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The mysterious origins of that genealogy poem - Past Presence. This week, I came across this post and shared it, thinking this is so me.

The mysterious origins of that genealogy poem - Past Presence

On closer examination, this quote is a photo of a door or window, and quite possibly posted on the offices of the French Canadian Heritage Society. But where did it come from? Like a good genealogist, I first turned to Google for some answers. And there were lots of answers… but perhaps not a lot of right answers. The prose poem has been variously attributed to Tom Dunn (editor), Melody Hall (editor), Della M.

Personally, I give kudos to Della JoAnn McGinnis Johnson, whose post here claim authorship, and whose work also includes A Grandmother’s Tale. Scots-Irish Genealogy Websites, Books and Organizations. Scot-Irish genealogy is the process of tracing your American ancestors across the Atlantic to one of the nine counties of the Irish province of Ulster.

Scots-Irish Genealogy Websites, Books and Organizations

The general assumption is that everyone who came from Ulster had ancestors in Scotland. This is not entirely true. Protestants from Scotland were the majority of settlers in Ulster, but Protestants from England and France also settled there. And of course, despite the hardships they faced, many native Irish remained in Ulster, especially in Counties Donegal, Cavan, and Monaghan. Over the course of time, people changed religions and intermarried, so you may discover that your ancestors do not fit the standard story line of the Scots-Irish. One thing that makes genealogy for the Scots-Irish different from other types is that general direction of the research flow is known: America – Ireland – Scotland.

Do you know where to look for your Scots-Irish ancestors? Scots-Irish Websites Belfast Newsletter newspaper index, 1737-1800 Eneclann. Ordering the SS-5: 2020 style. New online ordering system There’s good news and bad news on the “please may I have a copy of that application for a Social Security number” front.

Ordering the SS-5: 2020 style

The bad news is, all of us — The Legal Genealogist included — are going to have to get used to a whole new ordering system for the form known as the SS-5. The good news is, it’s a really easy system, and the fee of $21 whether you do or don’t have a Social Security number is less than what it’s been historically, and is reasonable considering what we might get from this document type. Now… let’s back up a minute and go over, again, what this is all about. (I say again because this isn’t the first time this has come up.) Index. Quick Tip #5: Start your digital file name with a year - Organize Your Family History. Here’s the next in my series of bite-size Quick Tips.

Quick Tip #5: Start your digital file name with a year - Organize Your Family History

Click on the Quick Tips tag for my other Quick Tips. Because I tend to write longer posts, I wanted to provide a quick-to-read (and quick-to-write) high-impact post every couple of weeks. This one has worked well for me and is worth consideration. Randall County Story - Page 5. A Short History Of St.

Randall County Story - Page 5

Paul Lutheran By Pastor Samuel H. Nafzger The first Lutheran pastor to serve the Panhandle area was the Rev. A. M. Pastor Schmidt and Richard Deffner served the Lutherans in Randall County until 1918, when St. At this time Pastor Frerking from Trinity Lutheran in Amarillo was asked to serve Canyon until a new pastor could be called. On December 17, 1952 St. Since Sept. 1967 Pastor Samuel H. St. Canyon Church Women Organize In 1939. How To Search GenealogyBank Newspaper Records. Websites now make it easy to search through millions of old newspaper pages.

How To Search GenealogyBank Newspaper Records

GenealogyBank has one of the largest collections of digitized US newspapers: more than 7,000 titles from all 50 states, dating from 1690 to the present. They’re in two collections: Newspaper Archives 1690-Current Recent Newspaper Obituaries 1977-Today Another collection, Historical Documents, contains the American State Papers and the US Serial Set, both of which you can search for free on the Library of Congress website. (GenealogyBank lists military records and “Revolutionary and Civil War Pension Requests” among its historical documents. GenealogyBank Search Techniques 1. The search form at the top of GenealogyBank’s home page lets you search all its collections at once, or scroll down to select a specific collection. Try adding a middle name or initial, and searching with first and middle initials, such as J. The Advanced Search lets you add a range of years, such as 1880 to 1910, or July 1880 to Jan. 1910. The Breaking Point for the Native-Americans – Alabama Pioneers.

The following is an Excerpt from ALABAMA FOOTPRINTS: Confrontation – (Excerpt continued below) The Breaking Point The hunting grounds of the Creeks once stretched across Georgia; but by treaties, first with Georgia and then with the United States, the bounds had been narrowed until in 1800 they were the Tennessee river, the western half of Georgia, and the Mississippi.

The Breaking Point for the Native-Americans – Alabama Pioneers

Territory. Benjamin Hawkins presided as agent for the United States over the Native Americans at the time. Online Records: March 2019 Genealogy Podcast Episode 130. This month’s theme: online records This month, we’re talking about finding online records with your host, Lisa Louise Cooke.

Online Records: March 2019 Genealogy Podcast Episode 130

This Month in Family History with Andrew Koch.

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