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Ultimate List Of Web Design Checklists: Get Work Done! When building a website, there are so many things and aspects to keep in mind.

Ultimate List Of Web Design Checklists: Get Work Done!

It often happens that in that mess we forget about some basic things like favicon or maybe about dummy content removal from test site. It’s much easier to go trough all those things when you have all of them written down. In this article you are going to find bunch of different checklists, questionnaires and tips covering almost everything for an upcoming website. You probably will need just one of these tools, so choose carefully.

Read some tips and decide which tool fits the best for your project planning and development process. Client Checklists 1. This article will help you create a prospect qualification questionnaire that can be used via telephone or Internet or in face-to-face meetings. 2. Reading some of these questions and following some guidelines will also save you and your client plenty of headaches throughout the process and pave the way to a lasting and trusting relationship. 5. 6. 8. 9. How to Optimize WooCommerce to Load Scripts Conditionally for Shop. If you are using WooCommerce to sell on WordPress you may notice a number of additional scripts loading on all pages of your site.

How to Optimize WooCommerce to Load Scripts Conditionally for Shop

Let’s tell WooCommerce to only load these on the shop pages and improve our page load speed. A few items to consider before proceeding: Do you have any elements on your site that depend on WooCommerce scripts outside of the main WooCommerce pages (shop, cart, checkout, etc)? This can be a cart element in your header or maybe some sidebar widgets found across your site.Do you have a testing environment – please don’t cowboy code on your e-commerce site!

You should be comfortable editing your theme and code files If you have all the necessary tools and knowledge in place let’s begin by examining which scripts we are removing from the non-WooCommerce areas of our site. Which WooCommerce Scripts Are We Removing? Application Performance Management for PHP. Mobile Pack. What devices and operating systems are supported by my mobile web application?

Mobile Pack

WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0 is supported on: iPhones, Android smartphones, Windows Phone 8 and Firefox OS. Compatible browsers: Safari, Google Chrome, Android - Native Browser, Internet Explorer 10 and Firefox. How can my readers switch back to the desktop theme from my mobile web application? The side menu of the mobile web application contains a 'Switch to website' button that will take readers back to the desktop theme. Their option will be remembered the next time they visit your blog. How can my readers switch back to the mobile web application from the desktop theme? Quick Checkout. Domain and Theme Mapper. Manage pages with different domains, themes, layouts, widgets and menus does domain mapping for different domains to different contentdoes domain mapping for different domains to the same contentchoose different themes for pages, urls, domainslets create different menu items for pages, urls, domainslets manage widgets for pages, urls, domainsis compatible with custom posttypes and custom taxonomiesis multisite compatibleis compatible with the Domain Mapping plugin by WPMUis compatible with every themeset custom title for domains (WPSeo compatible)WPML supportedsupports child themes Video guides Watch this video to have an idea what the plugin is able to do.

Domain and Theme Mapper

Multisite installation. Theme customization supported for Some theme have their own customization tool. Roadmap These is the list of features I’m going to implement next. WP Title + Meta description customization for SEO Changelog. Content Editor plugin for WordPress. Drag and drop content editor will save you tons of time working on the website content.

Content Editor plugin for WordPress

It transforms the default WordPress editor into the intuitive and feature-rich composer that allows you to build your page visually just with a few mouse clicks. Buy MotoPress Content EditorTry Content Editor in action MotoPress content editor offers built-in elements to create complex layouts. It enables to design the unique style of the website and customize objects with ease. Without any programming skills you can replace text, add buttons, engaging images and outstanding picture galleries, embed videos from Youtube and Vimeo, insert custom code, space and build any content you want. Textimagescustom codebuttonsvideospace No programming knowledge required only a few simple clicks. WordPress for the Serious. Plugins, Support & More: WPMU DEV. Features. Beyond blogging: WordPress as a platform. WordPress has evolved hugely over the years from simple fork of blogging software to a powerful platform.

Beyond blogging: WordPress as a platform

According to a WordPress Survey, 66% of respondents use WordPress as a CMS, not just blogging software. The growth of WordPress adoption for various type of site has created a new market with its own landscape. Companies and individuals are creating new products and services that cannot be qualified as plain website building.

It’s something much more innovative. At the beginning of this evolution we dealt with simple models of premium products like themes or plugins and services like web-design or consulting. Today’s review presents several examples of projects that push the boundaries of WordPress usage in this direction. WordPress cities, music, weddings and more There is hardly any company that knows more about turning WordPress into a platform than Automattic itself. Cities — for city websites; Weddings — for weddings websites; Music — for music bands’ websites; Photoshelter Tickera. WordPress Articles.