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14 Verschwörungstheorien, die Dir endlich die Welt erklären. Peer Girls 1989-1990 - English Russia. In the 1980s there was such a magazine – “Sverstnitsa” (“Peer Girl”).

Peer Girls 1989-1990 - English Russia

It published photos of girls aged 17-19. This selection of scanned photos are taken from the magazines dated January 1989 – December 1990. Tatiana, make-up artist Olya, fashion designer Anya, student. Literary Ink: Famous Authors and Their Tattoos. WTF is Wrong with These People? « ROGUE LIBRARIAN. Reading reports of books challenged and banned usually makes my stomach turn, but once in a while there’s one that makes my blood boil.

WTF is Wrong with These People? « ROGUE LIBRARIAN

The Annville-Cleona School Board in Pennsylvania recently voted unanimously to ban from two elementary school libraries The Dirty Cowboy, a picture book written by Amy Timberlake and illustrated by Adam Rex. It’s a clever, fun story about a young cowboy who instructs his dog to watch his clothes while he takes his annual bath. When the cowboy emerges from his bath in the river, the dog does not recognize his familiar smell and refuses to give back his clothes. The board voted unanimously (8-0) at its April 19th meeting to remove the book based on the objection of one student’s parents.

An evaluation committee consisting of teachers, administrators, and board members met last week to review the book and recommended its removal. The Dirty Cowboy received starred reviews in the Bulletin for the Center for Children’s Books, Kirkus, and Publisher’s Weekly. Welcome to Method of Action. Bookworm arXiv. Mapped: British, Spanish and Dutch Shipping 1750-1800. I recently stumbled upon a fascinating dataset which contains digitised information from the log books of ships (mostly from Britain, France, Spain and The Netherlands) sailing between 1750 and 1850.

Mapped: British, Spanish and Dutch Shipping 1750-1800

The creation of this dataset was completed as part of the Climatological Database for the World’s Oceans 1750-1850 (CLIWOC) project. The routes are plotted from the lat/long positions derived from the ships’ logs. I have played around with the original data a little to clean it up (I removed routes where there was a gap of over 1000km between known points, and only mapped to the year 1800).

As you can see the British (above) and Spanish and Dutch (below) had very different trading priorities over this period. What fascinates me most about these maps is the thousands (if not millions) of man hours required to create them. These maps were produced with the latest version of R‘s ggplot2, maptools, geosphere and png packages.

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Freiwild. HOME. MAKE: technology on your time. I’m Not Hanging Noodles on Your Ears Jag Bhalla Book Trailer. Brain Pickings. Andrea Gibson- How It Ends. Glaubwc3bcrdigkeit-cdu.jpg 599×391 Pixel. Beyond Skin Blog. The Revolutionist - Magazine. The secret architect of the Arab Spring casts an eye on Occupy Wall Street.

The Revolutionist - Magazine

Fabrizio Giraldi/Luzphoto late last year, while visiting the United States to accept his nomination as one of Foreign Policy magazine’s top 100 global thinkers, Srdja Popovic took time to talk with a number of Occupy Wall Street activists in New York. He left those conversations with a mixed impression. “The good news,” Popovic, a wiry Serb, told me, “is that for the first time in many years, something has awakened the enthusiasm and the activism in this country, which is not typically an activist society.” Yet he added that Occupy had to make sure it got three things exactly right: a clear vision of tomorrow, a clear plan for pursuing that vision, and a clear understanding that whatever happens in New York or Boston or Denver is connected to a larger global movement that stretches from the alleyways of Cairo to the beaches of the Maldives.

Kryptographie: Informatiker entschlüsseln 250 Jahre alte Geheimschrift. Der "Codex Copiale" wurde nach dem Ende des Kalten Krieges in einem Ostberliner Archiv entdeckt.

Kryptographie: Informatiker entschlüsseln 250 Jahre alte Geheimschrift

Es besteht aus 105 vergilbten Seiten, die mit 75.000 Zeichen beschrieben sind. Bislang erschien es unmöglich, den Code zu knacken. Jetzt gelang es Kevin Knight von der USC Viterbi School of Engineering, Beáta Megyesi und Christiane Schäfer von der Universität Uppsala in Schweden und einem internationalen Informatikerteam, die Bedeutung der Geheimschrift zu entschlüsseln. Zunächst wurde eine maschinenlesbare Version des Textes erstellt, um eine Quantifizierung bestimmter Symbole und anderer Muster vornehmen zu können. Die Forscher wussten nicht einmal, in welcher Sprache das verschlüsselte Dokument geschrieben wurde. Abduktionsforschung. Abduktionshomepage, Uwe Wirth. Was will Ihnen diese Fehlermeldung sagen?

Abduktionshomepage, Uwe Wirth

Daß die Seite nicht angezeigt werden kann. Das kann verschiedene Gründe haben: Durch den neuen Webauftritt der Uni Frankfurt kann es vorkommen, dass Sie einige Seiten nicht mehr aufrufen können. Es handelt sich um Seiten, die nicht in den neuen Auftritt mit umgezogen sind. Bucketlist » 10,000 things to do before you die.

Codex Copiale. Textseiten 16 und 17 Beschreibung[Bearbeiten] Der Codex umfasst 105 Seiten mit insgesamt etwa 75.000 Schriftzeichen und ist auf hochwertigem Papier geschrieben und in einen reich verzierten Einband aus grün-goldenem Brokatpapier gebunden.

Codex Copiale

Die Seiten sind mit arabischen Ziffern paginiert. Abbildungen oder Hinweise auf den Inhalt fehlen. Der Text ist von einem geübten Schreiber mit wenigen Korrekturen sauber und deutlich niedergeschrieben.