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Open Hardware

Facebook Twitter : Welcome. BeagleBone Black: Open Source Computing. BeagleBoard is a line of open source embedded computer development boards.

BeagleBone Black: Open Source Computing

The boards are low-cost, fan-less, single board computers based on low-power Texas Instrument processors that can control a myriad of electronics projects. Fueled by an all-volunteer community, BeagleBoard's credit card-sized computers challenge hobbyists and innovators to explore new ideas on an open source platform. The BeagleBoard platform is perfect for development, experimentation and education. The Beagleboard Line BeagleBone BeagleBone is a low-cost Linux computer that connects to the Internet and runs software such as Android 4.0 and Ubuntu™. BeagleBoard-xM The BeagleBoard-xM single-board computer development board delivers with the ARM® Cortex™-A8 processor now at 1GHz and extra memory with 512MB of low-power DDR RAM enabling hobbyists, innovators and engineers to go beyond their current imagination and be inspired by the community.

Corporation - World Wide Equivalency Lists. Liquidware : Open Source Electronics. Your Electronics Open Source. Marcin Jakubowski: Open-sourced blueprints for civilization. Open Source Aviation. 10 Open Hardware Projects to Save the Earth. On the coattails of the rise of intellectual property and economic monopolies, the Open Source movement is thriving, expanding public access to knowledge, culture and tools.

10 Open Hardware Projects to Save the Earth

Advocates have opened up everything from software to science, media to politics...and of course, data. Now we even have an emerging model in which to implement and develop this openness, as Michel Bauwens describes in the following video. As Alastair Parvin of WikiHouse put it: “This increased access to knowledge is hugely acts as the foundational infrastructure on which we can start to build a whole new economy.” 'Open' stands as a definitive yet diverse movement, void of historic or cultural stigma, under which many disparate but synergistic disciplines are sharing, collaborating and innovating. Open hardware resources and events from Pardon the noise.

Open hardware resources and events from

We've been banging around for a few months in our workshop, toiling away at our latest creation: What is open hardware? , a new resource page. And it's finally finished! DIY Drones. DIY Electronics. Portal:Electronics. Single-board microcontroller. A single-board microcontroller is a microcontroller built onto a single printed circuit board.

Single-board microcontroller

This board provides all of the circuitry necessary for a useful control task: microprocessor, I/O circuits, clock generator, RAM, stored program memory and any support ICs necessary. The intention is that the board is immediately useful to an application developer, without them needing to spend time and effort in developing the controller hardware. MicroControleur Hobby. Rswwwchannel. Feel, Act, Make sense. Inventing the Future of Computing.

Welcome - Fritzing. News. The State of (Commercial) Open Source Hardware in 2013. Gabriela Levine, OSHWA President, interviewed by Simone Cicero: [SC] New fields for open source hardware are growing day by day: many new projects bring Open Source Hardware to new markets (automotive, furniture,etc…).

The State of (Commercial) Open Source Hardware in 2013

Some important, cross-sector, projects were born in 2013 (see the link): what are the new fields you expect Open Source Hardware to thrive with? [GL] There are a number of types of companies that I see thriving within the Open Hardware community. Distributors: For example, Seeed Studio, Sparkfun and Adafruit are distributing inexpensive, small run supplies of open source hardware tools, sensors, components, and goods. They are all dedicated to providing their users with documentation, tutorials and Beginner kits, as well as providing a platform for forums and wikis where people can collaborate together online.

Platform technologies: Companies that are proliferating tools for others to use seems to be trending. A new open source hardware project every month. Open Hardware Summit. An ARM GNU/Linux box for $25. Take a byte! 20 Awesome Projects for Raspberry Pi Microcomputers. A Blue Star — I build stuff. Putting the Wolfram Language (and Mathematica) on Every Raspberry Pi—Stephen Wolfram Blog. Last week I wrote about our large-scale plan to use new technology we’re building to inject sophisticated computation and knowledge into everything.

Putting the Wolfram Language (and Mathematica) on Every Raspberry Pi—Stephen Wolfram Blog

Today I’m pleased to announce a step in that direction: working with the Raspberry Pi Foundation, effective immediately there’s a pilot release of the Wolfram Language—as well as Mathematica—that will soon be bundled as part of the standard system software for every Raspberry Pi computer. In effect, this is a technology preview: it’s an early, unfinished, glimpse of the Wolfram Language. Quite soon the Wolfram Language is going to start showing up in lots of places, notably on the web and in the cloud. But I’m excited that the timing has worked out so that we’re able to give the Raspberry Pi community—with its emphasis on education and invention—the very first chance to put the Wolfram Language into action.

I’m a great believer in the importance of programming as a central component of education. I’ve waited a long time for this. Survey results: Top 10 hacker SBCs · Our SBC survey has now concluded, and it’s time to reveal the Top 10 SBCs list.

Survey results: Top 10 hacker SBCs ·

Yes, the Pi is still in the sky… but some other winners may surprise you! The 10-day SurveyMonkey survey — a joint project between and the Linux Foundation’s community website — asked readers of both sites to choose their top three Linux- or Android-based open-spec single-board computers from a list of 32. Some 777 respondents did just that, with most also picking their top buyer’s criteria and intended applications. Five respondents were randomly selected to receive a Linux Foundation shirt, hat, mug, or USB drive (see farther below for a list of the winners). Top 40 Arduino Projects of the Web. Acrobotic Industries - Educational, DIY electronics and kits. The World Famous Index of Arduino & Freeduino Knowledge. Arduino. Arduino: The Documentary (2010) Massimo Banzi: How Arduino is open-sourcing imagination.

Arduino - HomePage. Arduino pour bien commencer en électronique et en programmation. Bienvenue à toutes et à tous pour un tutoriel sur l'électronique et l'informatique ensemble !

Arduino pour bien commencer en électronique et en programmation

Depuis que l’électronique existe, sa croissance est fulgurante et continue encore aujourd’hui. Si bien que faire de l’électronique est devenu accessible à toutes personnes en ayant l’envie. Mais, le manque de cours simples sur le net ou en libraire empêche la satisfaction des futurs électroniciens amateurs ou professionnels et parfois empêche certains génies à se révéler ( Les starter kits pour Arduino. Un "starter kit" permet de démarrer un projet avec tous les éléments nécessaires afin de ne pas perdre de temps et d’éviter la frustration de manquer d’un composant à 20 centimes pour terminer votre montage.

Les starter kits pour Arduino

Mais quand on débute, il est difficile d’évaluer ses besoins. Avec plus de sept années d’utilisation de micro-contrôleurs en amateurs, nous vous apportons notre expérience dans le choix d’un kit pour bien débuter, tout en économisant l’achat de composants en grand nombre. Si vous achetez une carte Arduino seule, vous pourrez certes apprendre la programmation en C, et avec la majorité des versions même faire clignoter une led. Mais le but de cette carte est de pouvoir connecter des composants électroniques sur ses entrées et sorties, soit des capteurs, soit des actionneurs, ou même des systèmes complexes (GPS, lecteur mp3, etc...) et il faut donc s’équiper.

Que contient un kit de démarrage. Catégorie:Arduino. Arduino hacks. Arduino Family : Elechouse, Arduino Play House. Arduino Hacks. Compatible with UNO & Mega [WIRELESS-WIFI-SPI_V3] - $73.90 : Elechouse, Arduino Play House. Introduction Getting you Arduino into WiFi network is not a fresh news any more.

Compatible with UNO & Mega [WIRELESS-WIFI-SPI_V3] - $73.90 : Elechouse, Arduino Play House

We introduced our UART wifi module which easily gets your Arduino into wifi. So why this one? Another Wifi module? Is it necessary? Yes, it is definitely necessary. Well, this new Arduino WiFi Shield sends and receives data through SPI interface. Arduino Cheat Sheet : Le poster memento pour développer sur l’IDE Arduino. J’ai toujours aimé ce genre de poster qui en une page rassemble toutes les informations importantes pour développer dans un langage. Voici donc le Arduino Cheat Sheet qui permet de ne pas oublier les beses pour l’IDE Arduino, un outil simple mais efficace.

Cette feuille comporte la plupart des informations essentielles : StructuresSyntaxeOpérateursPointeursConstantesTypesChainesTableaux Mais il comporte aussi les détails sur les différents circuit Atmel ATMega 168, 328 et 1280 ainsi que le pinout necessaire pour certains test.