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This Little Known Resort In South Carolina The Perfect Summer Escape Posted in South Carolina July 16, 2016by Robin Jarvis Are you looking for your new favorite getaway in South Carolina? In the heat of the summer you can’t resist heading to the mountains in search of cooler temps and less humidity. Solving the World - Serious Games Require Serious Gamers Every day gamers go into fictional spaces to save the world. They go on quests to save the Mario Galaxy, battle evil in Azeroth, and improve their lots in Farmville. Millions of gamers spend in the area of 3 billion hours a week solving the difficult and challenging problems of hundreds of fictional worlds and thousands of quests. Until lately that didn't really have much of an effect on the real world.

Great places to keep up with YA and Children's Books! So, what are the newest books out there? How can I find book-alikes? What about series books? theconversation Have you seen the how-to video of a teenage girl styling her hair that went disastrously wrong? She was obviously very disturbed by what happened, yet still uploaded the footage onto YouTube. Do you think a 45 or 50 year-old would upload an equivalent video of themselves? The majority of young people now share lots of things online that many adults question and feel uncomfortable about: their likes, dislikes, personal views, who they’re in a relationship with, where they are, images of themselves and others doing things they should or maybe shouldn’t be doing. In fact, a study undertaken in the US by Pew Research found that 91% of 12-to-17-year-olds posted selfies online, 24% posted videos of themselves.

What Are the New Measurements of a Successful Church? No one sets out to have or lead an unhealthy church or ministry. But often we find ourselves stuck in a loop of numbers and metrics that we may have inherited or are imposed on us by the “higher-ups”. The 3 Bs For a long time now, churches have often or only measured three things I call the “3Bs”: Butts (attendance on Sunday); Building size; and Budgets. Game Theory, Popular Science On test day for my Behavioral Ecology class at UCLA, I walked into the classroom bearing an impossibly difficult exam. Rather than being neatly arranged in alternate rows with pen or pencil in hand, my students sat in one tight group, with notes and books and laptops open and available. They were poised to share each other's thoughts and to copy the best answers. As I distributed the tests, the students began to talk and write.

YALSA's Teen Book Finder App & Database YALSA's Teen Book Finder is a free online database and app to help teens, parents, librarians and library staff, educators, and anyone who loves YA literature access nearly 4,000 titles recognized YALSA's awards and lists on their smartphone. Have an Android phone? Download the Android version now! Have an iPod Touch or an iPhone? Forget coding, we need to teach kids about digital citizenry "Stupid posts about embarrassing incidents or regrettable comments don't just go away because children grow up," writes Asher Wolf. Photo: Stocksy Growing up online is complicated. Social media profiles are increasingly being checked by university admissions boards, potential employers, government departments and insurance agencies.

The 26 Best Websites to Learn Incredibly Useful New Skills By Ryan Robinson Updated December 10, 2015. Online education tools are completely changing the way we learn.

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