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Manage all your content from a single WordPress install. How would you like to be able to publish to as many different WordPress sites as you liked from a single install?

Manage all your content from a single WordPress install

So you only need one configured install of editflow and one set of plugins (listed below) together with one place to login and manage your content. Welcome to the WordPress Content Hub – a solution for push syndicating content to any WordPress install, be it multisite or on WordPress.com… let’s get publishing! Hub and Spokes All content management systems, from the simplest blogging platforms to the most complicated enterprise-level applications perform two major tasks: content management, providing the tools to create, review and ultimately publish content; and, content delivery, actually putting that content into the hands of users. The Content Hub splits out those two functions using a “hub and spoke” model. Instant WordPress. Kihon. Kihon is a simple blog theme for WordPress.


It was originally made as instructional content, and was later featured in Web Designer UK #203 as part of a feature article about how to create your own WordPress themes. The theme name is Japanese and means “simple” (fuzzy translation). Releases You can download the Kihon theme free of charge. It is licensed under GPL, so have fun with it. Tuto wordpress créer une page auteurs. WordPress.

Modifier l’admin bar de WordPress 3.1 [update]

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Les 15 meilleurs snippets pour adapter Wordpress à vos besoins, et même l’améliorer. Fr:Deplacer WordPress. (niss.fr) - Des Thèmes pour WordPress en Français. Embed a Page inside a Page. Easily Embed Other Sites into Yours with a WordPress I-Frame Plugin. An i-frame can be used to embed another website into your site.

Easily Embed Other Sites into Yours with a WordPress I-Frame Plugin

Essentially what you’re doing is opening up a kind of window on your site that lets the user see and navigate the other site while still on your site. If you’ve ever had the need to do this, then the Easy I-frame Loader plugin makes it simple to do. Once installed, all you need to do is insert a shortcode with the URL of the page you want to embed in your site. You can set a number of attributes for the window, and you may need to do that. For example, you may need to control the height or the width of the window, or make it so that it’s able to include scrollbars or not. Unique WordPress pages - CSS-Tricks Forums. # July 21, 2008 at 6:44 am The ‘Page Templates’ option is at the bottom of the Page editor.

Unique WordPress pages - CSS-Tricks Forums

If I remember rightly it won’t appear until you’ve created a more than one page. Another good tip is if you want to build a CMS type site using WordPress with a front page instead of the default blog setup. Custom Post Types: FullCalendar & JSON for WordPress. This tutorial builds on my previous how-to’s relating to creating & using Events with Custom Post Types (all within WordPress).

Custom Post Types: FullCalendar & JSON for WordPress

With the first tutorial came a number of comments, a couple of which were looking to integrate the events custom post type with FullCalendar, an extremely well put together jQuery plugin created by Adam Shaw . Today’s guide will do just that (but this can obviously be applied to regular posts too). 1) requirements.

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Réseau social. Thèmes. Ext.Wordpress. Function Reference/wp list pages. Function Reference/wp list pages Languages: 中文(简体) • English • 日本語 • (Add your language) Description Displays a list of WordPress Pages as links.

Function Reference/wp list pages

It is often used to customize the Sidebar or Header, but may be used in other Templates as well. Quick Tip: Making a Fancy WordPress Register Form from Scratch. In this tutorial, I will guide you through the process of making a beautiful "Register" form, using Fancybox, jQuery, and, of course, WordPress.

Quick Tip: Making a Fancy WordPress Register Form from Scratch

As you'll find, the process is really quite simple. Step 1. Différence entre wp_list_pages et wp_page_menu. Pagination: How to Split a WordPress Post into Multiple Pages. If you publish long posts on your site, it can be tedious for your readers to scroll and scroll through heavy chunks of text.

Pagination: How to Split a WordPress Post into Multiple Pages

An easy way to break up your words is by splitting your posts into multiple pages. Splitting pages is also an easy way to make it easier for readers to consume your content while increasing page views on your site. In today’s Weekend WordPress Post, I’ll show you how to split your WordPress posts. Split your epic posts and increase page views. Splitting WordPress Posts. Pour aller plus loin…