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10 rules of best practice for responsive design. Responsive Web design has become the preferred method for developing websites with a multi-device friendly approach.

10 rules of best practice for responsive design

Recommend by Google and embraced by some of the largest sites on the Web today, quality responsive websites are equal parts development and design efforts. Rolling Out Responsive. A note from the editors: We’re pleased to share an excerpt from Chapter 2 of Karen McGrane’s new book, Going Responsive, available now from A Book Apart.

Rolling Out Responsive

I wish I could tell you there was one true path to rolling out a responsive redesign successfully. But from talking to dozens of organizations, it’s clear that the process by which large organizations go responsive varies widely. Responsive Web vs Native Apps: Which Is Better? Responsive web vs native apps.

Responsive Web vs Native Apps: Which Is Better?

Which is better when it comes to mobile development? Read on to find out. Brands and businesses are already aware of the need to adapt to mobile. Your Content, Now Mobile. When we talk about how to create products and services for mobile, the conversation tends to focus on design and development challenges.

Your Content, Now Mobile

How does our design aesthetic change when we’re dealing with a smaller (or higher-resolution) screen? How do we employ (and teach) new gestural interactions that take advantage of touchscreen capabilities? How (and who) will write the code for all these different platforms—and how will we maintain all of them? Five Strategies for Effectively Marketing to the Multi-Platform Majority - comScore, Inc. October 24, 2013 By: Kate Dreyer In a world where multiple device usage is no longer the exception but the rule, the time has come for a new multi-platform approach to digital media measurement, planning, evaluation and optimization.

Five Strategies for Effectively Marketing to the Multi-Platform Majority - comScore, Inc

Publishers, advertisers and marketers must be empowered with the right metrics to understand holistically how their audiences behave online if they are to implement successful strategies to shape their customers’ digital experiences. How to become an awesome designer in 365 days. One of the old saying that motivate me is “Practice makes perfect”.

How to become an awesome designer in 365 days

Proverbs can be a bit of a cliché, but in some cases they can be true. I am a workaholic by nature, which obviously has its good and bad sides. Fenix 3. Home - Suunto. Problem with email notification in Woocommerce. Hi, im having a big problem with my wordpress websites.

Problem with email notification in Woocommerce

Last night i was working on its a woocommerce website, the problem was woocommerce/wordpress doesnt send any email for register new user, new order etc. i have tried everything i know, change the email address, setup smtp email plugin etc. its not working. The funny thing is, if add a new user myself from wp-admin i receive email notification from but i didnt write this email anywhere. Mobile HTML5 compatibility on iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Firefox OS and other mobile devices.

12 Free Admin Templates 2013 For Backend Panels. You know that when it comes to the admin area of your website, it’s not that easy to come up with something that will be effective in all stages of your website.

12 Free Admin Templates 2013 For Backend Panels

At first, when your website is not generating high traffic and you have just a few posts and limited content, you will not have any problems at all. Then, when you start to popularize the website, you will feel the growing need of something more useful to handle your custom needs. That’s why, you need a powerful administration area where you could manage your website with ease. Unlimited Downloads : 600,000+ HTML5 Templates & Design Assets Ad It is an Open Source Bootstrap Admin Template. It is very powerful bootstrap admin dashboard, which allows you to build products like admin panels, content managements systems and CRMs. Open source dashboard theme built in a modular way. Highly customizable and easy to use. BackWPup, un plugin de sauvegarde indispensable - Chez Mat. EmailEmail Oui, car derrière ce plugin au nom imprononçable, se cache un plugin de sauvegarde qui fait du très bon boulot et qui est très complet.

BackWPup, un plugin de sauvegarde indispensable - Chez Mat

Speckyboy Design Magazine - Web Design News, Resources & Inspiration. Comment mettre en ligne un site WordPress local. CvCard WP - Responsive vCard Theme. MJD Digital Agency's Blog on Digital Strategy, UX, Creative and Technology. MJD Interactive adds top talent to the ranks with Senior Project Manager Jacqueline Saleem and Senior Mobile Developer Stefano Scotto.

MJD Digital Agency's Blog on Digital Strategy, UX, Creative and Technology

Jacqueline Saleem is the newest member to join the Account Services team at MJD Interactive Agency. Scribd. Download links are great, but embedding and publishing an actual document into a post or page may be much more valuable to you and your readers. To use this functionality on, you can upload your documents to Scribd, a publishing service that allows you to quickly and easily share writings on the web, and embed them directly into your blog. Using Scribd To get started, first create a Scribd account (it’s free) at You can then continue with the following steps: Once you have created and activated your account, login and click on the Upload button in your navigation. Select the file or files you would like to upload, or drag them into the upload window.

Paste that shortcode into the editor for any post or page. FreebiesXpress - Free Web & Design Resources. HealthBerry. Web Design Freebies. 20 Beautiful Flat WordPress Themes to Spice Up your Site. Flat designs are everywhere from flat design elements like flat buttons, to a whole flat UI set. A major part of the online world is trying to adapt flat designs, as it is simple, elegant and looks great. The strongest support so far comes from the launch of Apple iOS 7, which focuses on flat UI as well giving the mobile OS a much cleaner look than previous versions of the OS. In this post, we will look into a useful list of 20 amazing flat WordPress themes that represent the best of flat design.

Recommended Reading: 40+ Free Responsive WordPress Themes Flat View Demo | Buy Flat Hypertext View Demo | Buy Hypertext Glider View Demo | Buy Glider Amada View Demo | Buy Amada Alfie. Hexagonal - Clean Multipurpose Responsive WP Theme - ThemeForest Previewer. 20 Free High-Quality PSD Website Templates. MockFlow - Online Wireframe Tool and Design Cloud.