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Curation Suite™ - Content Curation Tool — Curation Suite™ Free Wordpress Content Curation Tools - Plugins & Theme. Delicious Curator. Google Reader removed the ability to share links within Google Reader, and instead started using google+ for this.

Delicious Curator

That is all well, but it made the plugin Shareditems2WP obsolete. But if you still want a way to create WordPress post based on one or more links that you shared from your RSS reader, you are in luck. Share the links to Delicious ("bookmark" them), tag them with something recognizable and use this plugin to generate the post. WP Curation Plugin. WP-Drudge WordPress Theme. Curation Fire. CurationSoft.

PageOne Curator. Blog Riffer. Social Buzz Club. MyCurator. Content Engine. Content Curation App. Snapshot. Primal. Do you want to provide highly relevant content from around the Web and engage your readership on a whole new level?


In honour of the tenth anniversary of WordPress, we’re celebrating here at Primal with an open source WordPress plugin. Primal for WordPress will allow you to unlock the power of your WordPress site’s interest graph to supply your readers with relevant, dynamic and daily updated content that is tailored to each individual page. This first revision of our plugin has all of the functionality necessary to speak to Primal’s data service directly, however we’d love to hear from WordPress publishers and developers on exactly how else you would like to leverage the power of the interest graph within WordPress environment as we consider where to take the plugin next. Features and Differences The Primal for WordPress plugin gives publishers the ability to inject real time web content that is tailored to each individual page within your WordPress site.