info they are giving away.

By Eddie Wrenn Published: 18:08 GMT, 28 August 2012 | Updated: 08:09 GMT, 29 August 2012 Facebook's security has long been one of the most high-profile issues facing the social networking site. The company's biggest public relations problems have all revolved around security, with Facebook re-designs and re-configured privacy pages often treated with suspicion by users who believe the site wants to glean as much personal information as possible. Now a security adviser has listed five steps which he believes pushes users into accepting app requests without thinking too closely about which information they give away. Watch out Google? Facebook plans to 'improve search' - and starts by logging what you look for on social network.

Facebook for Business

FACEBOOK: LIKE? From the Archive: the chances are, you have a Facebook profile yourself. But have you thought about what it’s doing to real life? Robert Lane Greene reports, starting with a visit to Facebook’s offices From INTELLIGENT LIFE magazine, May/June 2012 Wooooh! Facebook Releases Demo Video on Promoted Posts. Facebook began a gradual rollout of promoted posts for brand pages about a week ago and the social networking site has now posted its first demo video today, letting advertisers know what to expect from the feature. The video explains that a promoted post will show up as a sponsored story in a fan’s newsfeed, both on desktop and mobile, and as Facebook users interact with the post, their friends will see it as well.

The video also walks users through how to promote a post, so that once the feature is available on their pages, they can get to highlighting the best of their updates straight away. Telling users to “select the price that best fits your budget and goals”, what the video doesn’t tell you is that the more you pay, the more users your post will reach.

Facebook 'pay to highlight post' feature makes posts appear higher in news feed for 2$ How Facebook could cost you your job! One in five applicants rejected after bosses check out their profiles on social media sites. Facebook world. Facebook hit by 'two-hour blackout' across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Facebook Urges Members to Add Organ Donor Status. Losing your friends on Facebook? Maybe you are sharing too much. By Damien Gayle Published: 11:05 GMT, 21 June 2012 | Updated: 11:05 GMT, 21 June 2012. More privacy fears as Facebook buys facial-recognition startup for undisclosed sum. By Daily Mail Reporter Published: 21:58 GMT, 18 June 2012 | Updated: 07:55 GMT, 19 June 2012. Facebook's "Premium" - A User's Nightmare?

“People worry that technology will disconnect us, but study after study…has shown that it strengthens us,” said Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg today in New York City. You Might Run Into Mark Zuckerberg on Airtime. A Louisiana sex offenders Facebook law will force convicted to list criminal background on social media. Facebook’s New App Center Is Here: The Details. Facebook slammed for game that allows visitors to gamble with REAL money. Bingo Friendzy opens the door to real gambling on the siteFacebook admits more gambling games are comingGame accused of targeting children with cartoon graphics.

Facebook launches app store to take on Apple and Google - and you'll have to PAY for some up front. App store offers first time for developers to charge consumers directly'In-app' purchases already a major source of social site's revenueWill also offer apps for Android and iPhone. 20+ Overlooked Facebook Timeline Tips You Must Know! Right or wrong? Facebook monitors chat conversations and informs the police of anything suspicious - but the privacy breach does catch paedophiles. Is not joining Facebook a sign you're a psychopath? Some employers and psychologists say it's 'suspicious' Now Facebook wants to put adverts in your NEWSFEED.

Victim of internet trolls wins High Court backing to reveal identities of those who targeted her.