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WordPress Setup Guide

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SEO for WordPress – What Every Blogger Should Know. WordPress has to be my favorite CMS for carrying out search engine optimization within. It has a wealth of great plugins that can be used, URL structure is easily manipulated and the general structure of the CMS is extremely flexible enabling users with basic coding knowledge to easily make changes. Based on my past experience with carrying out SEO within WordPress, I will share some of my advice toward how you best go about it.

First Things First, Get Yoast’s Plugin… As the heading suggests, I’m a big fan of Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin. Site Architecture and Page Structure From an early stage you should start thinking about the architecture and structure of the pages on your website. I have found that for the best results for your blog, you should keep a relatively flat hierarchy. You can then optimize the individual category pages on the blog to rank for specific keywords.

URL Structure – Get Your Permalinks in Order Deep Link to Other Articles within Your Blog Optimising Your Page Titles. How to SEO Audit Your WordPress Website in Minutes. SEO comes across as a very daunting task. But people are now consciously adding SEO good practices to their to-do and checklists. Adding an SEO audit to such lists is a good idea as one should spend some time in understanding one’s current SEO status. For medium and large websites, its impossible to manually visit each page, post, image and link and so there are lots of tools that can help automate this process. Screaming Frog is one of the best SEO auditing tools. It is a light program that you can download and use locally on your PC. Performing an exhaustive SEO audit over your site is only a matter of minutes with Screaming Frog. If you don’t have it installed yet, please head over to and download your copy. After crawling your entire site, Screaming Frog returns with data that the search bots would find relevant.

Essentially, Screaming Frog generates the spider view of your site. You can begin the SEO audit by entering your site’s URL. Content. How to Improve the Speed of Your WordPress Site. With internet connections getting faster and faster every year, you would expect that optimizing the speed of your website would become less of a priority. That is not the case. If your website does not load within a few seconds, most people will simply lose interest. For an eCommerce website, that can signify a lost sale and subsequently, a large chunk of your revenue. For a blog, that could mean losing a loyal reader who would have shared your site. Search engines have been heavily pushing for more lightweight websites over the last few years. Google has gone so far as to rank fast loading websites higher than slow loading sites. In this article, I would like to show you five ways in which you can reduce the size of your website pages and speed up the load times and give your visitors a better browsing experience. 1.

Plugins are the reason why the WordPress platform is so flexible. There are a number of ways in which a plugin can slow down your website: 2. 3. 4. 5. What Say You? How to Deal with Trackbacks and Pingbacks in WordPress. Once you’ve been blogging for a short while, you will more than likely start receiving notifications about pingbacks and trackbacks. While they both can serve a genuine purpose, they can also cause problems in terms of misleading your readers, maliciously or deceptively adding irrelevant links to your blog posts, and even negatively affecting your site’s position in the search engines.

In order to help you benefit from WordPress trackbacks and pingbacks, while also avoiding the potential pitfalls associated with them, our guide covers everything you need to know to fully understand this feature of WordPress. Pingbacks and Trackbacks Explained When someone links to one of your posts, depending on how your blog is configured, you will get a trackback or pingback notification. This notification usually takes the form of an email, although it will also be delivered via your WordPress admin dashboard. Trackback Notification Example Approve or Disapprove, That is the Question Drain on Resources.

Beginners Guide. The Best Free and Premium CDNs for WordPress. A Content Delivery Networks (CDN) is a service that you use to speed up your site and decrease its load time by a significant amount. Thanks to the immense popularity and user friendliness of WordPress, integrating a CDN in your WordPress powered site is a piece of cake! In today’s article, we’re going to take a look at some of the popular free and premium CDN services for WordPress. Perks of a Content Delivery Network: Before we dive into the list, let’s take a quick look at the enormous benefits of using a CDN: A faster site always better than a slower one and Google prefers the former. Speed is one of the factors based on which a site’s PageRank is calculatedA site that loads quickly improves the user’s experience, which is crucial for optimizing conversion rates.When you use a CDN, your files aren’t served from your hosing server, but from a worldwide distributed network depending on the CDN provider you choose.

MaxCDN Pros: Cons: Visit MaxCDN » Amazon Web Services (AWS) Visit Amazon AWS » How to Install and Setup WP Rocket and MaxCDN in WordPress. Free WordPress Tutorials. Menu iThemes Your one-stop shop for WordPress themes, plugins and training. WordPress Tutorials We've created these free WordPress tutorials to help get you and your clients acquainted with the world's best web publishing platform - WordPress. iThemes Security Hide Login Setting Overview Getting Started with iThemes Security iThemes Sync BackupBuddy Stash Integration iThemes Sync BackupBuddy Integration The iThemes Sync Dashboard Managing Plugins with iThemes Sync Managing Themes in iThemes Sync iThemes Sync Overview Exchange Add-on: Custom URL Tracking Exchange Add-on: Customer Pricing Exchange Add-on: Featured Video Exchange Add-on: Free Offers Exchange Add-on: Guest Checkout Exchange Add-on: Invoices Exchange Add-on: Manual Purchases Exchange Add-on: bbPress Membership Exchange Add-on: Simple Shipping Membership Shortcodes in Exchange Exchange Add-on: Billing Address Exchange Add-on: Memberships Exchange Add-on: Physical Products Exchange Add-on: Recurring Payments Exchange Quick Setup Wizard.

Dealing with duplicate content in Wordpress. Wordpress is truly a great piece of software. It really changed up dramatically the way people create, use and manage blogs or websites. But when it comes to duplicate content, boy they really messed it up. It just scares me how Wordpress makes the categorization of items. Without a few tweaks in terms of dealing with duplicate content after a fresh WordPress you are dead. Normally the number of pages indexed by Google should be equal to the number written on posts and pages … well, things are not that simple when using Wordpress. WordPress creates pages for paging, search, trackback, authors, dates, categories and archive, which can contain only the excerpt of the post or the entire post. The way the content is arranged and structured in WordPress is useful for the users, no doubt, but becomes a problem when search engines index three times more pages than they should.

The problem can be solved pretty simple, just by adding “noindex, nofollow” to unwanted pages. <? <? Ultimate TinyMCE. Coaching Calls And Q & A | Marketing Online Workshop. How to Make Passive Income in 2012: A Step By Step Guide on How to Make Money With Adsense | Passive Income Shortcut. In this guide, you’ll learn how to make passive income online using Google Adsense .

Google Adsense has always been one of the easiest ways to make money from your blog or website. Once your website is set up and ranking, you’ll enjoy a steady flow of visitors, a percentage of whom will click on your ads, resulting in money in the your bank account. It worked in 2005 and still works in 2013, although some things have changed. If you follow the steps I’m about to show you, you can make a killing off of Google Adsense. While it’s a good idea to diversify your sources of income, it’s totally possible to make a full time living off of Adsense earnings alone. Alex taught me a lot about how to make money with Adsense, and that’s what I’ll showing you today. By the way, this guide on how to make passive income with Adsense was written for those who are familiar with the basics of internet marketing. Step 1: Locate Your Keywords Niche ideas from 43 Things How to Find A Profitable Keyword Themes. Wordpress SEO: The Only Guide You Need. Last Update August 3rd, 2014 As many of you will know, I love WordPress.

I use it on most of my affiliate sites which make me thousands of dollars per month and I also use it on my blogs, such as this one. I’m certainly not alone when it comes to utilising this CMS though — tens of millions of sites online are powered by the software. For all the great things there are to be said about WordPress, though, out-of-the-box SEO certainly isn’t one of its strong points. As I use the software so much and make a lot of my income thanks to search engine traffic, I have come to learn what works best in terms of optimising your WordPress setup.

Before I share my tips for getting more search traffic to your blog, I want to state that the following recommendations should be used with a little bit of caution. Now that I have the “don’t sue me” disclaimer out of the way, we can get onto the good stuff. The Basics Title Tags To change your title tags, I recommend you install this awesome SEO plugin. Pimp Your Site’s WordPress Support With White Label Video...

If you want to give your site’s visitors awesome service and support without the insane cost and time commitment of developing and hosting hot how-to videos on any number of topics, then you’re going to love what WPMU DEV has just rolled out. This week, we’ve started offering white label video tutorials bundled into premium membership packages. These embeddable instructionals cover a wide variety of different support and service issues common to WordPress. Right now premium members can currently choose from 36 high quality video tutorials in HTML5 with clean audio, scripts and captures.

Each video is also supported and updated so that you will always be getting tips for the latest version of WordPress. Best of all, WPMU DEV hosts the video files, saving you valuable bandwidth and site speed. Simply embed the video code by copying and pasting wherever you need them. Some of the Topics Include: Here is a quick demo of one of our 36 videos: Speeding Up Your WordPress Website: 11 Ways to Improve Your Load Time. For the past few weeks I’ve been working on my WordPress site in an attempt to reach 95+ on Google PageSpeed Insights. I thought it would be easy. “All I need to do is make a few tweaks here and a few optimizations there,” I told myself.

“Smush my images and set expire headers; install W3 Total Cache and all will be sweet. A piece of cake.” How wrong was I. The closest I got was 91. Still, 91 ain’t so bad, right? In this post I’ll go through the various measures I put in place on my test sites to achieve a score of 91/100 on PageSpeed Insights. With our Hummingbird performance optimization plugin, you can scan your websites, get detailed recommendations, and watch while your sites are automagically optimized for super speed.Find out more The Results Before we get started, let’s go through the results.

After experimenting with various web hosts, themes, plugins and code, I achieved my highest score with WP Engine using the Frank theme. My final score on Pingdom Website Speed Test: Use a CDN.


Customizing WordPress For Your Clients. Have you recently started using WordPress for your client's project and want to further impress your client with better packaging? This article will focus on packaging WordPress so that, in just few minutes after completion of a project, it will feel more unique to the client and not have the generic feel. A great product comes with great packaging. When you develop a website for your client, packing it well adds the additional feel good factor.

Most clients don't understand the efforts that you have put into creating a dynamic website, or the 1000 lines of code that you have written to create a custom plugin. All they care about is what they see. WordPress out of the box is well designed & looks as good as any commercial product. "All they care about is what they see. " Remove and replace generic elements like WordPress Logo, Footer signatureRemove unwanted sections from WordPress DashboardInstall plugins to optimize website & make it more fast & secure.

WordPress SEO - The Definitive Guide.