Color Theory

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Prezi - Ideas matter. Why is Facebook blue? The science of colors in marketing. 33.5K Flares 33.5K Flares × Why is Facebook blue?

Why is Facebook blue? The science of colors in marketing

According to The New Yorker, the reason is simple. It’s because Mark Zuckerberg is red-green colorblind. Big.jpg (620×2509) Adobe Official Color Site - Kuler USE IT. Psychology of Color [Infographic] While color can be appealing to us visually, a lot more is going on behind the scenes than just an aesthetic.

Psychology of Color [Infographic]

Powerful psychological cues are triggered when we view different colors. Colors evoke emotions, moods and feelings. Whether you are a designer or a consumer, knowing the power of color psychology can help you make better decisions. Embed This Graphic On Your Site. Infographic of the Day: How Color Affects Purchases. Colours In Cultures.

Color Psychology. By David Johnson Like death and taxes, there is no escaping color.

Color Psychology

It is ubiquitous. Yet what does it all mean? Why are people more relaxed in green rooms? Color Theory Poster. ColorTheory_Screen_White.jpg (JPEG Image, 1224x792 pixels) - Scaled (81%) - StumbleUpon.