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Fashionable Quote T-Shirts, Hoodies, Long Sleeve Shirts, and Bags by Quote Couture™ How to write universe-conquering proposals AKA: ‘Because I said so’ doesn’t work This is a really long post. But before you TL;DR it, give it a quick skim. The first half is hand-waving stuff about answering ‘Why?’ The second half is specific tips on doing proposals that build imputed value. Writing a great proposal is hard. I use the learning from a fantastic book called Starting With Why, by Simon Sinek. Kids: Nature’s way of teaching us to write great proposals My son turned 12 in March. Harrison’s growing realization that I’m a festering dolt has led him to use one word a lot, in a tone that indicates his complete, biologically-inspired scorn at how stupid I’ve become: Me: Harrison, stop playing video games. To be fair, I’ve only hit the plug-pulling stage once or twice. I tend to exaggerate (cough) so I though I should test just how bad the ‘why’ epidemic is in the Lurie household: I did a quick experiment this week. With kids, we can occasionally get away with “because I said so”. Stop playing it safe They’re asking ‘why?’ meh

Header Checker Tool About the Header Checker Tool Use the HTTP Response Code Checker tool to see which response code your web server is returning for a requested URL. This (header checker tool) can provide valuable information on the status of a requested URL. Simply type or paste the URL in the box below, and then click Ninja Check. Note: There may be more than one response code returned by the HTTP header checker tool if the original URL is redirected to another URL. The most commonly returned HTTP response codes include the following: 200: The page at the URL requested was successfully processed by the web server. 301: The URL requested has been permanently reassigned to another URL, and the page at that URL will be requested. 302: The URL requested has been temporarily reassigned to another URL, and the page at that URL will be requested. 404: The page at the URL requested couldn't be found on the web server. 503: The web server is temporarily unavailable and cannot process the URL request. Rerun this Tool

Cercador paraules claus the ANTHROPOLOGiST 3 Twitter Tools to Enhance Your Marketing Are you looking for tools to help better manage your Twitter presence? Managing your Twitter presence along with your other online networks can be difficult if you have limited resources. In this article, you’ll discover 3 tools to make your basic Twitter marketing tasks easier. #1: Manage and Analyze Your Community with SocialBro Every business needs at least one management tool to manage its Twitter presence, and there are many excellent Twitter management tools to choose from. SocialBro is one of my favorites, thanks to the excellent features it offers. SocialBro offers many features to manage your Twitter account. SocialBro allows you to not only manage your Twitter account, but it also provides you with useful information you can use for your social media strategy. Here are some examples of how to use this cool Twitter tool. Target your business niche When you start to build a community, you’ll want to make sure you follow the right people. Analyze your competitors You’re done!

Keyword Density Analysis Tool Using the Keyword Density Analysis Tool Content matters, not only from an end user perspective, but also from a search engine perspective. The words used on a webpage, including what type (keywords or stop words), how they are used (alone or within phrases) and where they are used (link text or non-link body text), can all influence the value of the page in search. The Keyword Density Analysis Tool, a free SEO tool from Internet Marketing Ninjas, enables you to run a keyword analysis of an existing page on your website. To use the keyword density analysis tool, type or paste a full URL in the text box to view the keyword density analysis of that page. Number of total words on the page Number of linked words Number of non-linked words Number of stop words or very short words used in the non-linked text The SEO keyword density tool displays this data followed by two tables containing keyword density usage. What text is counted Stop words list Rerun this Tool

How to Find the Right Long-Tail Strategy for Your Content Smart, dumb, candybar, flip, and brick: a visual history of mobile phones For most of their history, mobile phones have been shrinking. Small meant portable; it even, in the not too distant past, was a sort of status symbol. Remember Motorola’s runaway hit, the ultra-thin Razr? But something funny happened on the smartphone’s way to success. Years ago, your colleagues might have laughed at you if you couldn’t fit your phone in your pocket. If screen sizes continue to grow, you might want to invest in bigger pockets, a bulkier handbag, a man purse, or even a whole new way to carry your phone. Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that the Razr was Nokia’s runaway hit. How to Simplify Your Social Monitoring Are you looking for easy ways to monitor social mentions of your brand, product or name? You can easily listen to what people are saying online on any topic you want to track. In this article, I’ll discuss two real-time social analytics tools and how they can enhance your monitoring. Get Real-Time Insight Topsy is a search engine that gives real-time insight into online conversations. It uses proprietary data-indexing technology to provide you with not only the most recent search results, but also the most relevant results based on the calculated social influence of the conversation. Once you arrive at Topsy, you can elect to search Twitter, photos, videos, trending topics, expert articles or "everything." One of the great features of using Topsy to search Twitter is that the URLs are automatically expanded when the search results are indexed. What this means is that you can see which tweets are linking back to your website that you might not otherwise see. It’s time to take action. Conclusion

Article Rewriter: Online Paraphrasing Tool to Rewrite Content We live in an informational era, when it is crucial to create unique and interesting content. If you are running an online business, you know how hard it is sometimes to be successful in this field, and that you need to provide a lot of articles of an excellent quality, so that your reader stays with you. It takes a lot of time an effort to create a perfect piece of content, not only should be interesting and exciting, it should be relevant, original and well-written. It takes great writing skills as well a proper knowledge of grammar and spelling to do it constantly. If you want your blog or other types of business to be successful, a creation of the competitive content is your main goal; it should also well-done regarding the search engine’s regulations so that reader can easily find it online. The most efficient way to do so is to write your own articles by yourself, from scratch.

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