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Binaural beat subliminal sounds lucid dreaming. OccuCar General Fund For Gas, Equipment, etc. Ghostery. Independent Artists and Writers for Wikileaks and Freedom of Speech. Top Documentary Films. Solar powered cellphone a true hack. Be Better at Twitter: The Definitive, Data-Driven Guide - Megan Garber - Technology. A study based on 43,000 responses to Tweets found precisely what people like -- and loathe -- about microblog posts.

Be Better at Twitter: The Definitive, Data-Driven Guide - Megan Garber - Technology

If you could construct, algorithmically, the Most Annoying Tweet Imaginable, it might look something like this: The Most Annoying Tweet Imaginable, in other words, would be overly long. It would contain stale information. It would #totally #overuse #hashtags. It would be excessively personal. All this, at least, according to a new study, released today, that explores what we like in our tweets -- and what we find really, really off-putting.

One piece of advice: Nix the "sandwich tweets. " In that context, tweets that are informative or funny -- or, ideally, informative and funny -- evoke the best responses. So: Do be useful. And: Don't be afraid to be self-promotional. This may seem like overthinking it; spontaneity, after all, is a big part of Twitter's charm. With that in mind, here's their advice for creating that content. Opdxresourcebank : OPDX Resource Bank. OPDX trades, swaps & more The Occupy Portland Resource Bank group is open to all who want to "recycle" that special something rather than throw it away.

opdxresourcebank : OPDX Resource Bank

Or maybe you're looking to acquire something yourself! Maybe you find a bunch of coats on FreeCycle or Craigslist being given away and you are too far away to get them to St. Francis Church for distribution for those who need them. Need a ride to GA? Occupy Portland Calendar. Flash Image GUI - Apps on Android Market.

This application makes modifying the build.prop file very simple and quick.

Flash Image GUI - Apps on Android Market

Features:**Quickly backup and restore the build.prop file**Easily view and edit (root required) the current build.prop**View a few common build.prop tweaks**Easily share/export the build.prop Android uses the /system/build.prop file to store important device information. The type of information stored here ranges from how the device identifies itself (EVO, DROID, Galaxy Nexus, etc) with the Google Play Store to screen pixel density. There are many options available through modifying the values in this file, build.prop.

Many tweaks are available by modify the system values stored in the build.prop in order to allow better or custom performance and layout. DQizzXxRpm. OPDX Livestream. Occupy Portland Media Coalition. Occupy portland - Facebook Search.


Occupy Portland on Reddit. Equip. Gear. Imo instant messenger. XSplit - Going Live is Simple. Decentralized Dance Party- PORTLAND! (NEW EVENT- REAL DATE!) Flickr Related Tag Browser. Shorten that long URL into a tiny URL. #OccupyArrests by Location. How to secure your computer and surf fully Anonymous BLACK-HAT STYLE. Ustreamers. Translate.

Improve performance by disabling Windows 7-services. Windows 7 loads many services at startup, most of them are essential for the core system features.

Improve performance by disabling Windows 7-services

By disabling unnecessary services, the performance can be improved significantly, especially on computers with low system resources. The command SERVICES.MSC in the search field of the Start menu will start the management console to tweak the services (the management console is also available by Administrative Tools in the Control Panel, option Services). In the management console, a description of each service is shown, including the relationship (dependencies) between the different services.

Disabling services The specific description for each service is shown in the left pane. By double clicking a service, the tab General opens with a description of the service and the current start up settings. ATTENTION: After the startup of Windows some services with the startup type Automatic are disabled automatically to save system resources if the service is not needed anymore. Photos. OccupyLA Streaming List. The Revolution Earth Pool. Opdxlivestream. Connected.

This pad seems to be opened in more than one browser window on this computer. Reconnect to use this window instead. Opdxustreams @ Ustream.TV - . Free .TV shows, LIVE Video Chat Rooms. Special ALT Characters. ManyCam - Home - webcam graphics plus use your webcam with multiple programs simultaneously! Help.