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Next Generation Learning; Today...

WiFi is arriving at King’s Rochester. Not just any WiFi either – we are lucky enough to be having a cutting edge, fully managed and scalable Meru Network installed over the Christmas break. The good news does not end there. Holy Mashups, Batman! The other week I received a lovely surprise email from the remarkable Lindsey Tomsu.

Holy Mashups, Batman!

She was busy working on firming up details for next year’s Summer Reading Program, and wanted to see if I’d tackle “Surf’s Up” Batman, and maybe Robin as well. Her teens really love Batman ’66, and she thought that it would be a blast to add those images to some of their marketing materials. Heck yes: this was such a fun idea. Tools to Help Students Follow Their Passions. When I was putting together my book, The Teacher’s Guide to Tech, I kept getting carried away with thoughts of how so many of the tools I discovered were so empowering.

Tools to Help Students Follow Their Passions

Not long ago, a person’s talents were limited by money and other resources. For instance: If a writer wanted to write a book, he had to get the attention — and the financial support — of an established publisher.If a guitar player wanted to record and distribute her music, she had to get the backing of a music producer.If a painter wanted to sell his art, he had to find a gallery to show it.If a filmmaker wanted to see her film come to life, she needed expensive equipment — and a movie studio — to produce and distribute it to the world.

But that’s all changed now. Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything - Home Page. Chronicles of a Library Crony. On the trip home, I re-lived some of the #AASL13 conference highlights, but am relieved to be back in the north Georgia mountains!

Chronicles of a Library Crony

I always love the pace of AASL, the exhibit hall frenzy, the tours and dinners, the author Meet-and-Greets, the book signings, the smorgasbord of sessions, meeting great new friends, but so much activity is packed into such a short time. It is impossible to do it all, even though AASL provides eCOLLAB to help us all catch up on what we missed. I attended a great Library Media Connection Advisory Board meeting with Marlene Woo-Lun, Gail Dickinson, Nancy Everhart, Doug Johnson, Vi Harada, Judi Repman, Terry Young, Carl Harvey, Matthew Winner, Shelly Glantz, Sabrina Carnesi, and Audrey Church.

We toasted Gail Dickinson’s achievements, and those of Carl Harvey and Nancy Everhart, as well. Technology + Library = Tech Savvy Librarian. 13 Point Checklist 2009. Last August, I put out a draft/revision in progress version of this document.

13 Point Checklist 2009

I appreciate the feedback I received. Here is the final? Product. Thanks especially to Donna Baratta, Library Media Specialist at ME Strang Middle School in Yorktown Heights, NY and Kate Burgher, retired DPI Library Consultant in Wisconsin for their suggestions which strengthened this tool. Modify it, use it, share it as you will. Joyce Valenza's Homepage. Expect More: Demanding Better Libraries For Today’s Complex World. About the Book | Why Free?

Expect More: Demanding Better Libraries For Today’s Complex World

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