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Tech Savvy Tips and Tricks: Taking Screenshots. Taking screenshots.

Tech Savvy Tips and Tricks: Taking Screenshots

Magazine Cover: Be a superstar! How To Remove Ambient Noise From Your Audio Files Using Audacity. Audacity is a free program available for Mac, Windows and Linux, so most people should be able to download this and use it to clean up their recordings.

How To Remove Ambient Noise From Your Audio Files Using Audacity

Today we’ll take you through a few simple steps you can use on all recordings to remove background noise from audio. Install Audacity When you’ve downloaded Audacity, you’ll notice that it’s able to be used to import or record music and vocal tracks and can be used to mix tracks together for other purposes. This makes it very useful to musicians and podcasters alike, whether you are an amateur or a professional. It’s very easy to isolate sections of each individual track and use the editing features to remove the ambient noise in the background.

Import Or Record Audio Either import the audio file you wish to clean up, or use Audacity as the recording tool. Isolate A Quiet Moment After importing, you’ll see the tracks of the audio file as separate lines in Audacity. Step 1 – Get Noise Profile. TechHandout-SFrantz. Introduction to Slide Design: 7 Rules for Creating Effective Slides. (8) - Share research. Paperless Post - Online Invitations and Stationery. Imgur: the simple image sharer. Blogging. Series Of Good Dan Pink Videos To Use With Students. I’ve written a lot about Daniel Pink’s writings on motivation over the years.

Series Of Good Dan Pink Videos To Use With Students

Thanks to Pam Moran, I recently discovered a series of short videos Dan did for the Patterson Foundation that would be good to use with students. Actually, Dan did one interview with the Foundation, and they elegantly turned them into bite-size ones that I think are perfect for the classroom. Some could just be shown to provoke a student response and discussion and others, like his One Sentence Project, presents specific next steps: Here’s the one on The One Sentence Project, and here are also links that give more information on it: Why Educators Should Spend 15 Minutes a Day on Social Media.

Busy schedules are one reason why educators don't collaborate and connect through social networking platforms.

Why Educators Should Spend 15 Minutes a Day on Social Media

But a lack of time isn't the main issue. It's priorities. And because this month is Connected Educators' month, this is a good time to share why educators need to get connected, said Derek McCoy, the new principal of Spring Lake Middle School in North Carolina. "The Connected Educators Month is a great movement, and it's not about big grand gestures," McCoy said. The Internet map.

Download. Reviews and Ratings for Family Movies, TV Shows, Websites, Video Games, Books and Music. For Web. Smarthistory. Educational Technology. Essay-Grading Software, as Teacher’s Aide - Digital Domain. Now, unexpectedly, the desire to make the grading of tests less labor-intensive may be moving my dream closer to reality.

Essay-Grading Software, as Teacher’s Aide - Digital Domain

The standardized tests administered by the states at the end of the school year typically have an essay-writing component, requiring the hiring of humans to grade them one by one. This spring, the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation sponsored a competition to see how well algorithms submitted by professional data scientists and amateur statistics wizards could predict the scores assigned by human graders. The winners were announced last month — and the predictive algorithms were eerily accurate. The competition was hosted by Kaggle, a Web site that runs predictive-modeling contests for client organizations — thus giving them the benefit of a global crowd of data scientists working on their behalf. Emerging Technology. Video Tools. Skip to main content Get your brand new Wikispaces Classroom now and do "back to school" in style. guest Join | Help | Sign In cooltoolsforschools Home guest| Join | Help | Sign In Home Presentation Tools Collaborative Tools Research Tools.

Video Tools

Text Message (SMS) Polls and Voting, Audience Response System. SendHub - Easy Management of Group Text Messages. Settings Every Blogger User Should Know. This is a post I had simmering in the back of my mind for a while until this morning when someone asked how I was able to publish posts so quickly.

Settings Every Blogger User Should Know

The truth is that while sometimes I do write a bunch of posts in quick succession, I often use the scheduling tool in Blogger to publish posts. I use the scheduling tool when I know I will be away from my computer or think that I won't have time to write on a particular day. For example, this coming weekend I'll be home but I have a lot of things to do that will keep me from writing new blog posts so I've already written and scheduled posts that will appear live on Sunday.

Click on the images below to view them in full size and see the details contained within them. How to schedule posts: In the new Blogger interface. In the old Blogger interface. How to Create Self-Graded Quizzes in Google Docs. In my free ebook Google for Teachers I included directions for creating and publishing a quiz using Google Documents forms.

How to Create Self-Graded Quizzes in Google Docs

Recently, Dr. Mark Wagner published a blog post that includes directions for creating formulas that will result in quizzes created in Google Docs forms being self-graded. His post includes a video screencast and slides. I've embedded the video below. Open Educational Resources OERs.