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In the United States of Corporations we are taught there is a separation of church and state, but anyone with eyes can see this is a lie. This is the case everywhere in our world, across all party lines and all religions they work together for their 'agenda'..

Energy Update & The Transfer of Hidden Occult Powers. Dictionary of New Speak. Definition of New Speak:A term for words that mean something else and in some cases the exact opposite of the original meaning of the word.

Dictionary of New Speak

New Speak was described by George Orwell in his famous book 1984 as being the ultimate language of the ultimate control society for the deception of its citizens. Orwell, whose real name was Blair, was employed by the BBC as a propagandist during WW2. Dark Journalist & Dr. Joseph Farrell: Deep State Sorcery! What's really behind "The Great Reset"? The Pope's Head Investigator Reveals A Chilling Secret About What's Happening Inside The Vatican. THE SPIDER'S WEB: Britain’s Second Empire. Portal:Outsourcing America Exposed. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett Pennsylvania Gov.

Portal:Outsourcing America Exposed

Tom Corbett Pennsylvania’s Office of General Counsel “serves as the Governor’s in-house legal counsel,” providing the executive branch with “expert, responsive and cost-effective legal services … for the benefit of the public.” In addition to the 498 attorneys employed by the state, the handling of legal business is frequently outsourced to outside counsel. Last year, the total bill for private law firms – footed by the taxpayers – amounted to a whopping $32.7 million in 2013 and $100 million over three years, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. Outside counsel, it has been pointed out, is an insider’s game. Read the rest by Mary Bottari and Jonas Persson -- Corbett Outsources Legal Counsel to Campaign Contributors -- on PRWatch. Ohio Governor John Kasich Ohio Gov. There’s a lot of money at stake in Ohio charter schools, which as a group will receive almost $900 million in 2014. Kansas Governor Sam Brownback Kansas Gov.

Maine Gov. The Communist Takeover of America - and then the World. Australia: a new Church pedophile scandal erupts. By Jon Rappoport Reuters, June 29, from Sydney and Vatican City: “A top adviser to Pope Francis was charged with multiple historical sex crimes in his native Australia on Thursday, bringing a worldwide abuse scandal to the heart of the Vatican.”

Australia: a new Church pedophile scandal erupts

“Appointed Vatican economy minister by Francis, Cardinal George Pell is the highest-ranking Church official to face such accusations. He asserted his innocence and said the pontiff had given him leave of absence to return to Australia to defend himself.” “But Pell, a former archbishop of Melbourne and Sydney, had come under pressure from an Australian government commission on institutional child abuse, and had himself been under investigation for at least a year.” Obama Sells US To China Inc. The Chinese Connection: From the Clintons to Biden, Inc. by Robert Chernin. Posted: Oct 31, 2020 12:01 AM The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of

The Chinese Connection: From the Clintons to Biden, Inc. by Robert Chernin

In “The French Connection,” the iconic 1971 film starring Gene Hackman as the grisly New York City detective Popeye Doyle, the bad guy is a wealthy Frenchman operating the world’s largest heroin-smuggling syndicate. In what could be its sequel, the Chinese government has been operating the world’s largest influence-peddling syndicate for decades. The drug of choice is no longer heroin but money - and lots of it. Starting in the mid-1990s with the Clintons, it has grown in both size and audacity and now seems to have ensnared the Biden family, as well. Today, we refer to it simply as the 1996 U.S.

That was China’s entrée into American elections. The Clintons have always understood that power and money in politics are intertwined. Jul 24, 2006. Mormons believe they belong to the Jewish lost tribe Ephraim, and that's why Judaism is so important for them.

Jul 24, 2006

Higherside Chats 48: Catholic Conspiracies, Vatican Crimes, & The Pope's Resignation w/ Kevin Annett. HOW TO STOP OPPRESSIVE GOVT - PEGGY HALL. Gov Newsome "I can't mandate anything!" Credit:Peggy Hall (13) Diana Walsh Pasulka: Aliens, Technology, Religion & the Nature of Belief. The definitive list of the 20 presidential norms Trump broke – and how Joe Biden can restore them - Washington Post. Dinesh D’Souza on Trump Card Documentary & Democratic Socialism.

Crrow777 Radio. Full text of "How The Vatican Created Islam" Trump's Potential Cabinet Picks Are Exactly The Establishment Oligarchs His Base Claims To Hate - The Daily Banter. Donald Trump, President-elect of the United States, continues to hide in the shadows.

Trump's Potential Cabinet Picks Are Exactly The Establishment Oligarchs His Base Claims To Hate - The Daily Banter

He is reluctant to release information that will help us gauge what kind of Cabinet we are looking at, but from what we do know, it isn't looking good. It is, in fact, looking like "Big Business" has taken the White House and they are now going to flaunt it. If this list compiled by Politico is correct, they won't need to hire big money lobbyists for Big Oil or Wall Street -- they're already going to be in the President's cabinet. Royal Ancestry Of Donald Trump. (1) Hijacking Reality Part 4: Going Deep. Hillary Clinton's connection to the Epstein affair is revealed by Whitney Webb. (1) 12/24/2016 - Pizza Apocalypse Unreleased Film Research. /CritiqueOfEminentDomain.html. “Feds Grant Eminent Domain as Collateral to China for U.S. Debts.” by Bernadine Smith This is written in response to criticisms regarding the article on eminent domain being circulated, entitled: "Feds Grant Eminent Domain as Collateral to China for U.S.

Debts. " Must Know! The CAFR Reports ~ How the Government Officials Steal Our Money. 54 ISRAEL, RUSSIA & CHINA TO SUPPLY MIDDLE EAST COVID VACCINE VIA RUSSIA SAUDI & LEBANON FIRST. Hillary Clinton: 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling. Skip to main content Hillary Clinton: 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling Hillary Clinton: 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling You are here.

Hillary Clinton: 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling

Fascist Tactics, Socialist Agenda, Clueless Public. 230- Here Comes the Sun, and a Building. Want to Make a Lie Seem True? Say It Again. And Again. And Again. You only use 10 percent of your brain.

Want to Make a Lie Seem True? Say It Again. And Again. And Again

Eating carrots improves your eyesight. Vitamin C cures the common cold. Crime in the United States is at an all-time high. None of those things are true. Talks at Google. Who Owns USA Inc. ? A Primer. Spirit of the Serpent (UfoDEMONq1) pt.9. American Sponsorship of Global Terrorism - The Constantine Report. By Alex ConstantineFrom Psychic Dictatorship in the USA II (2008 e-book – see sidebar here) Part I: An American Pinay CirclePart II: Richard Perle’s Narco-Terrorist Business PartnerPart III: Al Qaeda, Abu Sayyaf & the CIA’S Terror Incubator in the PhilippinesPart IV: Adnan Khashoggi, Alexander Voloshin & the 1999 Moscow Bombings “… The sky burns,A copper roof over the shriveled corn.Children and camels gasp in the noonday heat.Enemies sweat in their steel, cry out at night,And wake up trembling, wet with fright.We squat and stareAcross the nervous barbs, tied by our common dreads…” – Aubrey Hodes, “Hating” I An American Pinay Circle.

American Sponsorship of Global Terrorism - The Constantine Report

TOP 10 PIECES OF MODERN DAY PROPAGANDA IN SOCIETY. Propaganda in modern times has become both easier and harder to detect.


It’s easier to detect in the sense that there are more places to get information and it’s easier to fact check the claims of the MSM (Mainstream Media) by going to the original report and source and seeing for yourself. It’s harder to detect in that people are busy and distracted, and all too often forget that a giant conglomerate of 6 mega multinational corporations owns 85-90% of the world’s media, and thus the same lie can be promulgated through thousands of avenues, outlets and channels – with some people falsely believing it’s all coming from different sources and representing different opinions. These content links are provided by Vatican Finally Embraces Science, Gathers Eminent Scientists to Fight Mass Extinction Facing Humanity. The Roman Catholic Church has long opposed Science—a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe.

For example, the 17th century scientist Galileo Galilei was forced by the church to retract his so-called heretic theory that the Earth moves around the Sun. Threatened with torture and interrogated for 18 days in prison, Galileo promised to never again teach his theory to the public. He was then put under house arrest for the rest of his life at a small farmhouse outside of Florence, Italy. In fact, Galileo was lucky to have been put under house arrest by the church. Hitler's Monsters: A Supernatural History of the Third Reich.

Do You Know About The Act of 1871 Teach this in your School. The Templar Church UNDER A Modern Church, How the Parasites Came To Be. Larken Rose: The Tiny Dot. Full text of "How The Vatican Created Islam" Chapter 23 – The End of History. “Der Staat ist als die Wirklichkeit des substantiellen Willens, die er in dem zu seiner Allgemeinheit erhobenen besonderen Selbstbewusstseyn hat, das an und fuer sich Vernuenftige. Diese substantielle Einheit ist absoluter unbewegter Selbstzweck, in welchem die Freiheit zu ihrem hoechsten Recht kommt, so wie dieser Endzweck das hoechste Recht gegen die Einzelnen hat, deren hoechste Pflicht es ist, Mitglieder des Staats zu seyn.” —G.W.F. Hegel, Grundlinien der Philosophie des Rechts. George Bush’s inaugural address of January 21, 1989, was on the whole an eminently colorless and forgettable oration.

The speech was for the most part a rehash of the tired demagogy of Bush’s election campaign, with the ritual references to “a thousand points of light” and the hollow pledge that when it came to the drug inundation which Bush had supposedly been fighting for most of the decade, “This scourge will stop.” We know what works: Freedom works. Arkancide. John F. Kennedy - The Speech That Got Him Killed (April 27, 1961) In his address before the American Newspaper Publishers Association, John F. Kennedy talked about ‘a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy’ that rules the world. That speech was apparently the one that sealed his fate.Below is a selected transcript of John F.

Kennedy’s Address before the American Newspaper Publishers Association, April 27, 1961. “The very word “secrecy” is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings. April 27, 1961 - President John F. Kennedy's Address 'The President and the Press' Waldorf Astoria. The Long and Deep Cesspool Politics of California. Talks at Google. Uncle bear heart.

George Carlin - Lying Politicians And Their Words. Hillary Has Second Seizure On Camera. William Cooper On The Hegelian Dialectic Manipulation. If you do not know of or understand what the HEGELIAN DIALECTIC is — it is important that do. From this “social construct” – you will come to understand how the populace is constantly manipulated to think in certain ways. — satan uses this method over and over again… Related Planet Mars: It's Not Just a Rock 38 Minutes that are guaranteed to change your perspective on the reality of both past and present life on Mars.

Black Adrenochrome aka WALNUT SAUCE! They eat our babies! Mother Teresa Was A Child Trafficker For the Vatican. Handy List of Republican Sex Offenders - The Constantine Report. Republican pastor Mike Hintz, whom George W. Bush commended during the 2004 presidential campaign, surrendered to police after admitting to a sexual affair with a female juvenile. OffPlanet Radio Live: 11 11 11 Deep6ingThe DeepState w/Thomas Williams and Kim of Manna World Trust. Elites antidote against Chemtrails, cancer, aging. Healing Device exposed Emery Smith tells all. Church History: Complete Documentary 33 AD to Present. Jared Kushner Registered To Vote As a Woman. Jared Kushner - Who Is The Man Advising The President? TRUMP's Elite Hegelian "Q" (Kew) Educational Training Examined. Trump's RUNNING MAN America is Here. 7 spirits & 7 headed beast. Mystery of spirits behind 7 empires.

The Rise of American Authoritarianism — Trump-Style Politics and What it Means for the Future of America. 14th March 2016. Salon. Republican National Party Is Member Of International Democrat Union (IDU) Kolbrin Bible & The Nemesis - When Ancient Prophecy & Science Merge, Marshall Masters. SNOW JOB: THE CIA, COCAINE, AND BILL CLINTON. Yes the Church of Google exists – POLOLOGY. There has never been a more interesting time in human history for religion. Spencorp. Bill Clinton Murders. The Dirty Secrets of George Bush. EXPOSED: The Clinton's & CIA; Trafficking Cocaine. Dictator for Life: The Rise of the American Imperial President. Magic, Spells, the State, and You! Part 1. The Jesuit Vatican New World Order. The Second Bush Plan for a Fascist Coup of the USA. By News from US Citizens Against Fascism. Wake Up America All Presidents are Related!!! The Lie the Vatican Told - (Part 1 of 4)

Why the VATICAN really Owns the LUCIFER Telescope. What's In The Vatican Basement May Shock You! Thousands of Foster Kids Dead in Pedogate Horror; David Zublick [video] What better hiding place for pedophiles/rapists/murderers/organ traffickers than under the auspices of child protection and children’s care programs? That’s the biggest rock we need to look under for these vermin. And now child sex robots? ~ BP. Peter Levenda; The Angel and The Sorcerer ; the occult origins of Mormonism...

MindBlowing Occult Sanskrit Hebrew Etymology Symbolism: Vedic Origins of Civilization. Presidents of the United States (POTUS) The Undertold Story: The Vatican, the Mob, Super Ponzi Schemes and MORE. By Gregory Paul | 3 July 2010 OpEdNews In the 1980s American news media both print and broadcast began to report on growing evidence that an alarming number of Roman Catholic priests had engaged in serial sexual abuse of children and teens, and that the church hierarchy had not only failed to properly address the situation, but in many cases engaged in racketeering to protect accused clerics and thereby minimize scandal and financial losses.

The Saudi Dynasty and Its Connection to the Zionist Jews. Removing The Shackles: "Islamic Extremism": The History of Wahhabism & The Saudi Royal Family. Secrets of The Red Dragon, Apocalypse, DNA, The Soul. Unlocking The End Times with Dr. Scott McQuate. Satanic Priest for Bohemian Grove Blows Whistle on White House (Names Names) Where's YOUR line in the sand? The Roman Empire Rules Today - Part 1. How Trump and Obama are Exactly Alike. Understanding The New World Order – The Who, What, How and Why. 45th US President “Motorboats” Drag Queen Former NYC Mayor, Rudy Guiliani. PATHOCRACY: THE GLOBAL ORDER - PSYCHOPATHS, SOCIOPATHS, RULING ELITE, GLOBAL ELITE, DYNASTIC OLIGARCHY, FINANCIAL ELITE, POWER ELITE, KLEPTOCRACY, CORPORATOCRACY, DEEP STATE, GLOBALISM. Youtube. The Trump Coup & Lucifer’s Tech. The Horrors of The Church and its Holy Inquisition.