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Wine&Spirits Magazine. Wine Ratings, Reviews, Buying Guide,101 Info, Food Pairings, Recipes, Blogs. Guides, Pairings, Spirits. Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog. Vinography: A Wine Blog. Seattle Wine Blog. Wine Peeps: A Wine Blog. Cork'd. Today marks a bittersweet day for Cork’d as we announce it will wind down operations. After 1.5 years, CEO, Lindsay Ronga will move on to other opportunities. “Working with Gary and Jon marked a milestone in my career and I am so thankful for the opportunity. Who knows… at some point we may all reconnect in the future,” says Lindsay. Chairman, Gary Vaynerchuk, explains in this sincere video the details of what Cork’d users can expect. Cork’d Senior Editor, Jon Troutman will continue working in the wine industry with Gary in other capacities, so keep your eyes peeled. Home.