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Top 20 Consulting / Coaching Website Templates and WordPress Themes. Consulting websites have a history of being boring and bland. Well it looks like some consulting and coaching companies have started taking notice to make their websites more presentable and more attractive. This showcase features the best consulting and coaching website templates from around the web. Corporate This template offers a minimalist design perfectly suitable for businesses small & large, 10 different color schemes, light & dark themes and more!

Lawyer & Lawyer Simple and professional looking website, Lawyer&lawyer template inspires trust and confidence and is suitable for a lawyers firm. Dr. . – no longer available This is a fully HTML 5 valid 1-page theme with 4 types of sliders with drag&drop sorting support, over 500 Google fonts, skin constructor and more! Digital Marketing Digital marketing is a website template ideal for a media agency. Business Consultants Nice graphics on simple, white background, this consulting company website has very nice, friendly color choices. Lawyer. WordPress Parent Automattic Buys WooCommerce. Last year Automattic, the company behind, raised $160 million. Now the publishing software company is spending some of that money, by acquiring WooCommerce, an e-commerce tools company.

Sources say Automattic will spend more than $30 million in cash and stock to buy the 55-person company. Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg wouldn’t comment on the price but said the acquisition was the largest his company had made, “by about 6x.” WooCommerce helps WordPress publishers sell stuff, via a software plugin that turns sites into online stores, and competes with the likes of Shopify and Bigcommerce. The company says its software powers more than 600,000 sites. Like WordPress, the basic version of the software is free, but WooCommerce charges extra for features such as appointment booking, subscription pricing and a product recommendation engine. The WooCommerce service grew out of parent company WooThemes, which was founded in 2008. How to Massively Reduce Your Images for a Faster WordPress Site. Page speed is often an issue for WordPress users. Many are often looking for a way to increase it. Not only does it affect your users, it also affects your SEO (because it affects users, of course).

Large images are often one of the worst culprits when it comes to slowing down pages. And so we’re going to talk about a way to massively reduce the size of your images (both on the page and on the server). (IMPORTANT: You must have access to the WordPress files on your server in order to do this.) A Little Work Required Before we get started, let me say up front that this is going to require a little work.

There are plugins out there that will reduce your image files automatically. Plugins like are obviously very valuable because once installed, they require zero work. Here’s a look at the size of a file uploaded without and then with As you can see, it went from 216.64 KB down to 201.55 KB. So that’s nice, especially as it requires no work. Image Compression Software. 10 Free WordPress Themes for Small Businesses. This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business.

There are a lot of WordPress themes out there. Whether you're looking for a souped up, paid premium template or a free alternative, it seems everyone and their grandma has created a tweak on the basic two-column or three-column WordPress model. While it can be a little daunting to sort through the many options, the explosion of available templates is a healthy sign of a vibrant, sometimes prolific, design community. This is good news, of course, if you're a designer. This is not such good news if you're a small business looking for a simple, free, and adequately outfitted theme for your company. Picking a theme for your blog can be much like picking the right pair of shoes. It's a personal choice as much guided by the needs of your company as your own aesthetic ideals and personality. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

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