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Shampoo Bar Soap Recipe - Nightly

Shampoo Bar Soap Recipe - Nightly
I begin my journey into soap making almost 2 years ago. It all started when I read this post and began to understand how easy and cost-effective making my own really is! I am by no means a soap making expert. I usually stick to pretty basic recipes and I haven’t experimented much with scents or creative designs. Hot processed soap is the way to go for me. Determine Your Method There are so many recipes and soap-making methods out there. I would also recommend borrowing a few of these books from the library if you really find yourself wanting to know more: Handcrafted Soap by Dolores BooneThe Soapmaker’s Companion by Susan Miller CavitchThe Natural Soap Book by Susan Miller Cavitch Why shampoo bar soap and not just baking soda? What a great question! I have long hair and I was so frustrated. I really didn’t want to be dependent on store-bought shampoo! So I set out to create a solution! Purchase these handcrafted Herbal Silk Shampoo Bars via Roots + Reverie on Etsy. Gather The Supplies Alright! Related:  Hair CareShampoo!

Hair Mask Recipe – Longer Fuller Softer Silky Hair Print this Post Long, glorious, beautiful, shiny hair…isn’t that every woman’s dream at one point or another ? Summer and Winter tend to be the harshest seasons that can take a toll on your hairs health. Summer: exposure to harsh chlorine, long hours spent soaking in the hot sun and overuse of styling products, your hair is bound to brittle and screaming for moisture. Winter: exposure to extreme temperature differences, heavy winds and even snow can rob your hair of it’s moisture and natural shine. No need to buy fancy hair masks, when you can find everything you need in your kitchen. Combine: 1 tsp. honey 2 tsp. olive oil 1 -2 tsp. coconut oil 1 large egg Massage into dry hair with your fingertips ( boosts circulation to the scalp ) Let it soak in nourishing your hair for at least 10 to 15 minutes… longer the better Shampoo your hair as you normally would and finish with your favorite conditioner Spectrum Refined Organic Coconut Oil — 14 fl oz ( Multi-Pack)

No-Poo Alternatives to Baking Soda – Some Recipes If you’re a die-hard no poo-er (if you think that means some bizarre practice of forced constipation, then you’re not…) that gets tired of using baking soda as shampoo because it has no poo (you miss the suds) or because your hair or scalp is starting to get dry, then this post is for YOU! So, I haven’t washed my hair with shampoo for a year and eight months, using only baking soda/water as “shampoo” and apple cider vinegar as conditioner (see my no-poo post here). It keeps my hair squeaky clean and I’ve been very happy with it (I promise – it’s not disgusting!). The price is right (cheapest thing EVER!) and it really works to clean (contrary to what one might think). Except for one thing – my hair is dry. I’ve had to use a lot of styling cream and oils to replenish the moisture and even then, it’s gotten drier. I look like a gelada baboon without moisture. Keep in mind that my hair is thick, very curly, very dry and coarse. Diluted Liquid Castile Soap – Good for All Hair Types Some Notes

Conditioning Herbal Vinegar Hair Rinse A few months ago I shared with you my love for washing my hair with homemade shampoo bars! Today I want to follow up that post with my conditioning herbal vinegar rinse in order to round out my family’s natural hair care routine and hopfully give you a little inspiration. Click this link to see my handmade shampoo bars… Simply put…we use vinegar and herbs to condition our hair. Using vinegar as part of your natural hair care routine will restore it’s natural shine and leave the hair follicle full of life! Vinegar also acts to improve circulation in the smallest capillaries of the bloodstream — this helps bring the blood supply, along with all of the nutrients and oxygen, to the scalp. Rosemary is an excellent hair cleanser and stimulates hair growth. The Recipe Directions: 1. 2. 4. 6. 8. How to use this Conditioning Herbal Vinegar Hair Rinse After shampooing and rinsing your hair, spray the herbal rinse on your hair and massage into your scalp.Avoid the eyes! Notes -Variations include:

DIY Herbal Goddess Soapnuts Shampoo - TheHippyHomemaker When I first learned about making my own shampoo with soapnuts, I was very excited. I have been on a journey this year to learn the many ways that I can no-poo my hair and soapnuts was on the list to try out. After I first made this shampoo, I haven’t turned back. My hair is super soft after using this shampoo, and didn’t cause me to have to detox again with my no-poo regime. This has been my favorite herbal shampoo to date! Soapnuts are gentle on hair and no-poo safe As we learned in my last post on The Many Uses of Soapnuts, soapnuts are a very gentle and effective option for those who have allergies to the chemicals in synthetic detergent soaps. Herbal Goddess Soapnuts Shampoo 2 cups distilled water (I love to replace the water in this recipe with hydrosol, coconut milk, or aloe Vera juice when I have them on hand!) Combine distilled water, soap nuts, and marshmallow root in a small pan. I am learning all about herbalism online and you can too!

Natural Recipes: Hair Care... make your own natural hair recipes at home! Warning: Should be avoided by those with ragweed and pollen allergies Great for blondes to brighten light hair! Ingredients: 4 tablespoons pure soap flakes 1 1/2 tablespoons glycerin Directions: Steep the tea bags in 1 1/2 cups of boiled water for 20 minutes. 1/2 cup Cornstarch Sprinkle the cornstarch in your hair or use a large make up brush to dust into hair. This is great for oily hair. 1 peeled and mashed Avocado 1 cup Coconut milk Combine mashed avocado with some coconut milk in a small bowl. 1 cup rose floral water 1 tablespoon jojoba oil 10 drops vitamin E oil In the top of a double boiler, gently warm the rose water. 1 tsp honey 2 Tbsps olive oil 1 egg yolk. Mix all ingredients in small bowl. 1 egg yolk 1/2 tsp olive oil 3/4 cup lukewarm water Beat egg yolk until it is thick and light colored. 1/2 cup mayo Rinse and towel dry. Fruit Salad Deep Conditioner Chamomile for Blonde Hair Apple Cider Build-up Remover Natural Hair Care Recipes Note: This is amazing!!!! Copyright © Ingredients

A Fourth Leaf: Leave-in Hair Growth Treatment Since donating my hair, I've had an obsession with attempting to grow my hair the longest I can in the fastest way. In a previous post, I made a wash-out oil treatment. This treatment has a lot of the same ingredients, but it's a daily leave-in spray. So obviously I didn't make enough to fill this spray bottle, but in my defense, I was going to use a smaller bottle. Here's what you'll need and an estimation of how much of each I used: 2 bags - Camomile tea (make sure it's 100% camomile) or Peppermint tea 1/2 tbs - Dry Rosemary leaves 5 tsp - Lemon juice (from the bottle or the real thing) I added this to lighten my hair - you may skip it if you wish. 1 cup - water (Just a side note, chamomile will lighten hair - especially if exposed to heat or sun.) Heat up your water and put in into a cup or jar to steep with the two chamomile tea bags. Take the Rosemary leaves and grind them as fine as possible. Remove the tea bags and stir in the lemon juice! Now stir in the Rosemary leaves.

pH Balanced Shampoo Recipe pH Balanced Shampoo Recipe UPDATE: (Mar. 2015) I get a LOT of questions about this recipe. Some people love what it does for their hair. Other try waiting through the detox and still can’t get results they love. I wish I had the answer, but natural hair care is tricky. In fact, you can read about some of the common hair issues and what I now recommend for natural hair care in this post. My all natural shampoo recipe is one of my more popular posts. Especially when one of YOU guys helped me see the better solution. My original shampoo recipe, like so many out there online, uses a base of castile soap. Luckily, there are more options. The comment that helped my poor little scalp Some months ago I got a comment from a reader named Amanda on my shampoo recipe. Why restoring your scalp’s pH is important I did a little research and found some amazing information on the importance of proper pH for your scalp. Your scalp, like your skin, ranges in pH between a 4 and 7. Fear not! Ingredients 1. 2.

Create a Pebble Mosaic Mix mortar in batches Mortar, rather than concrete, must be used in mosaics. There’s sand in the mixture but no gravel, so it’s smoother than concrete and adheres well to the stones. To install a mosaic I work with small batches of mortar one bag at a time, covering a 3- or 4-square-foot area. To prepare the mortar, I use a wheelbarrow and a hose with a spray nozzle. When a batch of mortar is the consistency of stiff pudding, I pour it on the layer of compacted gravel. I pay a lot of attention to how the stones fit together. After I've embedded rocks into an area of wet mortar that's begun to set, I place a piece of 1/2-inch-thick contractor's-grade plywood over my work and step on it to press the pebbles to a level even with the top of the form (slideshow photo #8). The slower the mortar cures, the stronger it will be. If a pebble in a mosaic gets dislodged later and I want to reattach it, I mix up a small amount of a polymer product called Thinset, which is used for setting tile.

Why I don't no poo with baking soda or castile soap anymore | Healthy Vegas Vegan Here’s Part 2 in my “No-Poo” series. In Part 1, I told you why it’s worth avoiding commercial shampoos and going the diy route. In this article, find out why I no longer use either baking soda or castile soap to wash my hair. Plus the one reason it may not work for you and what you should consider before going that route. Going shampoo-free reduces your exposure to chemicals, is cheaper, and uses less products. I used baking soda for a few weeks and would not go back to it because I felt like it wasn’t good for my hair. In the next post in this series, I’ll give you the simple recipe for the herbal hair rinse I’m currently in love with and that (in my opinion) blows “no-poo” out of the water (metaphorically). Baking Soda and Vinegar: the gold standard Washing with baking soda and rinsing with apple cider vinegar is the gold standard of crunchy “no-poo” hair care. I tried this for a little while, figuring my hair would eventually balance out. Liquid Castile Soap: the gentler alternative