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Zapier and Sendy - they can work together via Webhooks! - Email Verification & Email List Cleaning. Free JSON API to instantly check the spam score of your email messages. Spam Checker - Email Spam Tester. Sendy Hosting - Send Newsletters 100x cheaper with Sendy via Amazon SES. Pricing options - email marketing - GetResponse. Pricing: Monthly Plan or Pay-­As-­You-­Go. EmailOctopus - Email marketing for next to nothing, via Amazon SES. Untitled. What can email marketing do for my business?


Promotional emails are one of the most economical ways for any business to connect with customers. Research shows a message is five times more likely to be seen through email than on social media like Facebook or Twitter. That’s why musicians use email marketing software to share their performance schedule with their fans, non-profits use it to get donations and photographers use it to promote their portrait services. It just works. What is HTML email? HTML email refers to the programming code behind those bold, colorful emails you see in your inbox. What if I need help figuring it out? GoDaddy has a support team ready to help, 24/7. How do I know if my email marketing campaigns are working? GoDaddy Email Marketing provides great statistics to show you how many people are opening, engaging with and sharing your email. What should I look for in email campaign software? What do I need to use this program?

There’s nothing to download or install ever. Sendy Hosting Plans - Yearly - EasySendy. EasySendy host the latest version of Sendy with license added from your end.

Sendy Hosting Plans - Yearly - EasySendy

All the Sendy instances are setup separately for each customer on their own domain. EasySendy support team will configure Sendy bounce and complain handling files with your Amazon SES / Mandrill account. Along with this, Domain verification, DKIM and SPF records are setup under each plan. 4 Reasons to Use EasySendy High Sending Speed EasySendy hosted Servers are designed to send emails at high speed to Amazon SES servers 24/7 Email Support 24/7 Email support available for installation, SMTP integration and any issue resolution 99.9% Mailbox Delivery With Proper PTR, SPF and DKIM Configuration with SMTP, you get 99.9% mailbox delivery Trusted and Secure Servers.

Plugin Planet. Thanks for your interest in our plugins!

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Here you can learn more about the plugin and select a license that is best for your specific needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please send them directly via the contact form. All inquiries welcome! Plugin Planet strives for excellent products and superior customer service. We continue to develop and improve our plugins toward utter perfection. Automatic Updates As with plugins hosted at the WP Directory, our plugins are equipped for automatic updates from within the comfort of the WP Admin Area. Free Basic Support Basic support is included with every plugin purchase. 100% WordPress Our plugins are built with the WordPress API. Payment Payments are made via PayPal or directly via credit card. Refund Policy Like all software, this plugin is an intangible, irrevocable, digital product, so refunds generally are not provided.

Licensing Licenses are valid for the life of the plugin. Monday Musings: Selling eBooks Directly from Your Site or Blog - Best Selling Reads. By Kathleen Valentine This is a tutorial from my blog from April 2011.

Monday Musings: Selling eBooks Directly from Your Site or Blog - Best Selling Reads

Here it is: Selling books for e-readers through Kindle, Nook, Smashwords, etc. is easier than ever but, with a little bit of work, you can also sell your eBooks directly from your own web site or blog. You can set your own price and the only cost to you will be what Paypal deducts for their services. I have sold hundreds of books and knitting patterns in PDF format this way. Your manuscript in e-book format – PDF, HTML, TXT, DOC, EPUB or any other.An online storage site.

You can sell your book in any format that you have the capability of converting your book. First: Upload your file(s) to your online storage site or server. Second: Go to PayPal and login. Select the Buy Now button.Now Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Step 3: Customize Advanced Features. Third: Once you are in the Customize Advanced Features screen check “No” for the first three items. From the pop-up box select Add HTML/Java Script. AppSumo ListBuilder — Rocking Self Publishing. Sendy - Send Newsletters 100x cheaper via Amazon SES. Free Email Marketing Software, Services & Tools.