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In the United States of Corporations we are taught there is a separation of church and state, but anyone with eyes can see this is a lie. This is the case everywhere in our world, across all party lines and all religions they work together for their 'agenda'..

Removing The Shackles: "Islamic Extremism": The History of Wahhabism & The Saudi Royal Family. With everything going on and on going, in the Middle East, the main questions for most people are: "WTF?!

Removing The Shackles: "Islamic Extremism": The History of Wahhabism & The Saudi Royal Family

" and "How the hell did we get here? " and "Who is working with whom and why? ". One of the most important pieces of the puzzle of perceived Middle Eastern "Politics" that people need to comprehend is the HISTORY of HOW and WHO and WHY this was all set up to begin with. Right now, there is a Major push by western governments - ie: the US, Canada, UK and NATO Nations- to demonize the Islamic religion and drive a wedge of hatred between "Christians" and "Muslims".

The Governments propaganda whores- ie: the main stream media - are pushing this division as hard as they can, flooding your TV and News Papers with False Flag Agenda pushing stories, and overwhelming social media with their paid shills and trolls, perpetuating that "Muslim extremist" byline at every opportunity. But, what is "Muslim Extremism"? The Horrors of The Church and its Holy Inquisition. From TheChristianEnterprise Website Contents Additional Information.

The Horrors of The Church and its Holy Inquisition

The TPP Has Been Rewritten, Shrouded In Secrecy & Is Worse Than Before - Episode 1204a. Satanic Priest for Bohemian Grove Blows Whistle on White House (Names Names) Where's YOUR line in the sand? Historical Review of Satanism in 2016 on World Beyond Belief. What Really Happened Show: Michael Rivero Friday 12/30/16: (Commercial Free VIDEO) Jesuit Extreme Oath of Induction. "When a Jesuit of the minor rank is to be elevated to command, he is conducted into the Chapel of the Convent of the Order, where there are only three others present, the principal or Superior standing in front of the altar.

Jesuit Extreme Oath of Induction

On either side stands a monk, one of whom holds a banner of yellow and white, which are the Papal colors, and the other a black banner with a dagger and red cross above a skull and crossbones, with the word INRI, and below them the words IUSTUM, NECAR, REGES, IMPIOUS. The meaning of which is: It is just to exterminate or annihilate impious or heretical Kings, Governments, or Rulers. Dr. Ben Carson & Pope Exposed USA & EU One World Government Plans. What is SPIRIT COOKING? La Sagrada Familia – exterior. The Basilica of the Sagrada Familia is remarkable for its size and ambition.

La Sagrada Familia – exterior

This church, which occupies a whole block of the Eixample district, is a mass of profusely worked stone in catherdal-like dimensions. Built around a Latin cross ground plan with five naves, it is characterized by its stylized towers, crowned by pinnacles covered in ceramics. British Embassy Holy See. We engage with the Holy See across the range of foreign policy priorities, including on behalf of other British Government Departments such as the Department for International Development.

British Embassy Holy See

Holy See. Clinton and Obama, the Arab Spring and the Creation of ISIS. “Why has there never been a coup in Washington D.C.?”

Clinton and Obama, the Arab Spring and the Creation of ISIS

The answer: “Because there is no U.S. Embassy in Washington D.C.” (Source: America’s Coup Machine: Destroying Democracy Since 1953) The Hillary Files: How special interests that violate health, human rights and the environment have pre-purchased the Clinton presidency. Politics, Sovereignty and Personal Embodiment – Connecting With the Wisdom of Your Body. By Bernhard Guenther Contributing writer for Wake Up World It has been a while since I wrote anything political, mostly for the reason that I’m not a statist, I don’t believe in government (or any other authority ruling/governing me), nor in national identification, and frankly don’t care much for politics.

Politics, Sovereignty and Personal Embodiment – Connecting With the Wisdom of Your Body

Readers of my blog know that we are dealing with far deeper issues that most people are not aware of and which go way beyond poly-tics, which is really a distraction from what is truly happening to humanity, especially in this day and age. The Occult Meanings of Israel & the Agendas of the Zionists. Most people know that Israel is a state located in the Middle East, but they have no idea what the name Israel really stands for.

The Occult Meanings of Israel & the Agendas of the Zionists

According to, “on May 14, 1948, David Ben-Gurion, the head of the Jewish Agency, proclaimed the establishment of the State of Israel. U.S. President Harry S. REAL HISTORY - The Vatican, War and the French Revolution. Hillary and the True Beast She Is. Vladimir Putin's Rise To Power - Full Documentary. Politics and Mind Parasites by Thomas Sheridan.

The Second Bush Plan for a Fascist Coup of the USA. By News from US Citizens Against Fascism (WASHINGTON D.C.) – In 1933 Prescott Bush, who made the Bush fortune in Nazi Germany, attempted a Fascist coup in the United States on behalf of himself and various corporations.

The Second Bush Plan for a Fascist Coup of the USA

He wanted a system like Hitler’s and Mussolini’s here. He was not executed or imprisoned. SHOCKING !!! OMG!!! - They can remove your soul ? and place it in a container. pt2. The Roman Empire Rules Today - Part 1. Former U.S. Presidents Explain Why the Presidency is Now Irrelevant. Dylan Charles, EditorWaking Times Election time is here again, and Americans are scrambling to make sense of the choices being pimped out to us by the establishment.

Former U.S. Presidents Explain Why the Presidency is Now Irrelevant

So much hangs in the balance right now, and it’s impossible to escape election coverage as the entire world watches with bated breath. Oh, who will it be? Recent polls suggest around 40% of Americans consider themselves to be ‘independent’ voters, which is understandable, as this nation has always been one of maverick thinkers and innovators. Nachumlist. Understanding The New World Order – The Who, What, How and Why. By Tim Bryant Guest Writer for Wake Up World “A brief glance at history will tell you that emperors and tyrants have been trying to expand their power and influence over greater and greater areas for centuries.

It just happens that today it can be done on a global scale like never before…” A one second search on Google can instantaneously amass up to 760 million search results on the term “New World Order,” compared to just 719 million for the word “politics.” It seems pretty clear that the concept of a “New World Order” is not something new, and rather is quite a recognized and discussed topic within in the world consciousness. However, just like politics, there is a wide range of perceptions as to what the phrase “New World Order” even means, and how it’s reflected in reality. A basic definition might be the best place to start, as a way of laying the foundation for everything else. “I don’t think it’s right to frame the New World Order as necessarily a policy or group. Obama Has a Huge Secret Before Exiting The White House: These Draconian Moves Will Cripple America.

The Rise of American Authoritarianism — Trump-Style Politics and What it Means for the Future of America. 14th March 2016 By Carolanne Wright Contributing Writer for Wake Up World If you’re anything like me, you’re absolutely baffled by the ascent of Donald Trump as the front-runner Republican candidate. It’s nothing short of astonishing. While moderate Americans shake their heads in confusion about this state of affairs, or brush it off as some kind of surreal entertainment that doesn’t need to be taken seriously, a group of political and social researchers have found the situation is far more dangerous than the average person can imagine. Writes Amanda Taub in The rise of American authoritarianism: “Perhaps strangest of all, it wasn’t just Trump but his supporters who seemed to have come out of nowhere, suddenly expressing, in large numbers, ideas far more extreme than anything that has risen to such popularity in recent memory.

Conspiritus : The God of this World. AIDS OPIUM DIAMONDS & empire. Dr. Nancy Turner Banks joins the show to discuss her book AIDS, Opium, Diamonds, and Empire: The Deadly Virus of International Greed. We talk about the connections between "free market" strategies, corporate malfeasance, political corruption, narcotics trafficking, globalism, depopulation, wars, revolutions, financial crises and today's health crisis.

Dr. Banks is a graduate of Hunter College and Harvard Medical School. Rigged USA Elections Exposed. WATCH: Computer Programmer Testifies Under Oath He Coded Computers to Rig Elections. By Matt Agorist “It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin (allegedly) One thing in US history is consistent throughout every single election cycle — allegations of voter fraud. These allegations, however, are not the ramblings of a kook with tinfoil wrapped around his head, they are substantiated and reach as high as the Supreme Court. If you think that the ruling class would leave it up to the voters to decide who gets elected, you should think again.

This year is one of the worst years ever for voter fraud, as it’s been captured on video — multiple times. How the Voting System is Used to Drain Your Energy. In the USA, many Americans are watching the 2016 Presidential Debate, so they can make an “inform” decision to vote for the candidate that they believe is the best to lead their country. What most Americans do not realize is that all presidential candidates are “actors” applying for a job of a corporation called the United States. After being hired, they are trained to be professional actors and liars, so that they can fool the American people to support the United States, Inc., and help spread its franchise throughout the world.

The word franchise means “the right or license granted by a company to an individual or group to market its products or services in a specific territory”. VATICAN SECRETS 2015. Every Year Since Obama Won the Peace Prize, US Has Broken its Record of Killing Civilians in Afghanistan. By John Vibes. Supernatural: Magic and Spelling as Mind Control - Gnostic Media interviews Jose Barrera #157. Occult Royalty Connections & Kabbalah Nuclear Physics Revealed with Chris Everard. Zionists Use Donald Trump to Fix Another Election.

Wake Up America All Presidents are Related!!! Who Is The US President, And Is He The Last US President? The Truth about reptilians by George Carlin. Satanic Ritual Abuse & Human Farming Amongst The Elites ~ Sonya Van Gelder ~ The LEGITIMATE Jordan Maxwell. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:03:39 — 44.2MB) “Jordan Maxwell has creative control – the show is actually Jordan Maxwell’s and is produced exclusively by Jordan Maxwell” Follow Jordan on Facebook Follow Jordan on Twitter Amazon Link Nostradamus. Jay Weidner On The Archons And Fukishima. George Carlin - Lying Politicians And Their Words. LEON TROTSKY: 1926 - The Fabian 'theory' of socialism. Let us overcome our natural aversion and read therough the article in which Ramsay MacDonald exounded his views a short time before leaving office. Who is Jeb Bush, Really? – The Bush Crime Family. 13th September 2015. YouTube. Hillary Clinton Exposed, Movie She Banned From Theaters Full Movie.

David Icke - Dreamworld. The Clinton Body Count: Is a Serial Criminal About to Become First Female U.S. President? 20th September 2015 By Makia Freeman. Investigation Into the Sordid Past Behind the Bush Family. Jeff Rense With Dr David Duke on Zionism. Rothschild Bankers Enslave the World - Tim Rifat. The Game - How The Elite Use power. Faces of Evil that Rule the World - The Movie - Zen Gardner. L.A. Steel Talk Radio Show / Part l Interview with Author Tex Marrs about his New DVD “Die America Die” » LASTEELSHOW.ORG. Texe Marrs - Why Kabbalistic Jews Want To Do Evil. Holy Smoke and Mirrors - The Vatican Conspiracy. Illumination: the Secret Religion - The Waste Land. The First Amendment - The REAL Patriot Act. 22nd January 2015 By Ethan Indigo Smith Contributing Writer for Wake Up World.

Episode 295 – Who is Really Behind ISIS? Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed As bombs start dropping in Syria and Iraq, the world is once again being asked to cower in fear of a shadowy terror group that most people hadn’t heard of just a few months ago. The Real Meaning of The Wizard of Oz.