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Documentation for Be WordPress Theme. 1.

Documentation for Be WordPress Theme

Downloading & Installation 1.1 Introduction BeTheme brings a new look to creating websites. Features include the totally new and improved Muffin Builder, a host of short codes and pre-made layouts, a variety of portfolio layouts,swipe technology, Revolution Slider, and more. With this amazing theme at your disposal you cancreate any page. 1.2 Package from Theme Forest With your purchase of this theme, the first step is to download the package from ThemeForest. Next, click Download > Main File(s) next to BeTheme and save the package on your computer. The download includes documentation, license, psd files, zipped file with theme files and the BeTheme files folder.. 1.3 Installation & Update Before you can complete the installation, make certain you have unpacked the entire package.

WordPress Theme Manager - please go to Appearance > Themes > Add new > Upload, select the zipped theme folder called and press Install Now WordPress will do the rest for you. IMPORTANT!!! 2. 3. 4. Jenny Munn: SEO for 2015 – What’s In, What’s Out and How to Be In It to Win It (For Good) Published April 17, 2015 Sure you can piecemeal SEO tactics together, but do you really know what it takes to win the SEO game in 2015 and beyond?

Jenny Munn: SEO for 2015 – What’s In, What’s Out and How to Be In It to Win It (For Good)

In this workshop we’ll discuss the latest and greatest with organic search engine optimization, as well as how to roll up your sleeves and understand the strategy that goes beyond just “have a fast website,” “be mobile responsive” and “work your keywords into the copy.” Presentation Slides » Event WordCamp Atlanta 2015 34. is Branching Out Into Beginner Tutorial Videos. is expanding its video catalog beyond WordCamp session recordings. is Branching Out Into Beginner Tutorial Videos

As most of the video content on the site centers around topics for developers and established users, the WPTV team is now actively soliciting submissions for more beginner video tutorials. Are you a proud member of the WordPress community, who creates (or would like to create) videos that are focused on helping others learn how to use WordPress? If you answered “yes” then we would love your help in submitting your videos to, so we can share them with the world in our “how to” section. The current “how-to” category on the site contains mostly outdated videos, featuring ancient versions of WordPress. The WPTV team is hoping to add more “getting started” content that covers basic WordPress site management, including the following:

6 of the Best Wordpress Plugins for Photographers. Photographers’ websites naturally feature a lot of images.

6 of the Best Wordpress Plugins for Photographers

But using a lot of images comes with its own sets of challenges, from organization to captions, to making sure that large images don’t bring page load speeds to a grinding halt. There are oodles of gallery and lightbox plugins for WordPress that make showing off your photos much more visually appealing. But there are also plugins that work under the hood to offer powerful tools for photographers who use WordPress for their websites. Here are some of my favorites. EWWW Image Optimizer Cloud This is one of those plugins that every WordPress site that display images should use. With EWWWIO you can control how aggressive the optimizations, from completely lossless or employing the excellent but lossy compression algorithms of JPEGmini. The Cloud version requires a very reasonably priced monthly (or annual) subscription based on how many images you optimize per month.

Are WordPress Email Marketing Plugins Worth Considering? This is especially true if your blog supports a business.

Are WordPress Email Marketing Plugins Worth Considering?

Retaining current customers costs far less than finding a brand new customer, and email is a great way to keep customers engaged with your brand (that’s also why every retail cashier you step in front of these days asks you for your email address!) However, which platform should you choose to implement your email marketing strategy? Should you choose a well-established provider such as MailChimp, AWeber, or Constant Contact? Or alternatively, could you manage your email marketing efforts from within your oh-so-familiar WordPress backend?

There are a number of WordPress-native email marketing solutions available. How to Reset Your WordPress Website. Resetting your website can be useful if you are testing new plugins and themes, or just want to “have a play” and return WordPress to how it was when you first installed it.

How to Reset Your WordPress Website

The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Multisite. We’ve been developing plugins for it since the old days when it was WordPress MU, and we use it to power Edublogs, a huge network of blogs for educators and students.

The Ultimate Guide to WordPress Multisite

Personally I also use Multisite a lot. I use it to host client websites, to create sites demonstrating techniques I outline in my books and tutorials, and to keep everything in one place. In this guide to Multisite I’m going to show you everything you need to know to get started with Multisite and create your own network of blogs or sites. I’ll cover: What is Multisite and how is it different from regular WordPress? But first, let’s get some terminology straight. Network refers to the entire Multisite network, i.e. your WordPress installationSite refers to one of the blogs or sites created as part of the network. So when I refer to your site, I don’t mean your whole network of sites, but just one of the sites on it.

So now we’ve got that sorted, let’s take a look at Multisite! Migrating WordPress (and Multisite!) to a New Server. The WordPress Codex has a guide to moving WordPress, but it contains so much information that it’s overwhelming and difficult to follow.

Migrating WordPress (and Multisite!) to a New Server

Luckily, whether you’re trying to migrate a single site or a Multisite network, moving to a new server follows the same basic process. While it is a little fiddly and it does take some time, when you’re finished you will have more breathing space for your site to grow. If you follow the steps below, you should be able to make the move error-free – and you may even find it fun. Let’s find out. Basic Housekeeping. How to Add a Character Counter to the WordPress Excerpt Box. Our blog homepage is now a colorful collection of our most recent articles, complete with custom illustrations drawn by our talented design team.

How to Add a Character Counter to the WordPress Excerpt Box

We’ve ditched sidebars and other distractions to improve the reading experience. We hope you like it. Now, getting to the point of today’s Weekend WordPress Project: each article listing on the homepage now features a custom excerpt, rather than the first few paragraphs of the post. The only problem with this is that writing a custom excerpt that perfectly fits the space can be a challenge. How to Disable Right-Clicking on Your WordPress Site. Download This plugin takes disabling right clicking a step further.

How to Disable Right-Clicking on Your WordPress Site

In addition to turning off right click, WP Content Copy Protection allows you to disable the CTRL+A, CTRL+C, CTRL+X,CTRL+S or CTRL+V (and equivalent keys on OS X) as well as disable the ability to select text. This means you can protect your images and your words. This plugin adds a sub-menu item to the admin sidebar where you can access some basic options for this plugin: post protection and homepage protection using JavaScript, and static page’s protection. You can also enable or disable CSS protection. The basic features of this plugin are free, but you can upgrade to the premium version for more features like the ability to display alert messages and compatibility with major theme frameworks.

WordPress Tools And Methods For Developers. While developing for WordPress we frequently get into situations that call for specialized plugins and tools to make our lives easier. Importing test posts, regenerating images, automation of WordPress reinstallation, creating options pages – just a fraction of an endless list. In this article I’ll showcase some tools that I use personally to make my workflow a lot better and a lot faster. Some will be more advanced than others. Top CDN Services to Make Your WordPress Site Blazingly Fast (and More Reliable) If you’re serious about speeding up your site and you’ve optimized the bejesus out of your site (smushed image, minified CSS and Javascript, set up a caching plugin…) it’s time to think about signing up to a content delivery network, or CDN.

A CDN will drastically reduce server lag by storing static resources on a network of fast loading servers. Choosing a CDN can be tricky since there are many options available. Finding the right one depends entirely on your needs and the popularity of your site. In this post we’ll look at some of the more popular CDNs available for websites, big and small. I’ve deliberately excluded some CDN companies, such as Akamai and Level 3, which are better suited to large-scale enterprise sites. How To Launch Your WordPress Videos In A Lightbox. Lightbox is a widely accepted tool for focussing readers’ attention by darkening the page and overlaying a fullsize version of the image. But if images can benefit from this distraction-free viewing why not other media types? Why not video?

In this Weekend WordPress Project we’ll look at using the WP Video Lightbox plugin to bring all the benefits of Lightbox to your embedded videos. The WP Video Lightbox plugin has been around for a while (Sarah wrote about it here in 2012) but it continues to be maintained and provides an excellent way to put videos front and center. Best WordPress Portfolio Plugins for Impressing Potential Clients. Aim High! Construct Your SEO Friendly WordPress Site. WordPress is one of the easiest to optimize CMS for SEO. Although WordPress sites have the highest possibility of getting ranked on search engines, it doesn’t mean that you should not optimize or work on your SEO friendly WordPress site. If you are like the many users around the world believing that your default installation of WordPress will get your site on the top of the search engine ranking, you believe the wrong thing.

Just like the other sites on the Web, you really need to do something to make it SEO-friendly. That being said, it’s not that hard to make your WordPress site SEO-friendly. With a lot of themes, plugins, tricks and conventions on the Web, you can definitely do it in a little amount of time. The Definitive Guide to WordPress Security. If you work in online marketing, the chances are good that you've worked on, are working on, or will at some point work on a WordPress site. If you work with in any capacity, this post is for you (much of this post doesn't apply to * hosted sites). Script kiddies suck In hacker lingo, a script kiddie is the lowliest form of hacker (using the term hacker loosely), and relies on common tools and scripts to find and take advantage of the weakest and most common security vulnerabilities: crappy passwords, use of public WiFi without a VPN, outdated plugins, low-security hosting, phishing attacks, and other things of this nature.

Sadly, these issues alone grant access to a shocking number of sites. Unless you're in charge of a WordPress site for a major brand, the majority of the security issues you're likely to face will be the result of script kiddies. The Best WordPress Cache Plugins And How To Use Them. WPMU DEV's Blog – Everything WordPress › Log In. Creating Custom Post Types In WordPress. WordPress is a extremely powerful platform offering more than just the blogging capabilities it was originally created for. A Beginner's Guide to Customizing a WordPress Site. How to Begin Writing Your First WordPress plugin. How to Easily Export Email Addresses from a WordPress Site. Go Semantic For More Responsive And Flexible WordPress Images and Embeds.

Quite a chunk of the HTML output of your WordPress site comes not from your theme but from the bowels of the WordPress core. Automate These 30 WordPress Tasks with IFTTT. IFTTT is a service that lets other services or software (like WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, ect.) talk to each and perform actions when certain things occur. IFTTT literally stands for “if this then that,” and that’s a pretty good explanation of what it does.

For example, you can set up an IFTTT “recipe” (as they’re called) that goes something like this: Why Trying to Get 95+ on Google PageSpeed Insights Will Drive You Mad! Why Trying to Get 95+ on Google PageSpeed Insights Will Drive You Mad! Theme and Plugins Localization - WPML. Before going to read the texts below, you can see our video tutorial: How to Translate a WordPress Theme. If you are familiar with WordPress and the many plugins and themes available for it, you’ve probably come across some strangely named files like .mo, .po, and .pot. If you haven’t then the theme and/or plugin has not been designed for translation. How to Find and Translate a Translation Ready WordPress Theme. Free Responsive WordPress Portfolio Themes - 30 Great Ones. Stopping Manual WordPress Comment Spam - 5 Ways to Help.

14 Handy WordPress Hacks Every Developer Should Know. 5 Quick Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Site. Setting an Animated GIF as a Featured Image in WordPress. 30+ Top Quality Free, Minimalist and Stunning WordPress Themes. How to Install Breadcrumbs in WordPress and Why You Should. Support Your Clients With White Label Videos and Awesome Tutorials. Responsive WordPress Magazine Themes That Really Work On Tablets. How to Massively Reduce Your Images for a Faster WordPress Site. How to Create a Stunning Custom WordPress Login Page. Tutorials: Tutorial: Setting up the PayPal e-commerce Widgets.