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Merging A Single Site Into a WordPress Multisite Network - Pressjitsu. Create custom wordpress url to query data from external database. How to Create Custom Sidebars and Footers for Your WordPress Website. Without a doubt, Custom Sidebars is a must-have plugin, especially if you run a membership site.

How to Create Custom Sidebars and Footers for Your WordPress Website

First-time visitors to your site don’t necessarily need to see the same content in your sidebars as regular visitors. Likewise, it makes sense to display different information (or widgets) to users who are logged into your site (such as account details), as opposed to users who are logged out. Yes, the one-size-fits-all sidebars approach doesn’t work, which is why we created the aptly named Custom Sidebars plugin.


Slideshow - Adding an image slider in the header of my site. Add Image Slider In WordPress Header. Display Image Slider In WordPress Header On Home Page Only. How do I move WordPress from a subdirectory to the root directory? from Ask WordPress Girl. How to Stay in the Loop if You Turn Off WordPress’ Automatic Updates. When a critical security vulnerability was discovered in Yoast’s SEO plugin this week, took the initiative to automatically update users’ sites with the patched version of the plugin.

How to Stay in the Loop if You Turn Off WordPress’ Automatic Updates

Many users were taken by surprise, given that the WordPress codex clearly stated that automatic plugin and theme updates are disabled by default. Shortly after the automatic update rolled out, the codex page was updated to reflect the fact that in rare instances will automatically update your plugins and themes unless you opt to turn this feature off entirely. Many users are not comfortable with forced automatic updates, but the good news is that there is a filter to turn them off, including the security updates for popular plugins: Prior to this security issue, users were not aware that they had to opt out of these forced updates.

Web-sites spam activity database. Blacklisted IP, Email, Domain addresses is generated automatically based on spam activity of a sender on the Internet.

Web-sites spam activity database

The database records are added in two ways: If automoderator sites has ruled that a particular sender/registration is a spammer, then its IP, Email, as well as all of the domains in its message are entered into the database, each record is assigned a 1 point. If on manual moderation message/registration site moderator took off with the publication (deleted the account), then the IP, Email and sender domains included in the database, each record is assigned a 1 point.

After reaching 3 points (on 3 different sites sender activity was calculated as spam), records the sender automatically entered in the blacklist. Removal of blacklists is also automatically or by reducing the number of credit units to 2 or less, or when no spam activity over 45 days. Customize the Suspended blog page – WordPress "Must-Use" Tutorials. A very little-know and hidden feature in WordPress MU is the ability to add a customize page that is displayed when a blog is suspended or archived.

Customize the Suspended blog page – WordPress "Must-Use" Tutorials

Only Site Admins can archive or suspend a blog, and you can do this in the Site Admin -> Blogs menu. Hover over the blog in question and see the extra links. Deactivate, archive and spam are the ones you will use. Right now, there is no difference (code wise) in what happens. Each action here will result in the same page being displayed. Blog: WordPress design, development and tips. When I was a teen, I used to love lying on the floor of my bedroom listening to Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 and filling in my own colored chart tracking the rise and fall of pop songs in the charts.

Blog: WordPress design, development and tips

I’d try and predict how songs would go in the following week and look at different patterns that songs followed. I didn’t have internet access to be able to look at the chart archives, so it was vital to listen in or tape the show to keep my records updated. I’d get annoyed if I was out and my taped copy ran out before the show finished and I never learnt who was #1!

Hide/protect original full-size images. Custom Wordpress search combining multiple tax queries & meta queries LogicSpot. Recently I was working on a project for a client of ours and had the need to build a new multi search function.

Custom Wordpress search combining multiple tax queries & meta queries LogicSpot

I came across some interesting new things about WordPress I thought I’d share with you and might make your search for a solution a little quicker as this solution is a combination of several different tips I came across online and from my awesome colleges (Dan & Daniel) What the search should do Let me first tell you briefly about the project.

Function Reference/get query var. Function Reference/get query var Languages: English • Italiano • 日本語 • (Add your language) Description Retrieve public query variable in the WP_Query class of the global $wp_query object.

Function Reference/get query var

Usage Parameters $var (string) (required) The variable key to retrieve. Function Reference/add query arg. Description Retrieve a modified URL (with) query string.

Function Reference/add query arg

You can rebuild the URL and append a new query variable to the URL query by using this function. You can also retrieve the full URL with query data. Adding a single key & value or an associative array. Wordpress Themes by Kadence Themes. Membership software. Simplified. Copy, paste, done.

Membership software. Simplified.

Membership software should be simple. Paste a purchase link (example) on your website. Customers click the link, complete their purchase, and you get paid. Later, they can sign in and update their own profile and payment information. We handle the hard stuff: recurring billing, transaction emails, protecting content, and including file downloads. Customers stay on your website. High performance WordPress. This is part 3 of Wicked Fast Websites, a three-part series that explores why web performance matters and what you can do about it.

High performance WordPress

WordPress is a powerful tool, and it brings with some unique performance challenges. In part 2, we looked at how to build high performance websites. This article will explore some WordPress-specific techniques and plugins. How to Add a Metabox to a Custom Post Type. Update (7/1/14): I created a boilerplate plugin that has custom metaboxes. How To Create Custom Post Meta Boxes In WordPress. Advertisement Meet SmashingConf San Francisco 2017, featuring front-end ingredients, UX recipes and design beats from the hidden corners of the web. Only practical, real-life techniques that you can learn from. Get your ticket! What seems like one of the most complicated bits of functionality in WordPress is adding meta boxes to the post editing screen. This complexity only grows as more and more tutorials are written on the process with weird loops and arrays. Custom Post Types, Page Templates and Pagination. Why do I get a 404 Error. 3 Ways to Reset the WordPress Loop.

WordPress does an excellent job of keeping track of what’s happening with the loop , but once you start customizing parameters and setting up multiple loops , it’s a good idea to explicitly them using one of . In this DiW post, we’ll explore these techniques to get a better understanding of when and how to use them in your WordPress themes. wp_reset_postdata() wp_reset_query() rewind_posts()


Using the WordPress Post ID Outside of The Loop. One of the most common requests we get from WordPress developers is how to access post and page data outside “the loop”. Retrieving the unique numerical Post ID outside the loop will open up access to a whole range of other options, so let’s look at how this is done. Inside The Loop Obtaining the post ID within the loop is as simple as calling the function the_ID(). [php]<? Php the_ID(); ? Useful functions. Php - Add links to flexslider images. A quick intro to Github for WordPressers - MettaProgramming. How to Install WordPress Plugins and Themes from GitHub. GitHub is a project hosting service used by many open source projects and developers. Pods – Pages and Templates and more Pages OH MY! If you haven’t noticed, the Pods Framework is one of my favorite WordPress plugins of all time. Create a Stock Photography Website using WordPress. Do you want to build your own stock photography website where you keep all of the sales revenue?


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