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Gallery of mystery. Part 2 Peru bronze wheels, described by professor Rafael Larco Hoyle in his work "Peru"; they resemble very much modern gears.

Gallery of mystery

The famous "Kiev astronaut": it's the only European little statue found until now which shows so evident "spatial" features. Two prehistoric Japanese little statues: they represent creatures who wear special space-suits and big helmets joined to the space-suit by a sort of bolt collar. Girltank. Nine Major Ways Criminals Use Facebook. This Friday, Facebook will go public in one of the most anticipated IPOs in history.

Nine Major Ways Criminals Use Facebook

With more than 900 million users, Mark Zuckerberg’s expanding social media empire has become a seemingly irreplaceable part of the online experience. Unfortunately, a byproduct of its success is that millions of Americans are far more exposed to a number of cyber crimes that also teem on the site. Grimm's Fairy Tales. This book contains 209 tales collected by the brothers Grimm.

Grimm's Fairy Tales

The exact print source is unknown. The etext appears to be based on the translation by Margaret Hunt called Grimm's Household Tales, but it is not identical to her edition. CHEJOV PARA TOMAR O PARA LLEVAR. Top 10 strangest phenomena of the mind. At least once in our lives, we all have done or said things that gave us a strong impression that it had happened before.

Top 10 strangest phenomena of the mind

What games does our brain play with us? Here are the top 10 strangest phenomena that occur at times in our mind: 1. Deja vu Deja vu is an experience of having seen or experienced a new situation previously. The Post-Apocalyptic Clownscape That Was Six Flags New Orleans. Urban Legends Reference Pages. Taman Shud Case. Considered "one of Australia's most profound mysteries" at the time,[1] the case has been the subject of intense speculation over the years regarding the identity of the victim, the events leading up to his death, and the cause of death.

Taman Shud Case

Public interest in the case remains significant because of a number of factors: the death occurring at a time of heightened tensions during the Cold War, what appeared to be a secret code on a scrap of paper found in his pocket, the use of an undetectable poison, his lack of identification, and the possibility of unrequited love.

While the case has received the most scrutiny in Australia, it also gained international coverage, as the police widely distributed materials in an effort to identify the body, and consulted with other governments in tracking down leads.[2] Victim[edit] DNA activation 11:11 Cropcircles 2012. Cosmic rays can change DNA!! Human DNA change in 2012 explained.. David Wilcock - "2012 Enigma: Blueprint for a Golden Age" UFO Investigations, UFO News and a UFO Magazine. The 25 Biggest Mysteries of History. Although they say curiosity has the power to somehow kill your cat, it seems that humans are immune.

The 25 Biggest Mysteries of History

We would however, suggest putting Pooky away (just in case) because we are about to unleash the biggest mysteries known to man. Although some of these mysteries are only on the list as a result of their infamy, some are genuinely baffling, and if you manage to solve any of them leave a comment below so that we can cross them off. About David Pegg After helping found the United Nations, the United States, and United Airlines, David consigned himself to a transient life of writing lists and sleeping on park benches. History of the Illuminati. The Illuminati trace their origins back thousands of years to their conception as a result of the genetic inbreeding between a reptilian extraterrestrial race and humanity.

History of the Illuminati

Their modern origin, however, traces back to the 1760s and a man named Adam Weishaupt, who defected from the Catholic church and organized the Illuminati, financed by the International Bankers. Since then, according to the Illuminati, their top goal has been to achieve a “one world government” and to subjugate all religions and governments in the process. The Illuminati thus attribute all wars since the French Revolution as having been fomented by them in their pursuit of their goals.

Weishaupt wrote out a master plan in the 1770s outlining the Illuminati’s goals, finishing on May 1, 1776. According to the Illuminati, this great day is still commemorated by Communist nations in the form of May Day. 40 Extraordinary Things Happening Right Now. Post written by: Marc Chernoff Email Right now is a phenomenon.

40 Extraordinary Things Happening Right Now

Right now extraordinary things are happening. History & Mystery. Paranormal. Aliens, conspirações e etc. Extraterrestrials. 15 Styles of Distorted Thinking. La communauté de l’immortalité à Gavdos. How to Plant Ideas in Someones Mind. Autistic Girl Expresses Profound Intelligence www keepvid com. Skeptically Speaking. Douglas Hofstadter. Douglas Richard Hofstadter (born February 15, 1945) is an American professor of cognitive science whose research focuses on the sense of "I",[2][3] consciousness, analogy-making, artistic creation, literary translation, and discovery in mathematics and physics.

Douglas Hofstadter

He is best known for his book Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid, first published in 1979. It won both the Pulitzer Prize for general non-fiction[4][5] and a National Book Award (at that time called The American Book Award) for Science.[6][a] His 2007 book I Am a Strange Loop won the Los Angeles Times Book Prize for Science and Technology.[7][8][9] Suicide_note. Debunker. A debunker is a person who attempts to expose or discredit claims believed to be false, exaggerated or pretentious.[1] The term is closely associated with skeptical investigation of controversial topics such as U.F.O.s, claimed paranormal phenomena, cryptids, conspiracy theories, alternative medicine, religion, or exploratory or fringe areas of scientific or pseudoscientific research.


According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, to "debunk" is defined as: To expose the falseness or hollowness of (a myth, idea, or belief).To reduce the inflated reputation of (someone), esp. by ridicule: "comedy takes delight in debunking heroes". If debunkers are not careful, their communications may backfire – increasing an audience's long-term belief in myths. The book of Chaos, Discord and Confusion. Joshua Norton. IKER JIMÉNEZ. How to Be a Teenage Spy: 7 steps. Secrets/Spies/Ninjas/Deception/Evil. Richard Wiseman. 25 Things You Should Know About Character. Previous iterations of the “25 Things” series: 25 Things Every Writer Should Know 25 Things You Should Know About Storytelling And now… Here you’ll find the many things I believe — at this moment!

Riddle. Ancient Alien/UFO. Ces héros de roman qui ont vraiment existé. SJarre. The 25 Biggest Mysteries of History. 21 Hidden Secrets of the Illuminati « 100 Musical Footsteps. To celebrate Angels and Demons (dan brown’s latest film), I play a little devil’s advocate here. After all, the Illuminati CONTROL EVERYTHING, don’t they? 1. they control the media. yep, cnn, bbc, fox news, printed pages. Everything 2. they control banking. yep, and deliberately crashed their own financial system.

Out of the chaos, a new world order. 101 Zen Stories. ON THE WAY TO THE DISCLOSING OF MYSTERIOUS POWER OF THE GREAT PYRAMID. Unexplained Phenomenon. The FBI’s Reading Room contains many files of public interest and historical value. In compliance with the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) requirements, some of these records are no longer in the physical possession of the FBI, eliminating the FBI’s capability to re-review and/or re-process this material. Please note, that the information found in these files may no longer reflect the current beliefs, positions, opinions, or policies currently held by the FBI. The image quality contained within this site is subject to the condition of the original documents and original scanning efforts. These older files may contain processing procedures that are not compliant with current FOIA processing standards.

All recently scanned images posted to the Reading Room adhere to the NARA 300 DPI standard. Ancient Aliens Series Info. Critical thinking. Critical thinking is a type of clear, reasoned thinking. According to Beyer (1995) Critical thinking means making clear, reasoned judgements. While in the process of critical thinking, ideas should be reasoned and well thought out/judged.[1] The National Council for Excellence in Critical Thinking defines critical thinking as the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action.

A Brief History of the Skeptic. In January 1981 a new phenomenon burst upon the publishing scene. It was manifested in a four page, tabloid format newspaper, titled the Skeptic and it contained articles headed “Skeptics Test Psychic Surgeon”, “Doris Stokes Wrong — Police” and “Alien Honeycomb Tested”, among others. This issue was followed in August 1981 by No 2, in a new 16 page A4 format, and in November by No 3, also of 16 pages. Thus, in its first year of publication, the Skeptic comprised only three issues. From January 1982, the Skeptic became a quarterly magazine and has remained so ever since, with the number of pages gradually increasing to over 60 pages. Scientific skepticism. CRÓNICA SUBTERRÁNEA: Peter Kolosimo -El Partisano Misterioso. Medieval Occupation Idea for LARPing. JD's Man Stories - an inconvenience is an adventure misperceived.

NASA UFO STS61 - Story Musgrave & "The Space Worm" 14 Things That Never Happen in Real Life: Pics, Videos, Links, News. Ronald Reagan - Threat of ETs among us. Air Force UFO Rules Vanish After Huffington Post Inquiry. Writing Inspiration (history) UFO DIRECTORY. 27 Exact Dates for the End of the World. « Domesticfix. MYSTERY DIRECTORY. Peter Kolosimo. Skepticism. Erich von Däniken. Anomalies-Unlimited Ghosts. Errant Dreams - The Instant Plot Hook. Top 10: los bulos más grandes publicados por los medios españoles.

Se pasan años colando fotos de coña en la sección “Gente” de los periódicos de Castellón. Top eleven: grandes impostores de ayer, hoy y siempre. True ghost stories, demons, vampires, hauntings, paranormals, psychics, and eerie tales. VERY INTERESTING UNKNOWN FACTS. Science, Reason and Critical Thinking. Magonia.

Mysteries, Urban Legends & Conspiracies

Inspirational Stories. Pulp Series Character Reprint Index. 1000 Interesting Facts. .. des choses insolites. Weird sea creatures discovered in Antarctic. 20 Mind Blowing Facts You Probably Didn’t Know. 137 Freaky Wikipedia Entries. Caïds des cités : le nouveau grand banditisme. The Invention of Morel. Jicheng 'Kevin' Liu, Charged With Series Of Thefts, A 'One-Man Crime Wave,' Prosecutors Say. The 7 Greatest (True) Johnny Depp Stories Ever Told. 40 Speeches. How to Ditch Big Brother and Disappear Forever. 15 Things Kurt Vonnegut Said Better Than Anyone Else Ever Has Or Will.

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