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Locks Twists Tresses Salon - Belles Locks. Dreadlocks. The twitter world is abound with tons and tons of people with who have locks and natural hair.


One of my favorite tweeps is @FreakzNGeekz. I love her blog because she doesn’t have any cut cards – she gets right to the heart of the matter. Make sure to check her out! Her latest post is on the male perspective of Tantric Sex (yum!). @FreakzNGeekz has been kind enough to share some of the wonderful locked styles she’s had. Always remember: your locked hairstyles are only limited by your imagination. The Braid-Out Braid outs are the most simple locked hairstyle that you can accomplish (and the one I wear most often!). When I style my hair in braid outs, I always start with a clean head of hair. Braid Out Bantu Knots (Zulu Knots) Bantu Knots are wonderful, especially if you love textured hair but don’t want the hassle of additional styling (the set of the braid out) or rollers. In order to create Bantu Knots, start with a clean head of hair. Bantu Knot - Up Bantu Knot Up - profile Pin Curl: Top. Black Hair Styles and Information:

Dudu Osun- Savon noir Africain *cleanin the dreaddies* ~ Runboard. A mama on another forum shared this and says it gets so much dirt and gunk out of your dreads and conditions em real well. alot of people replied and said when they rinsed their dreads alot of mucky brown stuff came out and it seems to take out the dirt and oil junk. i have yet to try it but thought i;d share "This works sooo good~ and most of you probably have all the stuff available right now so try it out !

*cleanin the dreaddies* ~ Runboard

~ Get a BIG bowl of warm water, mix in about 3/4 c of baking soda, 8-9 drops of tea tree oil, 2 T of lemon juice, and 2T of salt stir until well dissolved. use a squirt bottle or something to apply to your scalp and soak all your dreads real well ~ wrap up in a towel and let them sit for like 1/2 an hour or so ~ then rinse( and rinse again ). Now I dunno if I just have really dirty dreadies or something but when I rinsed my hair the water was muddy brown ~ gross!

~ It deep cleans the middle of the dread I guess. I do this like once a month now. Locs. Nothing dread about it! Dreadlock Hairstyles for Black Women. Flat twisted dreadlocks are attractive.

Dreadlock Hairstyles for Black Women

Source There is no need to be in a style rut when wearing dreadlocks, because there are many different dreadlock hairstyles for black women. Dreadlocks are considered one of the natural black hair styles that can be styled in virtually any way that is achieved by wearing box braids. Dreadlocks that are thinner are easier to style than thick dreadlocks because they can be maneuvered more easily.

Short Dreadlock Hairstyles for Black Women. Loc-Licious Fridays: Beautiful Brides. It's that time of the year where the relationship statuses on Facebook change from "In a relationship" to "Engaged" to "Married. " I have come to the age where I see such an update on a friend's timeline on a daily basis. Even though I am nowhere near that stage in my life, it's nice to see that there is so much love all around.

So for Loc-Licious Fridays, this post goes out to the brides-to-be with natural hair and locks. What I love to see is the different natural hairstyles for brides, and the styles are so pretty that a bride can go with or without a veil and still look fabulous. Below are hairstyles that I have found on various websites that give women some great ideas on what to do with their hair on one of the most special days of their lives. HairStyles: Dreadlocks - AfricanSeer News and Information Portal. The Loc Bun. From the Jamaica Gleaner, 2011 Ever seen that beautiful flawless updo that blossoms in the back with locs pulled into a tight bun?

The Loc Bun

This style needs medium-length to longer locs. Here’s how to do it…. Take locs and pull them back into a ponytail but just secure it with one hand.Use a mesh doughnut (like these) and push the hanging locs through the hole. When you’re done, the doughnut will be your ponytail “holder.” Start to wrap the locs over the doughnut hole section at a time. Voila! This heart-shaped do is perfect for saying "I do"! Like this: Like Loading...