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Genealogy HowTo - Issue Apr 20, 2017 - Newsletter. By Cynthia Carman The internet has become the premier place for libraries to publish their catalogs and in many cases provide the printed, graphic, or index resource online.

Genealogy HowTo - Issue Apr 20, 2017 - Newsletter

What a boost for the genealogist! 5 Tech Tools That Will Revolutionize Your Genealogy. Find out how these award-winning genealogy technology tools, introduced at FamilySearch's RootsTech conference, will change how you do genealogy research.

5 Tech Tools That Will Revolutionize Your Genealogy

Designed to encourage innovative technology tools in the family history industry, FamilySearch’s Innovator Showdown is a highlight of its annual RootsTech genealogy conference in Salt Lake City each winter. This year, more than 40 applicants from the United States and Europe vied for nearly $200,000 in cash and prizes sponsored by Amazon Web Services, the Kickstarter Seed Fund, the Sorenson Legacy Foundation and others. In the 2017 showdown, each of the five finalists had three minutes to present his or her innovation and win over a panel of judges and a live audience, and four minutes to answer judges’ questions. Prizes went to the judges’ top three picks as well as the audience-chosen People’s Choice Award recipient. How To Save Family Photos From Magnetic Photo Albums. Don't let magnetic photo albums destroy your family photos.

How To Save Family Photos From Magnetic Photo Albums

Question: What should I do with my old magnetic photo albums? Most of the pictures are from the 1970s, and now have an orange cast. They’re either falling out of the books or stuck tight to the pages. I’ve heard freezing might loosen the glue. Answer: Almost every family has at least one old “magnetic” album, usually filled with deteriorating color prints. Save Family Photos Did You Make This Common Mistake When Scanning Your Family Photos? (Here's How to Fix It!) - Save Family Photos. Whether you’re scanning your film, printed photos, and documents at home or using a professional scanning company, you will undoubtedly be faced with this perplexing issue: Scanning doesn’t actually archive information about your photo.

Save Family Photos Did You Make This Common Mistake When Scanning Your Family Photos? (Here's How to Fix It!) - Save Family Photos

That’s right, digitizing your vintage family photos isn’t enough. It’s no different than discovering an old photo album only to realize that no living person could possibly identify the people depicted, let alone their stories. 5 Simple Ways to Organize Your Digital Family Photos. 5 Photo Scanning Mistakes to Stop Making Now. These Photo Scanning Faux Pas Should be Avoided at All Costs Scanning your old family photos can be a simple way to ensure that your family memories are preserved for future generations.

5 Photo Scanning Mistakes to Stop Making Now

Not only that, but digitizing family pictures allows you to archive photos more efficiently, helps with editing and restoring faded family memories, and makes online family tree creation even easier. Save Family Photos Did You Make This Common Mistake When Scanning Your Family Photos? (Here's How to Fix It!) - Save Family Photos. Using irfanview with census images. Alison Taylor, Pictures and Stories.

How to Save Grandma’s Love Letters – Ancestry Blog. “Dearest Anne,” the letter began.

How to Save Grandma’s Love Letters – Ancestry Blog

“Hi honey! I’ll start this one off with ‘I miss you more than I could ever imagine.’” A small bundle of handwritten letters exchanged between a homesick young soldier and his sweetheart are a family treasure to be cherished. Letters give a personal glimpse into the everyday lives of our ancestors: what they ate and who they ate with, how they faced loneliness or uncertainty, where they slept at night. For most of us who only knew grandparents as much-older adults, discovering the hope and exuberance of youth in a stack of old letters can be an eye-opening experience that makes them more human and less like long-gone ancestors. As you research your ancestors in their letters, you may find family news of babies, marriages and deaths as well as new insight to the person you called “Grandma.”

Using irfanview with census images. Progeny Genealogy Product Purchase Receipt. 13 Sep 2016 Dear Lynn Hotchkiss, This e-mail contains important information necessary to unlock Charting Companion 6 (download) and complete your registration.

Progeny Genealogy Product Purchase Receipt

By following these instructions you are agreeing to all the terms and conditions of the software license agreement displayed during installation. Please do not share this information with others. LICENSE REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS 1) Print a copy of this e-mail for handy reference. 2) Download and install your product(s) Follow the link(s) below to download. 3) Install each product by following the instructions on the download page. 4) Start the program. 5) When prompted to "Enter License Information", copy and paste the Name and Registration Key. The first line must be copied into the Name field. 6) To complete your registration, press the "OK" button. Links. Links The Master Genealogist (TMG) TMG Websites, Mailing Lists, Message Boards, and Archives UFT and TMG (from Chuck Wolfram's website) UFT Websites, Mailing Lists, Message Boards, and Archives Editor's Note: Most of the following no longer exists, but good information does exist in the archives of the UFT mailing list.


See on how to search these archives. Back up Genealogy Data & Media life span! - Sherlock's Genealogical Adventures. A few weeks ago I had my computer break down.

Back up Genealogy Data & Media life span! - Sherlock's Genealogical Adventures

Of course I panicked because I was in the middle of a bunch of work, but I could breath a little sigh of relief because I did have a backup of my working hard drive and data drives. It is still a little disconcerting to be without the computer. I brought the computer to the shop and it was checked out. Maureen Taylor the Photodetective. Cloud Syncing Genealogy Databases. The Easy, Low-Tech Way to Label Scanned Photos - Amy Johnson Crow.

You’ve scanned some family photos.

The Easy, Low-Tech Way to Label Scanned Photos - Amy Johnson Crow

Great! But who is in them? With file names like IMG_1092.jpg, it isn’t readily apparent who is in the photo. How can you label scanned photos? You can embed the data into the metadata of the file, but there are two problems with that: time and access. StoryScans talking images - enrich your scans with audio. The stories behind our beloved photos bring our memories to life. Imagine how your family and friends will feel when you send them grandma’s recipe, scanned with high accuracy showing the fine details of her handwriting, tattered edges, smudges, the pretty picture, and also with her voice telling you about it. Or, your grandfather proudly describing his Purple Heart medal from the Korean war. How about a photo of your great-grandma from England with your visiting cousin’s heartfelt description of her?

StoryScans Activation Key. Easily transform your images into stories. The activated Toolbox 4 software combines recorded voice with the scan into a small high fidelity file that can be shared universally. StoryScans talking images are easy to create. Simply Select the scan, Record the voice, and Save to create the StoryScans file. For your Windows or OS-X computer, use the Flip-Pal Toolbox 4 software. For your iOS device (all models of iPhone and iPad), use the Flip-Pal ScanTools app from iTunes. Kitty Cooper's Blog. Today I sent the following email to a newly found DNA cousin match at ancestry whose great-grandmother lived right next door to my family in Kristiansand, Norway in the late 1800s. She moved to the U.S.A just a year after they did (1884 and 1885) and lived a block away from where my grandad eventually lived on Ovington Ave in Brooklyn, N.Y. Dear cousin, OK now I REALLY want to see where our DNA matches, because I have a large database (spreadsheets) of where my Dad, my brother and I match various known Norwegian relatives so it is likely that I can figure out from the matching DNA segment(s) where we are related and if it is really the 7th cousin match shown at on the Eigeland line.

Comparison of genealogy software. Terry's TMG Tips - New Computer or Version. This page updated 30 Jul 2014 Version note: Applies to TMG 8 & 9. WordPress for Genealogy: Adding a Lineage Snapshot Box to Blog Posts About Ancestors, Part I. Recently someone asked on my family history blog (Colleen and Jeff’s Roots) what program I use to add the Genealogy Snapshot box to the blog posts I write about each ancestor or relative. Anytime I write a blog post profiling an ancestor or relative, I add a box to the bottom of the post that notes the person’s name, parents’ names, spouse’s name, relationship to me or my husband, and the generation trail between that featured person and my husband or me (using a numbered list instead of a bullet list so that one can easily identify the number of generations between the featured ancestor and my husband or me).

Copyright Fair Use and How it Works for Online Images. You’ve heard the adage that a picture is worth a thousand words, but when that picture is protected by copyright, the picture is only worth three words: cease and desist. OK, that’s kind of a lawyer joke.

How to Print a 9 Generations of Your Family Tree on a Fan Chart. Optimizing your Ancestry Experience. A web browser is a program that you use to access the Internet, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. While Ancestry can be accessed using any browser, our site is optimized to perform best on the current versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Note: The articles linked below will open in a new window to better aid you in this process.

You can close these windows and return to this article at any time. This article discusses the following: Photomyne. Using Google Image Search in Your Research - Lisa Lisson. Have you ever used Google Image Search to search images (ie photos, postcards, etc) in your genealogical research? Like most everyone these days, I search the internet using a search engine like Google. Genealogy's Star: Shotbox - High Quality Photo Setup for Preserving Documents and Artifacts. Learn When to Use JPEG, GIF, or PNG with This Graphic. Genealogy: Digital Camera Checklist for Research. By Barry J. Learn How To Remove Anything From A Photo Using Photoshop. Helping Everyday People Scan, Restore, Organize, Preserve and Share Your Photographs. How To Scan Negatives Using A Standard Scanner. JPEG File Format Myths and Facts. With the explosion of scanners, digital cameras and the World Wide Web, the JPEG image format has quickly become the most widely used digital image format. It's also the most misunderstood.

Learn When to Use JPEG, GIF, or PNG with This Graphic. 7 Photo-Printing Apps to Save Your Memories Forever. The digital age is a curse of overabundance. With Netflix, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of movies, but often there’s nothing to watch. Scan-your-entire-life-my-top-favorite-tools-i-use-1_1. 33 Incredible Things You Can Do With Your Family Photos. Webinar: Metadata and Digital Images. MICHIGAN FAMILY TRAILS : HOW I SAVE COUSIN CONTACT INFO USING EVERNOTE.

SYLLABUS-Metadata-for-Digital-Images.pdf. One-Step Webpages by Stephen P. Morse. 10 Types of Apps Every Genealogist Should Have. A Simple Four-Part System for Naming Digital Photo Files. CensusTools - Quality Genealogy Spreadsheets for Census, Cemetery and Passenger Manifest Data! 5 Mobile Apps for the Avid Genealogist - RootsBid. Fast Scanner : Free PDF Scan. A New Twist on an Old Trick - Legacy News.