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(2) Three Ways To Protect Photos In Your Family Tree. Have a great genealogy weekend! What projects are you working on? Grondahl: Russian hackers no match for digital archivist. When a ransomware cryptovirus that originated in Russia struck the Fulton History newspaper website Sept. 7 in Oswego County, it caused one of the world's most extensive newspaper digitization projects, more than 44 million pages worth, to crash.

Grondahl: Russian hackers no match for digital archivist

In an instant, Tom Tryniski's astonishing accomplishment — homegrown and hand-built across 20 years of relentless toil and an investment of tens of thousands of dollars – seemed to have been obliterated by rogue hackers. It was a vicious attack that locked up with sophisticated encryption all his hard drives containing more than 50 terabytes of data. He anticipated an ultimatum by the hackers: Pay a hefty ransom or watch his passion project get destroyed. There was one hitch. The hackers did not realize who they were up against: a 69-year-old self-taught computer expert and retired IT engineer. "It was far more lethal than a regular virus. It is his life's work. "They know me and I got good deals on both machines," he said. How to Store Print Photographs So They Last for Generations.

VueScan Scanner Software for macOS Catalina, Windows 10, and Linux. Permanent Online Photo and Video Storage. Front/Back Photo Linking in MemoryWeb. Episode 58: Organizing Your Photos with Christopher Desmond of MemoryWeb. I have thousands of pictures on my desktop, my phone, and online.

Episode 58: Organizing Your Photos with Christopher Desmond of MemoryWeb

Finding exactly the right image to share with relatives was a nightmare. It could take days to scroll through all the pictures for just the right one. Then Christopher Desmond introduced me to MemoryWeb. I remember thinking how can one product do so much AND be designed for genealogists? MemoryWeb is one of my tools. A big thanks to Christopher and Nancy Desmond for being a sponsor of the The Photo Detective Podcast. In this episode, Christopher and I talk about organizing digital photos and how you can do that with MemoryWeb. Related Episodes: Links: Special Offer link: the Shoebox 1 — DIGITIZING YOUR PHOTOSUnlock the Shoebox 2 — ORGANIZING YOUR PHOTOSSign up for my newsletter.Watch my YouTube Channel.

About My Guest: Christopher Desmond is an entrepreneur with a background in global business economics. My Top Favorite Tools I Use. To download, click on the thumbnail image of the guide (above) to load it in your internet browser.If you aren't seeing the thumbnail image above, or it's not working when you click on it, try clicking on this link instead: Download Ebook Guide.With either link, a new browser tab or window will open (depending on how your browser settings are setup) and the guide will start to download for you.

My Top Favorite Tools I Use

(The file is approximately 5 MB's in size, so please be patient. It could take anywhere from several seconds to a minute or more for the guide to appear in your browser depending on your current internet speed)With the downloaded guide now viewable in your browser, you just need to find the option to download or save this file to your storage drive. Look around for a download icon button, either at the top or bottom of your viewing window. Button examples: Firefox Print and Download Buttons at top of browser. Safari Open in Preview and Download Buttons. Scan Your Entire Life Membership. The course teaches you how to scan your photos and documents using a flatbed photo scanner and a desktop computer.

Scan Your Entire Life Membership

I teach the course using the mid-level Epson V600 Photo from their Perfection line of scanners. And I demonstrate using the “Epson Scan” scanning software that is included with all Epson Perfection scanners. You don't need to have this same model of scanner or even an Epson branded scanner. Of course, understand it will be easier for you if you do have any one of the Epson Perfection models and the “Epson Scan” software because what I'm showing you in the lessons will directly relate to what you are seeing on your computer screen.

For those using scanners made by another manufacturer — such as Canon — you'll find most of the settings in their scanning software is very close to that of Epson's. Scan your entire life my top favorite tools i use 1 1. How to digitize and archive your entire family photo collection : howto. Stevens – Ancestorville Genealogy. Unknown Civil War Faces are Being Identified Through Facial Recognition App. Civil War Photo Sleuth (CWPS) is a perfect mixture between passion for our history and advanced technology.

Unknown Civil War Faces are Being Identified Through Facial Recognition App

Using new facial recognition software developed by computer scientist and historian Kurt Luther, the aim of the project is to identify faces from the past, particularly the Civil War. An enormous number of photographs were taken in this period, as it also coincided with new developments in the field of photography. History enthusiasts or family members from all over the world can now participate in building a platform that will help recognize anonymous faces from the four-years-long conflict. Alchemist. Old Pictures Never Die - Recent blog posts - Vivid-Pix Blog - Vivid-Pix. CHEAT SHEET Metadata for Digital Images. Announcing the Scan Your Entire Life Membership and Training Course! PHOTOPRESERVATIONQA. About APPO - The Photo Organizers.

Welcome to The Photo Organizers, where you’ll find helpful photo organizing tips from Professional Photo Organizers across the globe!

About APPO - The Photo Organizers

We remember how we felt when we took those photos that we cherish the most. We remember all of the wonder, pride, and excitement we experienced when we view and share birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, vacations, and other special moments with ones that we love. Most importantly, we remember that our photos have the power to tell the stories of our lives, wordlessly and eloquently. That’s why we created this space, where we can provide you with photo organizing tips and tricks to make the most of your photographic memories. The Photo Organizers are a community of personal and professional photo organizers who provide assistance to people like you–people who feel overwhelmed with all of their photos and digital media. Save Family Photos Did You Make This Common Mistake When Scanning Your Family Photos? (Here's How to Fix It!) - Save Family Photos. Whether you’re scanning your film, printed photos, and documents at home or using a professional scanning company, you will undoubtedly be faced with this perplexing issue: Scanning doesn’t actually archive information about your photo.

Save Family Photos Did You Make This Common Mistake When Scanning Your Family Photos? (Here's How to Fix It!) - Save Family Photos

That’s right, digitizing your vintage family photos isn’t enough. It’s no different than discovering an old photo album only to realize that no living person could possibly identify the people depicted, let alone their stories. Invert colors online. CraftIdea photo in a mason jar. No Photo? No Problem! Scan Your Photo Negatives And Bring The Past To Life! – Treasure Chest Thursday – Fountaindale Public Library Genealogy & Research Blog. My family doesn’t have a lot of older photographs.

My paternal grandma remedied this from about 1942 onward, but the bulk of earlier thing, are simply not around. “We had some at some point,” my grandma, great aunts, and older cousins used to say. “But Aunt Clara (my great-grandmother’s younger sister) was a pistol. She burned nearly everything of Grandma Masson’s before mother had a chance to go over there and take everything away.” This is the universe’s way of taunting me, the family genealogist. My mother taunted me again with the promise of “A whole bunch of Dudek photographs,” which again, are virtually non-resistant.

Invert colors online. Untitled. EBOOK Digitization Options for Family Photos. Add Watermark to Photos Online. Photo Metadata IPTC. Share, store and print your family photos for generations. The Photo Organizers. Want to add metadata to your digital photos?

The Photo Organizers

Caroline Guntur of Organizing Photos will help you establish an efficient workflow to help speed up the process. In my first post on the topic of metadata, I hoped to peek your interest at why you should pay attention to it, and why it’s essential for your photos to contain it. In this post, I aim to give you some ideas on how you can work a bit more efficiently when adding metadata. Organizing photos isn’t always a quick task, so when we can speed up the process a bit, we should do that. Using irfanview with census images. Google Maps Will Help You Learn More About Your Ancestors. By Jodi Bash Have you ever taken a really long road trip?

Google Maps Will Help You Learn More About Your Ancestors

The kind that takes days to get where you’re going? It’s not as common anymore with cheap, safe air travel. I love the road trip personally – no time constraints, no restrictions on shampoo bottle size, no turbulence! Genealogy HowTo - Issue Apr 20, 2017 - Newsletter. By Cynthia Carman The internet has become the premier place for libraries to publish their catalogs and in many cases provide the printed, graphic, or index resource online.

Genealogy HowTo - Issue Apr 20, 2017 - Newsletter

What a boost for the genealogist! Gone are the days of scouring through volumes of books for a reference to a book or other record about your family. Genealogy Research Guides emphasize the importance of searching for your family in compiled records. 5 Tech Tools That Will Revolutionize Your Genealogy. Find out how these award-winning genealogy technology tools, introduced at FamilySearch's RootsTech conference, will change how you do genealogy research.

Designed to encourage innovative technology tools in the family history industry, FamilySearch’s Innovator Showdown is a highlight of its annual RootsTech genealogy conference in Salt Lake City each winter. This year, more than 40 applicants from the United States and Europe vied for nearly $200,000 in cash and prizes sponsored by Amazon Web Services, the Kickstarter Seed Fund, the Sorenson Legacy Foundation and others. How To Save Family Photos From Magnetic Photo Albums. Don't let magnetic photo albums destroy your family photos. Question: What should I do with my old magnetic photo albums? Most of the pictures are from the 1970s, and now have an orange cast. They’re either falling out of the books or stuck tight to the pages. I’ve heard freezing might loosen the glue. Save Family Photos Did You Make This Common Mistake When Scanning Your Family Photos? (Here's How to Fix It!) - Save Family Photos.

5 Simple Ways to Organize Your Digital Family Photos. Tips & Tools to Get Digitized Family Pictures Organized Now that you know how to scan family photos, create photo backups and make easy edits to your family pictures using online photo editors, it’s time to figure out the best digital family photo organizing method for you. There are many tips out there to help you organize family photos that are saved to your computer, but in the end, it comes down to efficiency and simplicity so you are more apt to stick with this very crucial part of your family history research.

These simple tips and free tools will help you get your digital family memories organized right now and keep them that way well into the future. 1.) 5 Photo Scanning Mistakes to Stop Making Now. These Photo Scanning Faux Pas Should be Avoided at All Costs Scanning your old family photos can be a simple way to ensure that your family memories are preserved for future generations. Not only that, but digitizing family pictures allows you to archive photos more efficiently, helps with editing and restoring faded family memories, and makes online family tree creation even easier. Because preserving your family photos is such an important part of the family history research process, there are some common behaviors you should avoid that could prohibit you from creating quality and accessible scans. Whether you’ve just started scanning your family photos, or are deep into the digitization process, the following common family photo scanning faux pas should be avoided at all costs to ensure your digitized family memories remain picture perfect for a lifetime.

Save Family Photos Did You Make This Common Mistake When Scanning Your Family Photos? (Here's How to Fix It!) - Save Family Photos. Using irfanview with census images. Alison Taylor, Pictures and Stories. How to Save Grandma’s Love Letters – Ancestry Blog. “Dearest Anne,” the letter began. Using irfanview with census images. Progeny Genealogy Product Purchase Receipt. 13 Sep 2016. Links. Links The Master Genealogist (TMG) TMG Websites, Mailing Lists, Message Boards, and Archives UFT and TMG (from Chuck Wolfram's website) UFT Websites, Mailing Lists, Message Boards, and Archives Editor's Note: Most of the following no longer exists, but good information does exist in the archives of the UFT mailing list. Back up Genealogy Data & Media life span! - Sherlock's Genealogical Adventures.

Maureen Taylor the Photodetective. Cloud Syncing Genealogy Databases. The Easy, Low-Tech Way to Label Scanned Photos - Amy Johnson Crow. StoryScans talking images - enrich your scans with audio. StoryScans Activation Key. Kitty Cooper's Blog. Today I sent the following email to a newly found DNA cousin match at ancestry whose great-grandmother lived right next door to my family in Kristiansand, Norway in the late 1800s. She moved to the U.S.A just a year after they did (1884 and 1885) and lived a block away from where my grandad eventually lived on Ovington Ave in Brooklyn, N.Y. Comparison of genealogy software. General information[edit] Terry's TMG Tips - New Computer or Version. This page updated 30 Jul 2014. WordPress for Genealogy: Adding a Lineage Snapshot Box to Blog Posts About Ancestors, Part I. Copyright Fair Use and How it Works for Online Images. How to Print a 9 Generations of Your Family Tree on a Fan Chart.

Optimizing your Ancestry Experience. Photomyne. Using Google Image Search in Your Research - Lisa Lisson. Genealogy's Star: Shotbox - High Quality Photo Setup for Preserving Documents and Artifacts. Learn When to Use JPEG, GIF, or PNG with This Graphic. Genealogy: Digital Camera Checklist for Research. Learn How To Remove Anything From A Photo Using Photoshop. Helping Everyday People Scan, Restore, Organize, Preserve and Share Your Photographs. How To Scan Negatives Using A Standard Scanner. JPEG File Format Myths and Facts. Learn When to Use JPEG, GIF, or PNG with This Graphic. 7 Photo-Printing Apps to Save Your Memories Forever. Scan-your-entire-life-my-top-favorite-tools-i-use-1_1. 33 Incredible Things You Can Do With Your Family Photos. Webinar: Metadata and Digital Images. MICHIGAN FAMILY TRAILS : HOW I SAVE COUSIN CONTACT INFO USING EVERNOTE. SYLLABUS-Metadata-for-Digital-Images.pdf. One-Step Webpages by Stephen P. Morse. 10 Types of Apps Every Genealogist Should Have.

A Simple Four-Part System for Naming Digital Photo Files. CensusTools - Quality Genealogy Spreadsheets for Census, Cemetery and Passenger Manifest Data! 5 Mobile Apps for the Avid Genealogist - RootsBid. Fast Scanner : Free PDF Scan. A New Twist on an Old Trick - Legacy News.